Canary Camera Review 2022: Best Choice With Impressive Features

Canary Camera Review 2022: Best Choice With Impressive Features

Canary is a home security camera that promises to be easy to set up and use. We took a closer look at the camera to see if it lives up to the hype. Read on for our full Canary camera review.

Canary Security Camera Overview

canary security camera review


  • High Definition Video Quality up to 1080p
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Works Indoors or Outdoors
  • Canary Pro has an integrated Siren and air quality monitoring
  • Basic Functionality without Contract
  • AI-Powered Person Identification
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Smart Home Automation with Alexa Assistants and Google
  • Advanced Features


  • Occasional Missed Movement
  • Only 3 Cameras are available
  • Cloud Storage Fees – Somewhat Expensive
  • Slow communication with App
  • You may experience network slowdowns and buffer
  • No Package Detection

Canary security products are easy to use, simple to set up and have specific home security features.

Canary’s home safety approach is simple. Canary security cameras are great for small apartments and homes, but they won’t work well in larger homes, especially if you need smart home functionality.

The Canary Pro All-in-One home security system is an excellent choice if you only have one device. This smart security camera has a 90-dB siren, a link to the police and fire departments, and a smart alarm system.

Canary Camera Review

Canary Pro Camera

canary pro review

Canary Pro, formerly known as the Canary All-in-One, is an indoor security camera with climate monitoring and up to 1080p HD resolution. It also includes a thumbprint emergency feature with Noonlight. I’ll go into more detail about it later.

Before you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of all these features, you need to pair your camera with your smartphone via Canary’s mobile application. You will need to spend extra time attempting and failing again to set up the camera. Although it is not tricky, wireless devices can be challenging.

Another Canary bonus is that the camera includes an Ethernet3 port. This option is recommended if your home has Ethernet3.

Canary Pro is a device that you can use every day. The Pro is capable of doing its job, despite some technical difficulties.

The package is nice and complete. It’s pretty expensive for an indoor device. The Canary Cams are not outrageously expensive, but you get what you pay for. This is similar to the Google Nest Cams that I reviewed a while back. Canary and Nest Cams are excellent options if you need advanced technology in a camera.

Apart from the Pro, Canary’s View and Flex cameras are also great. Both cameras bring something new and powerful to the table. Let’s now move on to The View, the third camera in Canary’s trio.

Canary View Camera

Canary View Camera

I won’t go into detail about what a simple experience is like. The Canary View is nearly identical to the Pro. Although the setup and installation are the same, the View connects faster to my Wi-Fi. Although it doesn’t include an environmental monitor or siren, the View recorded clear and strong video at 1080p HD resolution and performed well in our tests.

The Pro is powerful and visually appealing. The View is easy to use for everyday tasks, even though it’s a slightly larger sibling. It provides set-it and forget-it security with nothing too complicated or technical. It’s cheaper than the Pro and Pro Plus, which is always a plus. The Pro doesn’t offer a battery option, so you will want to keep it indoors.

The good news is that the View will notify you via mobile alerts of any motion under normal circumstances. This is similar to what you get with the Pro or the next camera I’ll be covering, the Canary Flex. The cameras work well together, so it is worth considering buying them all at once. In a moment, I will discuss the costs.

Canary Flex Camera

Canary Flex Camera

Canary describes the Flex as a “complete security solution in one device,” and I agree with him after extensive testing it. However, there are a few things that I would like to point out.

The camera is compact and shaped like a capsule. It fits comfortably in my palm. The Canary Flex is small in stature but has powerful, considerable functionality. It can be used outside and has batteries not available on the View or Pro. This equipment is quite impressive, especially when considering the Canary system’s outstanding features.

Although it would have been simpler to install, outdoor cameras are often the problem. Even though wireless devices are flexible, bringing a wireless device online can be challenging. Wi-Fi strength is unpredictable, as you are likely to know.

The Flex Suite is the most expensive. You don’t have to spend that much if you aren’t comfortable with the Flex. There are many great Canary alternatives. The Flex has many appealing features that make it worth your while. Design is one of the most appealing aspects. I like the Flex’s clean finish and rounded lines. However, not everyone will love it.

The Flex does more than an average indoor camera. Keep that in mind as you compare costs. It has many options and is a solid choice as an individual camera.

Canary Cameras Similarities

Canary Cameras Similarities

We noticed that no matter what camera we tried, a few things remained constant.

Video Quality

Canary’s cameras were excellent in video quality. All of them were shot in 1080p HD. We have come to expect this standard from home security cameras. So we were pleased with the footage that Canary captured, day and night.

Night Vision Infrared

If it is dark outside, 1080p HD video won’t be handy. That’s why Canary has infrared LED sensors installed on all its devices. This meant that we could see what was happening at night. It mainly was squirrel-related, fortunately.

Two-Way Audio with Membership

Two-way audio is included in most innovative security cameras that we reviewed. This comes from the microphones and speakers built into the cameras.

Canary charges a monthly fee for two-way audio. This isn’t very pleasant considering it’s usually included in the equipment price. We paid for the Premium Service, which provides more than two-way audio, and enjoyed conversations with family and friends.

Two-way audio meant that we didn’t have the hassle of walking downstairs to get Chinese food. Instead, we simply told the guy where our secret key was, and he brought it to our apartment.


Our Canary cameras did not have slots for micro-SD card cards. We had to use the Canary app to back up our footage locally. This was only possible because we had signed up for the Premium Service.

Usually, the footage would have been available for free for 24 hours. However, this period was extended to 30 days due to our subscription. Because sometimes, we don’t know when we will want to save a clip again or if there has been an intrusion, we like having a buffer.

We know that we will still have the footage we need even if cloud storage is unavailable. This is why we back up our footage to a hard drive. The Premium Service Membership includes cloud storage as well as a few other features. You can find out more in the chart below.

Alexa Integrations

We opt-in whenever we can do something using hands-free voice commands. The Canary cameras are no exception. Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, controlled the Canary cameras.

We simply asked Alexa to show us our footage on Fire TV. After reviewing the footage, Alexa told us to “hide” it. When we were not in the same room as our Fire TV, we also showed the footage on Echo Show 8. It was very convenient not to open the Canary app to check in on the Echo Show 8 Livestream.

It would have been nice to be able to tell Alexa how to arm and disable our Canary cameras rather than show us their footage on other devices.

Climate Monitoring

Climate monitoring is an uncommon feature in a Canary home security camera. Although it is not necessary for home security, it adds to the appeal of the Canary system.

Although it won’t detect carbon monoxide or smoke, Canary’s HomeHealth sensor may be able to detect a sudden increase in indoor air quality. It could even prevent a disaster. This feature is a must-have for home safety. To ensure that everything is in top shape, you can compare your home’s air quality with the normal levels.

Apple Watch Integration

Apple watches are one of many wearables that we have. Our Canary cameras work well with them. We can change the ModeMode of the camera, including whether it is armed in away ModeMode or armed at home or armed at night.

A timeline of activity was also available, including a screenshot from the most recent Livestream. We could also scroll through household users. It was elementary to control our Canary cameras using our smartwatch, especially when far from home.

Motion Detection With Modes

Modes are a way to program Canary cameras to perform as you wish. Away ModeMode is the best option if you work long hours outside. You can automate each ModeMode to make them work independently. This is just the beginning.

This is a great way to control your cameras without needing to tweak your settings every day. Attention workaholics: Canary isn’t a camera that you have to spend a lot of time tweaking and customizing. Mode is a great feature for busy people.

Person Detection

Canary cameras had Artificial intelligence person detection. This meant that our cameras only alerted us when they saw people. We live in Brooklyn, which is the land of cars and squirrels and pigeons and other moving objects.

Person detection helped reduce the number of motion notifications that we received. It was great to be notified when someone was present and check the Livestream to find out who it was.

This was extremely helpful when we received Amazon packages because we could talk to the delivery man before he left to make sure that our boxes were safe inside and not left out for thieves.

The Canary App

Canary’s mobile application is easy to use and intuitive. You can view recordings from all your Canary cameras when you open your timeline. The App is excellent for those who want to monitor their home and ensure it’s secure.

This is just one of many conveniences Canary provides in its App. However, it isn’t any different from most cameras available in the biz. Canary now offers professional monitoring for about $9.99 per month, with video verified dispatch. Verified dispatch allows first responders to prioritize the alarm and provide a faster response time.

Professional monitoring is possible with some great systems. SimpliSafe offers affordable DIY packages that can be used for professional monitoring. Read our hands-on SimpliSafe review to learn more.

Incident Support

Canary offers Incident Support as part of its Premium Service. This is Canary’s way of helping customers who have been burglarized. Although we have not had to use this feature in practice, it is possible to connect with a Canary agent to assist you in downloading and finding video evidence from all your Canary cameras.

The cops can then access the video evidence and assist with their investigation. Incident Support is beneficial for users with hours or days of recordings stored in cloud accounts who don’t want too much time searching for the evidence.

Canary Cameras Differences

Canary Cameras Differences

Canary’s cameras are not the same. Here are our findings:


The Canary View indoor camera costs about $99, while the Canary Pro indoor camera costs under $170. The Canary Flex outdoor camera is under $140. Canary’s pricing is much more affordable than other brands, which charge between $100 and $150 for indoor cameras and under $200 for outdoor cameras.

However, the premium features are not included in the price. We had to pay about $9.99 per month for the Canary Premium Service to cover all our cameras. This was a little annoying as many of these features include other cameras like the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor’s two-way talk. The camera is under $400, so Canary is still a great deal.


Canary cameras don’t all look the same. We installed the Pro and Viewed it indoors. They are not resistant to rain, snow, or other precipitation. Because it is durable enough to withstand all seasons, the Flex was the only camera we put outside. We simply moved the Flex inside when we needed another indoor camera.


We plugged in the Canary View, Canary Pro and Flex to power. However, for the Flex, we had two options: either go completely wireless or plug it in. Wireless was the best option, as it made installation much easier. We like the fact that Canary offered us choices.

We plugged the Flex in to save battery life. It could have lasted months if it had been placed in an area not heavily used. The wireless option was helpful when we moved it outside, as there wasn’t a power outlet nearby.

Field of View

The camera’s field of view is the width of the shot. This is important as it can determine how far away something might occur. The View and Pro had a 147-degree field, while the Flex only had 116 degrees.

We were happy with this, but the Flex’s View was narrower at only 116 degrees. We couldn’t see as many streets from the Flex because we used it outside. This is a problem for anyone with large front yards.

Google Assistant Integrations

Only the Pro and Flex worked with Google Assistant, but the commands that we were able to use varied. The Canary Pro is the only one that has environmental monitoring. We could ask about the temperature, humidity and air levels but not the Flex.

Google Assistant was also used to check the Flex’s battery life. We could ask Google Assistant to show footage from our Nest Hub Max cameras. It would also work with Android TVs. Although we wish the View could work with Google Assistant, so far, it is only Alexa.


A siren is the only thing that wakes us up, other than our alarm clock telling us to get out of bed. The Canary Pro comes with a built-in siren, which is 90 decibels. It was almost like having a lawnmower go off in every room.

We accidentally used the siren by us after a stranger walked through our brownstone foyer and found our mail. It turned out to have been another tenant’s girlfriend. It scared her, but it was necessary because the siren would alert everyone in the building if there were an intrusion.

HomeHealth Technology

The Pro also has HomeHealth Technology. This means that the camera can detect temperature, humidity and air quality. The Pro can only monitor indoor temperatures, humidity, and quality, as it is only an indoor camera. It was still helpful for reminding us when it became too humid or when it was time to dust our furniture when indoor air quality began to drop.


Canary’s pricing is so low because the responsibility for installation rests with the user. In this case, it’s you. We downloaded the Canary app on both our iPhones and Android.

However, the process was the same for both. After the App was downloaded, which took only a few seconds to complete, we created an account to register three of our new cameras.

The App then guided us step-by-step by connecting the cameras to the Wi-Fi network and naming them according to where they were installed. The wireless cameras can be placed on shelves. However, the Flex requires that amount is purchased and installed next to the front door.

The Flex comes with various mounts, including the flexible twist mount and the discreet stake mount. However, we preferred secure support for our particular situation. The entire process took less than 15 minutes for all cameras.

Wrap up

Canary’s trio security cameras are compact and sleek devices that provide an all-in-one, high-quality home security. Canary’s home security products are a great choice if you want a simple, affordable home security system that you can monitor yourself without signing any contracts or paying high monthly fees.

There are limitations to the security that Canary home security can provide. The Canary Pro includes a siren, climate and air quality monitors, and a camera. However, no door or window sensors can be used with the camera.

Canary is not compatible with any other smart home devices. You will need to find another smart home device if you have large areas to cover or want to have the convenience of smart home functions.

Canary is an excellent home security option for DIY enthusiasts. While you won’t be locked into a long-term contract, you won’t have 24/7 advanced monitoring.

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