Arlo Pro 4 Review 2022: Best Choice For You Home Safe

Arlo Pro 4 Review 2022: Best Choice For You Home Safe

If you’re in the market for a new home security camera, the Arlo Pro 4 is a great option to consider. It’s easy to set up and use, and it has a variety of features that make it a top choice for home security. Read on for our full Arlo Pro 4 Review.

Arlo Pro 4 Overview

The Arlo Pro 4 can capture detailed color footage both day and night with its built-in spotlight. Weatherproof cameras can be wired, or battery powered.

They also have AI-based features that can detect the cause of motion alerts and track the subject to ensure they are always in the shot. The Arlo Pro 4 connects directly to your WiFi, unlike its predecessors. However, this will mean that you cannot access local storage or HomeKit support.


  • Good image quality
  • No hub required
  • Integration With Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Expensive
  • Video storage is not free
  • Only with hub can you get -HomeKit support

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Arlo Pro 4 Review


Arlo Pro 4 design

  • It can be hardwired or powered by a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Weatherproof
  • Connects directly with your WiFi network

The Arlo Pro 4 is identical to the Pro 3 or Arlo’s other home surveillance cameras. It has a glossy white plastic body that can be easily removed and a black front housing the 160-degree camera lens.

You can remove the protective casing from the ArloPro 4 by pressing the button located at the bottom. This button is next to the connector pins that allow you to hardwire the camera. It measures 3.5x2x3 inches/ 8.9×5.2×7.8cm (h x w x d) and is a compact home security camera.

The weatherproof Arlo Pro 3 includes a magnetic stand. It can be attached to a wall or used standing alone. An optional screw mount can be added to the back of your camera so that the camera can be detached easily from the mount.

The Arlo Pro 4 connects directly with your WiFi network. This eliminates the need for SmartHubs. The security camera was very easy to set up. The steps in the Arlo were simple. They required us to enter the WiFi password and scan a QR code in the app. We then updated the firmware.

Video Quality

Arlo Pro 4 video quality

The Arlo Pro 4’s video quality is excellent, with a 1440p (2K) video resolution superior to the 1080p of most security cameras. The videos were explicit and had more detail than other security cameras, making it easier to identify animals and people within the frame.

This device has a night vision feature in infrared and color modes. Color night vision uses an integrated spotlight to illuminate subjects close to the camera in case of motion. This is useful for getting more detail but not as discreetly as the infrared-night vision setting.

There was a delay in the time between when an action occurs and when it appears during live streaming. This was entirely due to our internet bandwidth. You shouldn’t have any problems with a fast internet connection.

Field of View

The 160o field view of the ArloPro 4 is a great feature. It’s much more than most security cameras (around 130o). This expansive view outdoors saves you time and money.

The field of view can capture a lot of detail. However, it can be adjusted in the app to 125o and 110o. Both of these options can work well indoors.

You can also automatically zoom in and track people who move in front of Arlo Pro 4. This is useful outdoors when subjects are further away from the camera. This setting can cause jarring when close objects are present, so we prefer to disable it indoors.

Video Brightness Adjustable

For different circumstances, you can adjust the brightness. The camera’s night vision works best when the brightness is maximum. However, it can be adjusted to a lower setting during daylight to avoid the video losing its color.

The brightness settings don’t adjust automatically, so we recommend choosing a medium brightness to avoid changing them often.

Recording Options

You can choose from five different settings to record video with Arlo Pro 4.

  • Disarmed will turn off all recordings, but you can still record videos while viewing live streams.
  • Armed allows the camera’s ability to capture video when there is motion.
  • Only scheduled record videos are available during certain times.
  • Geofencing activates additional recording modes based on your location.
  • You can adjust the time that the camera records.

Battery Life

Arlo Pro 4 battery life

  • Arlo states that the battery lasts for between three to six months.
  • Recharging takes approximately 3.5 hours.
  • The battery can be swapped.

Arlo claims that the Arlo Pro 4 battery will last for three to six months. The battery drain rate for ‘typical usage’ is unknown as we have only briefly tested the camera. The battery life you get will depend on many factors such as how often motion is detected, Live View activation, siren or spotlight activation, and how frequently the speaker and two-way microphone are used.

You can swap the batteries in the Arlo Pro 4 so that you don’t have to take your camera out of action while it charges. It took us around three hours to charge the battery with a USB cable and power adapter.

Arlo Secure Subscription

Arlo Pro 4 offers many of its best features, but only if you subscribe to the Arlo Secure Plan. Arlo offers one of the most affordable cloud-storage plans and is comparable to offerings from Nest and Ring.

Arlo Secure Plan Features

Arlo’s cloud storage can store video clips for 30 days before they are deleted. This allows you to download the clips you need and keep them for extended periods.

Arlo has recently removed the 5-camera limit from its pricier plans so that you can have as much as possible. This significant improvement allows Arlo to compete with Nest and Ring in cloud pricing.

You can designate areas that the camera should not be able to see when it tracks motion. These zones help focus the camera on high-risk areas such as doors, hallways, windows, and other open spaces. Although these are simple, the controls can be challenging to read on smartphones. Instead, you can log into your Arlo account via a web browser or tablet.

Arlo Secure Plan Plus includes many features.

Arlo Secure Plan Plus, which costs $14.99 per month, is the most expensive Arlo plan. It adds two additional features.

E911 lets you contact the police in your area instead of using your phone’s current location. This is especially useful when you are on vacation. This feature cannot be deactivated once it’s been set up. Some people might be nervous about accidentally tapping the e911 button, leading to a false alarm and a fine from the police.

This feature is only available on Arlo Ultra security camera models. This feature will not make your Arlo Pro 4 better.

Arlo Mobile App and Notifications

Arlo Pro 4 mobile app

The mobile app offers many customization options, so we spent over an hour tweaking settings and getting to know the app. Although the interface is intuitive, not all locations are easily accessible. Arlo splits many settings across several menus, particularly those for specific devices. After a few days, you’ll be able to get the hang of this.

Live Video Feed

The app’s live video feed is simple, with many helpful controls at the bottom. These controls allow you to record video, take photos, activate the spotlight, adjust the audio and talk to people via the speaker.

Alerts for Motion and Other Alerts

The Arlo Pro 4 was nearly too efficient when we tested motion alerts. We chose a window that was frequented daily by our test cat. A deluge of notifications caused us to disable notifications until we could find a way to reduce the motion sensitivity.

The camera’s motion sensor works independently from the video settings. It can be adjusted in Device Utilities under Motion Detection Test. The notifications became less frequent after decreasing the sensitivity to under 50%. They now track only large movements.

Arlo can send audio alerts to the camera when it detects sound. However, you won’t use the audio-only setting. There is no reason to separate the motion and audio detection modes in default arming mode.

Arlo Smart Home Compatibility

Arlo Pro security cameras have the best compatibility with smart homes among security cameras. You can expect this model out of the box to work with four smart-home platforms: IFTTT and Amazon Alexa. You can link your Arlo account with one of these platforms to make your camera work with other intelligent devices.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

The functionality of Arlo Pro 4 with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant is almost identical. It is possible to view a live feed on an Echo Show or Google Nest Hub smart display. This is great for checking in on the children or spying on the cat.

You can watch live streams on your TV even if you don’t own a smart TV. This is possible with a Chromecast or Fire TV device compatible with Alexa, Google smart speakers and Chromecast devices. A larger screen is a huge advantage. You can also check your cameras between episodes to ensure the kids are awake.

Voice commands and routines can be used to arm or disarm the camera. This is great for when you are away from the house. You might also consider using this routine: Set the camera to record motion when you lock the front door and then leave the house for the day.

IFTTT and Samsung SmartThings

SmartThings and IFTTT give you more control over your Arlo camera, mainly with the way you set up routines for controlling devices. IFTTT allows you to connect Arlo with other devices and services that aren’t compatible with your innovative home system. Another example is using security cameras such as Ring and Wyze with Arlo. This allows you to have a wide range of cameras in your home without sticking to one brand.

SmartThings and Arlo can be linked to each other sensors within your home. This allows the camera to detect motion outside and opens windows that are just beyond its view.

Arlo Installation, Setup, and Accessories

Arlo Pro 4 Installation


The Arlo Pro camera setup is simple.

  • Install the Arlo app to create an Arlo Account
  • Place the battery in your camera.
  • Connect to WiFi
  • You can adjust settings to suit your needs.

The Arlo Pro4 wouldn’t recognize 2.4GHz on our network. This is a problem that we had to have a hard time connecting to WiFi. We combined the camera with a guest network running at 2.4GHz. However, this didn’t solve our problem when we set up another router a few weeks later. This minor issue didn’t affect the camera’s overall quality.


The magnetic mount attaches to the wall with one screw and is easy to install. For extra stability, we recommend using a wood stud.

The magnetic mount may not work, but there is a spot on the back of the camera that can be attached to either a standard tripod mount or a universal security camera mounting.


Arlo offers valuable accessories that will help you maximize your camera’s potential, but they can be pretty expensive considering the price.

  • 8-foot indoor power cable (about $25)
  • 25-foot outdoor power cable (about $50)
  • Additional rechargeable battery (approx. $50)
  • Charger for batteries (approx. $50)
  • Solar panel charger (about 100 dollars)
  • Additional magnetic wall mounts are available for purchase (about $40 per set)
  • Wall mount that is non-magnetic and adjustable (about $20).

Arlo’s magnetic charging cables are the most expensive. They cost twice as much as a comparable USB cable. Arlo’s accessories are a huge profit, and we can also bet it makes a lot of money on its expensive cameras.

Arlo accessories are praised for their durability and user reviews. Be careful when purchasing third-party accessories for Arlo. This could cause your warranty to be voided or even damage your camera. If you don’t have $50 to spare your battery, there are other options.

Arlo Customer Service

Arlo has many articles that provide detailed information about almost every feature. It was easy to navigate using the search bar. For additional support, you can use the search bar to navigate.

There are many resources available, including the forum and support site. Arlo can be reached via live chat or support cases if you require immediate assistance.

We love Arlo’s customer service approach. This provides detailed information that can be used to solve problems and learn about features without speaking to an Arlo representative.

Video Review

Wrap Up

The Arlo Pro 4 is the latest home security camera from Arlo, and it’s a great option for anyone looking for a high-quality, reliable camera. It has a lot of features that make it stand out from other cameras on the market, and it’s very easy to use. The only drawback is its price, but this cam deserves to you invest in it.

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