Best Home Security Systems: Top Smart Brand Reviews 2022

Best Home Security Systems: Top Smart Brand Reviews 2022

If you’re looking for the best home security system, you’ve come to the right place. Lacoon has rounded up the best security systems on the market, so you can find the right one for your needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple security system or a more comprehensive security solution, we’ve got you covered.

Top Rated 10 Best Home Security Systems

Top Rated 10 Best Home Security Systems

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd...
14,773 Reviews
Abode Smart Security Kit | DIY...
174 Reviews
Cove - 8 Piece Home Security...
186 Reviews
ADT 6 Piece Wireless Home...
8 Reviews

1. Ring Alarm

Best Outdoor Cameras

Ring Alarm is the most economical system in our rankings, offering a DIY security system with professional monitoring and no long-term contract. A beginning system may be had for as little as $199, and expert monitoring can be had for as low as $10 per month.

Amazon owns Ring Alarm, and the Ring Alarm system works in tandem with Amazon’s Alexa speech assistant and smart home ecosystem to provide a more comprehensive home automation solution. It also works with Google Assistant and Google Home. You may also connect the system to various Z-Wave smart devices, including lighting, locks, and garage door openers.

According to professional reviewers, the ring offers a wide choice of cameras and features an easy DIY set up with wired or wireless installation options for numerous components. It also includes the Neighbors App, which allows users to report security warnings.

Who Will Be Attracted to the Ring Alarm?

Ring Alarm is ideal for homes that want comprehensive monitoring and video service for a reasonable monthly charge, a large selection of cameras and video doorbells, and easy DIY installation. A Ring Alarm security system, on the other hand, has some significant drawbacks. For example, it doesn’t give visual verification to the monitoring center of events that trigger the cameras.

You can’t control the system with a key fob, and competing home security systems, particularly beginner packages, provide a wider choice of sensors and other security equipment.

Plans and Equipment for Ring Alarms

The Ring Alarm Security Kit is a $199 starter system from Ring Alarm. It comes with a base station, a keypad, a motion detector, a door or window contact sensor, and a range extender (which allows security devices to communicate over longer distances). Ring also has a professional monitoring subscription for $10 per month, a significant benefit.

Ring Alarm 8-piece kit (2nd...
14,773 Reviews


  • Monitor and video plan starting at $20 per month
  • It is easy to install
  • User friendly


  • The door sensor is quite bulky
  • There is a limited selection of devices
  • The monitoring center cannot see photos or videos from alarms.

2. Abode Smart Security Kit

Best DIY Automation Security System

Abode is a high-quality DIY home security system that isn’t tied to a monthly subscription. It’s simple to set up and use, but it also has powerful security features to keep your house safe. In addition, if you wish to install smart door locks and lightbulbs, you may connect an Abode security system to a wide range of smart home equipment.

The Gateway (suited for most single-family homes) and the Iota (ideal for most multi-family homes) are two separate control panels offered by Abode (designed for apartments and condos). There are no keypads on the hubs, but you can buy an external keypad.

Abode’s ability to arm and disarm the system based on your position utilizing geofencing or scheduling is a unique feature offered with a monitoring package. The beginning kit includes a key fob, so you can use it to manage the system without using the app.

An Abode system not only keeps an eye out for intruders but also for medical emergencies and other safety issues like fires or water leaks. All devices are pre-paired with the hub and are simple to set up.

Who Will Abode Appeal To?

Abode is likely to satisfy customers who seek a wide range of equipment with flexible plans for expert monitoring. Furthermore, its home security system is interoperable with all significant innovative home ecosystems, including Google Home/Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, making it simple to integrate intelligent home equipment.

Abode’s sensors can be detected up to 1,000 feet away, making it ideal for those with larger houses. However, because Abode’s basic package is limited, you’ll almost certainly need to purchase additional items unless you live in minimal space.

Abode Plans and Equipment

Abode Plans and Equipment packages range from $279.99 to $454.94, with monitoring plans costing around $6 to $20 each month. The system is simple to set up and configure, and it’s designed to be an open platform that can work with a variety of third-party home automation devices. Abode is mostly a do-it-yourself system, while it intends to collaborate with a nationwide network of professional installations.


  • Large selection of core security gear
  • Monitoring is available for 3- and 7-day periods.
  • Hub stores backup data


  • Basic sensors can be pretty expensive.
  • The base package does not include a keypad
  • No outdoor camera or video doorbell

3. Cove

Best Customer Experience

Cove Security provides a simple DIY setup, reasonably priced professional monitoring, and the flexibility to send emergency alerts and establish reactions in various ways, depending on your preferences. The system is controlled via a touch-screen base station, which can also be used to contact the monitoring center.

Cove connects its systems directly to the monitoring center via the RapidSOS technology platform, offering 911 operators real-time information from its equipment rather than depending on details given by the monitoring center.

Cove cannot be monitored on its own and must be used with a professional monitoring plan. Other drawbacks include a simple mobile app that allows you to arm and disable the system. Furthermore, Cove does not provide as much equipment as some other home security firms, and its capacity to link with third-party smart home gadgets is limited.

Cove provides some basic equipment packages, but it primarily relies on a customizable quiz.

Which you fill out a questionnaire about your living condition. Cove will then tailor a security system to your specific requirements.

Who Will Cove Security Attract?

Budget-conscious customers will like that Cove Security’s equipment is less expensive than that of many competitors, thanks to periodic reductions. Furthermore, compatible cameras are frequently free or half-price when you order a system. Professional monitoring is also available through Cove’s touch-screen alarm panel, which is a feature that several other security companies’ systems lack.

On the negative side, there are few customization possibilities, limited connection with third-party smart-home devices, and no doorbell camera.

Plans and Equipment for Cove Security

After answering a series of questions about your home and who lives there, you can choose a prepackaged system or buy equipment a la carte from Cove’s website, configuring a system for you. This method may appeal to individuals looking for a no-frills, self-installed system that is straightforward to set up and use. The cost of the equipment is comparable to other home security systems in our rankings.

Cove - 8 Piece Home Security...
186 Reviews


  • Offers frequent discounts
  • It is simple and easy to use


  • There are not as many customization options or features as there are competitors.

4. ADT Wireless Home Security System

Best Optional Monitoring System

ADT has provided home protection to over 6 million residential clients in the United States for 145 years. One advantage of ADT’s size is that it uses professionally installed monitoring equipment and a broad network of professional monitoring centers to keep an eye on your house.

Another advantage is that ADT has one of the industry’s most extensive collections of high-quality equipment. According to professional reviews, if you know precisely what you need, you can get it directly from and have it installed by an ADT technician who is among the best in the country.

Otherwise, someone will come to your house and design a system specifically for you. ADT may be a good choice if you value experience, longevity in the company, and a wide range of equipment and service options.

Who Will ADT Security Appeal To?

People looking for a home security provider with a lot of experience and a vast customer base will be interested in ADT. ADT is a good option for those who want high-end, professionally installed home automation and security systems.

ADT has the highest prices in our evaluations for equipment and monitoring, so it isn’t the most outstanding business for individuals on a budget. If you don’t want to be trapped in a three-year contract, you should look into other possibilities.

Security Plans and Equipment from ADT

ADT security systems range in price from $599 for a basic kit plus $45.98 per month for monitoring to several thousand dollars for equipment and $59.99 per month for monitoring. Professional installation is included, which should ensure that everything runs smoothly. ADT demands a 36-month contract for expert monitoring. After six months, you can get your money back if you change your mind.


  • Long history with millions of customers
  • Largest monitoring network
  • 6-month guarantee


  • Costs are not always precise until you visit your home.
  • Aggressive sales tactics
  • Early termination of a contract carries a high penalty.

5. SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Reader Favorite

SimpliSafe is an excellent alternative for many clients looking for a do-it-yourself home security system. It was one of the first DIY home security companies to provide a less expensive alternative to professionally installed security systems. With over 3 million customers, it’s now one of the most popular DIY security systems.

SimpliSafe, despite its low cost, has all of the features that many consumers require in a home security system. Professional monitoring starts at $14.99 a month, and installation is simple. SimpliSafe clients use a keypad to operate their system, which can provide voice prompts if necessary.

SimpliSafe doesn’t require you to sign a long-term contract, and you don’t even have to pay a monthly charge if you just want an alarm to sound if the system detects something. The $24.99 per month Interactive Plan, on the other hand, includes the most features, such as a smartphone app for turning on and off your system, receiving alerts, and seeing the video, as well as professional monitoring.

Who Will SimpliSafe Appeal To?

SimpliSafe is perfect for customers who want a simple system that can be operated by more than just a smartphone app and don’t want to be tied down to a contract. SimpliSafe, on the other hand, does not offer the most affordable professional monitoring options (Ring Alarm does).

SimpliSafe also doesn’t work with a wide range of home automation devices, such as Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, so customers looking to add smart home gadgets – now or in the future – would be better served by Abode.

Plans and Equipment for SimpliSafe

The Foundation, a $229 introductory package from SimpliSafe, is an excellent place to start. The kit includes one base station, one wireless keypad, one entrance sensor, and one motion sensor. Professional monitoring options start at $14.99 per month and go up to $24.99 per month.

SimpliSafe has one drawback: it only has one camera, the SimpliCam, which can be used indoors or outside with a protective cover.

SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor...
506 Reviews


  • Cancel anytime
  • Secret-alert feature
  • A large selection of sensors


  • Remote features require a $25 plan
  • Limited home automation capability

6. Wyze

Best Budget Pick

Wyze Home Monitoring can be a great budget security system if you have limited funds. This brand offers high-quality equipment at an unbeatable price.

We have never seen monitoring and security kits as low-cost as Wyze. Wyze Home Monitoring is available for as low as $10 per month, and the base kit costs less than $80. Although the base kit only includes two entry sensors, a keypad control panel and a keypad sensor, it is still comparable to top-rated security systems.

Wyze is a budget-friendly brand that we have loved for quite some time. These cameras have features that aren’t found on cameras twice their price. (Most Wyze cameras cost less than $50. Imagine how excited we were to see Wyze’s monitored security system.

Wyze is a great tool, but its monitoring is still new. We hesitate to rank it higher in our rankings. We are watching and waiting to see its performance over time.

Wyze is a specialist in smart home technology. They have more gadgets than any other company. It has everything you need for smart homes, including smart bulbs and plugs. We also tried the smart scale and were impressed with its capabilities. Wyze is an excellent choice if you look for home automation at a low price.


  • Monthly monitoring prices at the lowest
  • Equipment at an affordable price
  • Amazing budget cameras
  • Large selection of equipment


  • Smart home support from Weak
  • No cellular backup

7. Blue by ADT

Trusted Brand Name

Blue by ADT is the alarm company’s first DIY security system created from the ground up, based on the LifeShield DIY security system that ADT purchased in 2019. ADT has a solid reputation for providing comprehensive home security systems expertly installed. Blue by ADT, like similar systems, has special equipment and competent monitoring.

On the other hand, Blue by ADT does not require a long-term contract, unlike an ADT professionally installed system. For voice control, it integrates with Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Assistant and Z-Wave for adding smart home devices from various manufacturers, such as bright lights and intelligent locks.

Who Will ADT’s Blue Appeal To?

Blue by ADT is best suited to those comfortable with technology because it is operated via a smartphone app and gives a lot of customization choices compared to some other DIY systems. Blue by ADT will also appeal to homeowners with more significant properties since it employs a different wireless protocol than most DIY systems, allowing sensors to communicate over longer distances.

Consumers searching for a wide range of equipment or who don’t want to tamper with a lot of customization choices, on the other hand, might want to look at other DIY systems.

Plans and Equipment by ADT Blue

ADT’s Blue by ADT beginning packs are available on the company’s website and through some merchants such as Amazon. These packages start at $219, and you may customize them by adding more sensors and security cameras. Compatible third-party equipment, such as smart lights and smart locks, can also be added.

Blue by ADT HD Indoor Camera...
42 Reviews


  • Numerous customization options
  • Long-range wireless technology


  • Complex than most people want or need

8. Frontpoint Home Security System

High-end DIY pick

Do you want to install your own DIY alarm system but want to utilize the same wireless equipment that many professionally installed systems use?, which also supplies Brinks Home Security and many local independent installations, provides Frontpoint with moderately priced sensors.

Frontpoint, unlike many other security businesses, does not need you to sign a long-term contract and instead offers month-to-month monitoring services. Although the plans are more expensive than many DIY systems, they all include full functionality access to Frontpoint’s mobile app. You won’t require a credit check, and you won’t have to be a homeowner to open an account.

Frontpoint is simple to set up, has excellent customer service, and includes more advanced equipment than many other DIY systems. While Frontpoint works with a few smart home devices, other alarm companies have a more comprehensive range of smart home compatibility. You’ll also need to get the most expensive monitoring package if you want smart home integration and video monitoring. There isn’t even a self-monitoring option.

Who Will Frontpoint Appeal To?

Frontpoint is a superb option for those who want simple installation of high-quality equipment and excellent phone-based customer service. It offers a diverse range of low-cost home security sensors, and its non-proprietary components are easy to integrate with those from other alarm firms.

If you don’t have much experience with DIY, keep in mind that some Frontpoint devices require basic wiring and mounting. In addition, video and home automation necessitate a costly monitoring subscription.

Plans and equipment for the frontline

Frontpoint is a do-it-yourself home security system featuring simple-to-install technology. One control panel and keypad, two door/window sensors, one motion sensor, a one-yard sign, one door sticker, and a set of five window decals are included in the entry-level package, which costs $392.40. On the other hand, monitoring costs $49.99 per month, which is more than most DIY home alarm systems.

Frontpoint Home Security...
21 Reviews


  • It is easy to install
  • A large selection of sensors
  • It integrates well with third-party security products.


  • Some equipment may require basic wiring and mounting skills.
  • Video and home automation require a costly plan.

9. Vivint Home Security

Best Overall

You get both home security and home automation with a Vivint intelligent home security system that is professionally installed. The security company’s own innovative home products, as well as select third-party gadgets, are compatible with Vivint’s home security technology. As a result, a Vivint system may be used to operate various devices, including video doorbells, security cameras, smart locks, and garage door openers.

Although a Vivint home security system is more expensive than many of the others in our review, you may finance it for 42 or 60 months without paying interest or making a down payment. The benefit of paying in total upfront is that you are not bound to a long-term contract and can pay for monitoring on a month-to-month basis.

A Vivint expert will install and configure your system and devices following an in-home consultation. Professional installation ensures that your equipment is installed correctly and connected to your home Wi-Fi network.

Who Will Vivint Appeal To?

If you want a feature-rich, professionally installed system with high-end equipment, Vivint is a fantastic option. Another benefit is that a Vivint system can handle everything using a single mobile app, including smart home and security devices. Vivint is also a fantastic option for those who don’t want to be trapped into a contract but still want professional installation and monitoring.

Plans and Equipment from Vivint

Financing for equipment is available for up to five years. The beginning bundle costs $599. However, Vivint estimates that the average initial purchase is around $2,000 for new customers. Monitoring costs $29.99 per month and higher.

Vivint is a terrific choice if you want to add innovative home features now or in the future because its system connects with numerous third-party homes automation devices such as Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


  • Professional installation using high-end equipment
  • One app to manage both security and smart home devices
  • No long-term contracts with an upfront equipment purchase


  • Comparable to other competitors, relatively expensive
  • Month-to-month pricing unavailable for DIY systems
  • Remote access to the mobile app and its use requires professional monitoring.

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10. Brinks Home Security

Most Safety Sensor Options

Brinks Home is a low-cost smart home security system with a three-year contract that includes both equipment and professional monitoring. provides the equipment for Brinks Home. It is less expensive than technology from competitors such as Vivint and ADT, but it is also less advanced.

The Brinks Home beginning kit costs $199 and includes a primary selection of gadgets and home protection and automation for $39 per month. The system can be set up yourself, or Brinks Home can do it for you for a fee. Professional reviewers laud Brinks’ phone service, and its plans include cellular backup.

Who Will Brinks Home Security Attract?

Consumers seek a big selection of home security devices with integrated home automation choices and an alarm company with established monitoring centers and a vast client base interested in Brinks Home. On the other hand, Brinks Home isn’t the ideal option for people wanting the most advanced equipment or who don’t want to be trapped into a contract.

Security Plans and Equipment at Brinks

Equipment packages from Brinks Homerun from $199 to $699, with monitoring subscriptions starting at $39 per month depending on the package you choose. If you want to add more equipment to your bundle, you can do so. It is necessary to sign a three-year monitoring contract.

Blink Outdoor - wireless,...
117,292 Reviews


  • A large selection of sensors
  • You have the option of hiring a professional or going it alone.
  • Establishment of a network of monitoring centers


  • Three-year, restrictive contract
  • Only dealers can offer home consultations.
  • Dealers may charge more.

How to Choose the Best Wireless Home Security System

How to Choose the Best Wireless Home Security System

1. Contracts and Cost

Each home security system has a different price, but it is essential to understand precisely what you are paying and where you plan to spend your money.

These factors will impact your monthly and startup costs.

  • Self-monitoring versus pro-monitoring
  • DIY installation versus pro-installation
  • If you have the option, purchase equipment up front instead of a payment plan
  • Warranty and return policy
  • If applicable, the length and terms of your contact

You will also need a solid and fast Wi-Fi plan if your home security system uses your Wi-Fi connection to communicate with your cellular network. You will pay more for a project if you have slow internet. It is worth looking into whether your home infrastructure can support the wireless security system you want to install or if you will need to upgrade your home to make it faster.

2. Easy of use: Installation, Monitoring, and User-Friendliness

Your home security system should work for you right away. This includes speedy installation and easy usage.

Some home security companies do not offer DIY installation. However, if you are looking to get your system up and running quickly, find a company that does instead of waiting for someone to install it. While some home security companies will require professional installation, not all will.

It is essential to consider the quality of equipment and the user experience. Some security systems use a touch screen or wireless touchpad, while others use keypads. Some companies let you control your security system and view your cameras using your smartphone with an app.

3. Integration of Smart Home and Security Features

Each part of your home security program can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It’s worth doing your research to find a company that has the equipment and safety features you require and bonus features that integrate with your intelligent home system.

Each home security company has different equipment. This includes indoor or outdoor monitoring cameras that can be integrated with the system, the doorbell cameras and the wireless monitoring system.

You should also consider other options such as glass breaking detection, medical emergency alarms, and carbon monoxide detection if your home security system is to provide additional protections that will keep you safe in all possible situations.

There are many options for smart home integration offered by each company. Home automation systems can turn lights on or off, adjust your thermostat, and even control appliances with voice commands. You can schedule home automation services and manage your devices via your smartphone. These perks may be vital to you. Ensure that the home security system you are purchasing is compatible with your existing smart devices.

Wireless vs. Wired Home Security Systems

There are many benefits to both a wired and wireless home security system.

A wired home security system offers better signal strength and connection for monitoring. The difference might not be noticeable if you have strong internet connections or cellular signals for your wireless plan. Although wired security systems are less susceptible to being hacked than wireless, neither type of system is immune.

Wireless home security systems are easy to install, even in areas that are not suitable for wired systems. Wireless systems are easier to install around your home, more cost-efficient, and safer than wired systems. Your monitoring and video cannot be interrupted by damaged wires.

Pro-Installed vs. DIY Home Security Systems

The first decision to make when purchasing a home security system is whether to have it professionally installed or install it yourself. The answer to this question is contingent on your familiarity with technology, the size and complexity of the system you require, and the amount of time and money you have available.

Companies like Vivint or ADT, who sell professionally installed security systems, charge around $100 for a unique review of your security needs by one of their professionals. The technician will advise you on the sensors, cameras, and other equipment to purchase and where to install them for the best results.

Depending on the size and complexity of your system, this eliminates the guessing and can save you a significant amount of time. The disadvantage is that most professionally installed systems require long-term contracts with monthly payments, which adds to a substantial cost over time.


best alarm system for your home

Are Home Security Systems Worth It?

Break-ins are discouraged by security measures and monitoring: If they find a security system in the house they’re trying to rob, 60% of convicted burglars say they’ll go after another house. It’s clear that security solutions make a difference when it comes to decreasing burglary losses.

What Is The Easiest Home Security System to Install?

Customers should begin with Abode’s Smart Security Kit. This is an excellent beginner bundle for anyone looking for a basic, user-friendly security system. Abode’s low-cost self-monitoring package now includes control of your system via Abode’s user-friendly mobile app.

Is It Worthwhile To Invest in ADT?

Even with those improvements, ADT is probably not worth the high price. Despite its adequate performance, the system’s terrible user experience, clumsy design, and hefty prices make it one of the least appealing professional home security systems available.

How Much is SimpliSafe Monthly?

Choose between two monthly monitoring plans: $14.99 for the Standard plan and $24.99 for the Interactive plan, which adds remote arming/disarming via the SimpliSafe app, app alerts, secret alerts, video alarm verification, recordings from up to 10 SimpliSafe cameras, and smart home integration.

Can Vivint Be Hacked?

In conclusion. Vivint offers expert monitoring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however, the monitoring agents do not have access to your cameras’ feeds or recorded videos. Outsiders, on the other hand, can hack Vivint and operate your devices from afar, as well as spy on you through your webcams.


Home security systems are a great way to keep your home and family safe. There are many different types of security systems available, so it is important to choose the one that best fits your needs. A good home security system will deter burglars and other criminals from entering your home, and it will also provide you with peace of mind. Hope that you can find it helpful in this article.

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