bose soundlink flex black friday 2022: Cyber Monday Sales

Bose Soundlink Flex Black Friday 2022: Grab The Best Deal Now

Are you looking for a great deal on a Bose SoundLink Flex? You’re in luck! Black Friday is the perfect time to snag a great price on this top-rated speaker.

Whether looking for a gift for a loved one or treating yourself, the Bose SoundLink Flex Black Friday is a great choice. Act fast, though – these deals won’t last long!

Why You Should Buy Bose SoundLink Flex On Black Friday?

There are still plenty of Bose Black Friday offers available, including savings on the company’s selection of headphones, speakers, and earbuds.

We keep tabs on the finest Bose offers available all year long, but Black Friday typically brings the biggest savings. We anticipate more sales to continue through the weekend and into Cyber Monday.

We have examined a number of significant retailers, including John Lewis, Argos, and Currys in the UK, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart in the US. Although this year’s Bose sales haven’t been particularly substantial, there is still a solid assortment of Bluetooth speakers, soundbars, and headphones available.

Why You Should Buy Bose SoundLink Flex On Black Friday?

As a result, the manufacturer itself may provide the discount you’re seeking if you’re having trouble finding Black Friday Bose bargains across all stores.

Whether you’re shopping in the US or the UK, we’ll help you uncover the best Bose speaker Black Friday offers that are still available to buy in the days leading up to Cyber Monday on November 29.



  • Dependable IP67 rating
  • USB-C powering
  • Lucid playback
  • Portable
  • Consists of a microphone


  • Bluetooth 4.2, just for SBC
  • It’s challenging to tell apart buttons by feel.
  • Unreliable app
  • Not an aux input

Although Bose is well recognized for its noise-canceling headphones and home audio products, the company also makes an outdoor-oriented Bluetooth speaker called the Bose SoundLink Flex that seeks to deliver high-quality sound to the trails. This speaker seems to offer the ideal attributes for adventurers, with a durable casing and the capacity to withstand fall into the water.

Bose SoundLink Flex review

Who is the Bose SoundLink Flex for?

The SoundLink Flex is a speaker for outdoor enthusiasts who want something IP67 dust and water-resistant for trekking, off-roading, and summer beach picnics.

The Bose – Soundlink Flex portable bluetooth speaker – black waterproof rating allows shower singers to sing along to their favorite songs while in the tub and still have quick access to virtual assistants.

Bose Soundlink Flex Cost and Availability

If you live in Australia or New Zealand, you will have to wait until April 1, 2022, to purchase the Bose SoundLink Flex bluetooth wireless speaker, which is now available for purchase in the US and the UK.

Bose Soundlink Flex Cost and Availability

Of course, Bose doesn’t exactly control the market. The Sonos Roam (currently our top recommendation for the best Bluetooth speaker) isn’t much more expensive than this, and there’s a good possibility that similarly priced and highly capable alternatives from companies like Ultimate Ears, Bang & Olufsen, or Sony will catch your eye.

Therefore, the Flex will need to accomplish a little bit more than simply turning up looking and sounding passable.

How Does The Bose SoundLink Flex Operate?

The Bose SoundLink Flex portable bluetooth speaker appearance and construction mirror its intended outdoor use cases. Bose claims that its steel and powder-coated grille is durable, and it is. But if you drop it on the ground, it will get some scratches. Overall, the speaker feels sturdy; there are no weird shapes or protruding pieces that could catch on your clothing or nearby foliage while you’re trekking.

It’s a stretch for Bose to say that this Bluetooth speaker floats. However, unlike the UE WONDERBOOM 2, you can’t precisely play music in the midst of the deep end if you dropped it in a lake or unintentionally kicked it into a pool. This speaker gets dirty really quickly; thus, being able to tolerate a brief submersion in water is helpful.

How Does The Bose SoundLink Flex Operate?

It accumulates smudges and fingerprints, and dust can enter via the front grille. All of these things are easily removed with a fast soak. However, it can be challenging to remove sand or other non-dissolvable particles once it gets there; anytime I shake this unit, I can still hear some sand rattling around.

Despite its sturdy construction, the Bose bluetooth speakers SoundLink Flex weighs only 589g, yet it might add more mass than you would like for vigorous trekking. However, it won’t interfere with strolls along the beach or leisurely hikes.

The SoundLink Flex can be fastened to a backpack, jacket, and many other items with the help of a carrying strap on the right side of the speaker. However, you’ll need to provide your own carabiner or clip. Additionally, it has the ability to turn around and end up facing backward, therefore muffling the sound.

This issue would not arise with an integrated clip, although flexibility would be reduced. The loop cannot be repaired by you if it frays or breaks. The USB-C charging input is located on the left side to finish.

How Is The Bose SoundLink Flex Controlled?

The speaker’s top is divided in the middle by the control buttons. The power and Bluetooth sync buttons contain tiny white LEDs to show that the speaker is on and connected even though they are squishy and have no backlights.

How Is The Bose SoundLink Flex Controlled?

Play, pause, and skip buttons are located in the center of the remote control, while the volume up and down buttons are on either side. Although the buttons don’t feel physically different from one another, the design is stylish. I’d want clearer controls because right now, it’s easy to hit the multi-function button while seeking something else.

How Do You Pair The Bose SoundLink Flex And Use The Bose Connect App?

The Bose SoundLink Flex may be synced with other devices and your phone using the Bose Connect app (iOS/Android). It is really simple to use. When you click the “Bluetooth” icon, a list of your connected devices, other devices the program has stored in memory, and an edit button appear. Also, take note that the Bose Connect app is different from the Bose Music app that is required by some of its other products.

How Do You Pair The Bose SoundLink Flex And Use The Bose Connect App?

Two Bose Bluetooth speakers that are compatible can connect and play the same content when Party Mode is enabled using the app. However, you may also connect to additional Party Mode devices by hitting the Bluetooth and volume up keys at the same time, so it’s not strictly necessary. Before turning on stereo mode, you must first activate Party Mode.

The product tour option included in the app’s settings is helpful for learning how to utilize the controls. Anyone who likes to fall asleep to music can benefit from an auto-off timer. Additionally, you can turn on or off voice prompts here.

The assistant on your phone can be activated by pressing and holding the center button, but it’s not all that helpful, especially if you’re nearer your phone than the speaker. Simply saying “OK Google” or “Hey Siri” to your phone would suffice.

It might be helpful if you frequently stream material from a device farther away than your phone and don’t want to get up from your seat (as long as that device has its own virtual assistant). You must select a third-party option if you want to EQ your music because there isn’t one included in the program.

What Bluetooth Codecs Does The Bose SoundLink Flex Support?

Only the SBC Bluetooth codec is supported by the Bose SoundLink Flex, which uses Bluetooth 4.2. According to Bose, the maximum range is up to 9 meters. The Bluetooth connection on the speaker itself is dependable, but the Bose Connect app is unreliable.

Even when music is playing via the speaker, it will occasionally state that there is no connection. Additionally, if you wish to get around codecs’ general drawbacks, there is no aux input available.

What Bluetooth Codecs Does The Bose SoundLink Flex Support?

Additionally, the speaker has trouble switching between Bluetooth multipoint devices. There is no automated switching; like many other speakers and headphones, you must manually pause and play material. Because of this, the speaker may occasionally fail to switch to another device after content has been halted on one.

How Long Does The Bose SoundLink Flex’s Battery Last?

According to Bose, the SoundLink Flex’s battery life is up to 12 hours on a full charge. The packaging includes a USB-C to USB-A charging connection. However, you are responsible for providing a power source. The Bose SoundLink Flex lasted 11 hours and 59 minutes during our normal battery test, which plays music continuously with a maximum output level of 75 dB (SPL) measured 1 meter from the front of the speaker. Therefore, Bose’s battery life claims are largely correct, and the speaker will last all day at the beach or throughout a strenuous mountain walk.

How Long Does The Bose SoundLink Flex's Battery Last?

What Is The Bose SoundLink Flex’s Audio Quality?

For what it is—an outdoor speaker designed for hiking with a small group of friends—the Bose SoundLink Flex sounds fine. In comparison to my JBL Flip 5, which I also own, the Bose speaker reproduces all frequencies at roughly the same volume. It is simple to hear every instrument on a recording when there is this type of frequency response.

The speaker’s bass driver is located at the bottom of its backside, with the speaker’s main drivers located on top. Therefore, take care to prevent this speaker from sinking into soft surfaces so that you don’t miss out on any low notes.

What Is The Bose SoundLink Flex's Audio Quality?

According to Bose, its “PositionIQ technology” enables the speaker to recognize its direction and modify the music accordingly. Whether or not that’s a marketing gimmick, the sound will shift slightly as the speaker moves across space, such as when it swings from your bag.

You’ll like how the SoundLink Flex sounds as long as you keep in mind that the majority of Bluetooth speakers aren’t designed for audiophiles with studio monitors.

Midpoints, highs, and lows

In contrast to many other speakers, the South Asian-influenced violins in Duniya Te Pyar Mile don’t come across as being overly quiet or even distorted. The voice of Noor Jehan is audible, and the bottom drum does not obscure the clapping.

In Raga Khamaj by Ravi Shankar, the sitar’s strings can be heard clearly over the tabla beats of Alla Rakha, Prodyot Sen, and Kamala. The absence of sub-bass notes may be noticeable at a party, though, as people frequently associate them with dancing music.

On the other side, while Abi Sampa sings the orchestral qawwali Man Kunto Maula, it is difficult to hear the handclaps that maintain the timing of another contemporaneous rhythm. To be fair to the Bose SoundLink Flex, these claps often only sound very clear when using a precise set of headphones, such as the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x.

How Loud is the SoundLink Flex?

For cycling or hiking, the Bose SoundLink Flex’s output is loud enough. This is because you won’t be that person playing music loudly enough to block out the sounds of nature on a walk. However, do not anticipate this speaker to draw a large crowd to a party.

How Loud is the SoundLink Flex?

It’s adequate for a beach picnic or a small party at home, but if you want to rule the dance floor, you’ll either need to employ the Party Mode feature or pick a louder setting.

Can you make phone calls on the Bose SoundLink Flex?

The Bose SoundLink Flex supports voice calls, so yes. The microphone allows you to leave understandable voicemails, but virtually all surrounding noise is transmitted. To answer or reject a call, press or hold the center button while the phone is ringing.

Can you make phone calls on the Bose SoundLink Flex?

If you press it while on the phone, the call stops. When you press and hold the center multi-function on the Bose SoundLink Flex, the microphone also functions to make calls to your voice assistant.

However, there isn’t a specific “make a call” button. Bose advertises the SoundLink Flex as a “speakerphone,” but you’ll still need to use your phone or ask your voice assistant using the center button in order to make calls.

Should I buy the Bose Soundlink Flex?

Purchase it if

You require an actual portable speaker.

The SoundLink Flex will be resilient to the majority of things if you treat it with just a modicum of respect.

You enjoy loud sounds.

‘Room-filling’? Actually, no. “Bigger than appears probable,” Without a doubt.

You like having the upper hand.

You should be able to acquire your own was quite easy with the availability of an app, voice control, and physical control.

Should I buy the Bose Soundlink Flex?

Don’t buy it if…

You enjoy customizing your sounds.

As there is no EQ adjustment available, you are given what is available.

You enjoy loud sounds.

The Bose can get loud, no doubt, but at the expense of some sonic restraint.

You only care about the bass.

The Flex’s bass response can be best characterized as “ample.” Likewise, “lack of detail.”

Where Will The Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Bose Deals 2022 Be?

You don’t need to look anywhere else; this page will be updated throughout the weekend and through November 29 with the greatest Black Friday and Cyber Monday Bose offers.

However, based on recent speaker Black Friday events, we’ve listed which businesses we believe will provide the best prices below. Some retailers will undoubtedly offer better discounts than others. All indications suggest that in 2021, as in the past, all of these will provide excellent audio deals.

  • Amazon: Low-cost speakers
  • Best Buy: a variety of Bose audio equipment is frequently on sale
  • Walmart: Lots of Bose discounts
  • Argos: offers several products for home delivery or pickup.
  • Currys: offers free shipping on Bose goods.
  • John Lewis: High-end products come with longer warranties


Can I install the app on two phones and connect to either one of them?

Yes. The Bose SoundLink Flex can be connected to either of two devices that have the app installed on them. For the speaker to automatically connect to the device you want to use, it would be easiest to switch off Bluetooth on the one you don’t want to use.

Can I install the app on two phones and connect to either one of them?

The Bose SoundLink Flex can connect to how many devices simultaneously?

The Bose SoundLink Flex can connect to up to two devices simultaneously because it supports Bluetooth multipoint. However, we discovered during testing that it could be a little erratic when switching between devices.

As with the majority of Bluetooth speakers with multipoint capability, you must manually start and start playback on the device you want to use, although occasionally, the speaker doesn’t appear to understand this.


This Black Friday, get the perfect audio experience with the Bose SoundLink Flex. This portable speaker delivers clear, rich sound and deep bass, making it ideal for any music lover.

Plus, the sleek black design is sure to complement any home décor. Get this speaker on Black Friday and enjoy your favorite tunes. Hope this Soundlink Flex bluetooth speaker review article helped you in your decision-making process. Thanks for reading!

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