What Is Cindy McCain Net Worth 2023 Overview, Interview

What Is Cindy McCain Net Worth 2023: Overview, Interview

Cindy McCain is the widow of the late Senator John McCain. She is famous for running a successful business and being popular in social settings.

With a life steeped in luxury, her wealth has always been a topic of interest for many people. Lacoon will explore Cindy McCain net worth and her philanthropic endeavors in this article below.

What Is Cindy McCain’s Net Worth and Salary 2023?

What Is Cindy McCain's Net Worth and Salary 2023

As of 2023, Cindy McCain net worth is estimated at around $400 million. This impressive amount is largely due to her family business, Hensley & Co., which she inherited a significant stake in after the death of her husband, Senator John McCain.

While her exact salary is not publicly known, she may receive compensation for various roles or speaking engagements related to her business and philanthropic endeavors.

Cindy McCain’s Overview

Cindy McCain Overview

Hensley & Co. Ownership

Cindy McCain’s association with Hensley & Co. began with her father, James Hensley, who founded the company in 1955.

A beer-selling company in Phoenix grew to become one of the US’s largest distributors of Anheuser-Busch beer. They made millions of dollars every year.

When her father passed away in 2000, Cindy inherited the majority stake in the company and became its chairman.

Under her leadership, Hensley & Co. has continued to thrive, expanding its operations and maintaining its position as a leading distributor in the industry.

Early Life

Born on May 20, 1954, in Phoenix, Arizona, Cindy Lou Hensley’s father, James, was a successful businessman, and her mother, Marguerite, was a homemaker.

Cindy grew up in a comfortable, middle-class environment and was raised alongside her two siblings. She went to Central High School in Phoenix, where she did well in school and took part in many events outside of school.

Upon graduating in 1972, Cindy enrolled at the University of Southern California (USC). In 1976, she got her Bachelor’s in Education; in 1978, she got her Master’s in Special Education.

Marriage to John McCain

Marriage to John McCain

Cindy first met John McCain in 1979 at a reception in Hawaii during his time as the Navy’s liaison to the United States Senate.

Even though John was still married to his first wife, Carol, at the time, he started a relationship with Cindy, leading to him filing for divorce in early 1980.

John and Cindy got married on May 17, 1980, only a month after his divorce was finalized. Together, they had four children: Meghan, John Sidney IV (known as Jack), James, and Bridget.

Throughout their marriage, Cindy supported her husband’s political career, helping his campaign and serving as a trusted advisor.

She was also involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including founding the American Voluntary Medical Team (AVMT) in 1988.

Over the years, Cindy stood by John’s side as he pursued higher political office, including his bids for the Republican presidential nomination in 2000 and 2008. The couple remained together until John’s death from brain cancer in 2018.

Substance Abuse

Cindy McCain’s life has not been without its challenges. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, she had a hard time controlling her use of prescription drugs that she took to manage pain after two spinal surgeries.

Her addiction worsened over time, leading her to forge prescriptions and take pills from her charity, the AVMT.

In 1994, her addiction became public knowledge when the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) began investigating her. Cindy ultimately admitted to her addiction and entered a treatment program.

She also repaid the AVMT for the stolen pills and financially contributed to the DEA to support their efforts in combating drug abuse.

Since then, Cindy has been open about her struggles and has used her platform to advocate for substance abuse awareness and treatment.

Real Estate

Cindy McCain bought a new house in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018. The house has five bedrooms, marble floors, and a big backyard.

But this isn’t her first house in Phoenix. In 2008, she and her husband sold a huge mansion nearby for $3.2 million. They also lived in a fancy condo in downtown Phoenix.

They spent a lot of money combining two condos into one big home and even bought another condo for their daughter. They sold the Phoenix property for $730,000.

The McCain family also has a ranch in Cornville, Arizona. The farm is worth about $1 million and has many guest houses and cabins.

They even made a particular area for birds! The family also owns condos in California and Virginia.

By selling some of their belongings, like a condo in La Jolla, San Diego, they earned a lot of money, up to $1.3 million.

They also had two condos on a beach in Coronado, California, which they sold in 2014.

Cindy McCain has been buying and selling houses for a long time. She sold her childhood home in Phoenix for $3.2 million in 2006. She also purchased a property in Virginia in 1993 and sold it for a lot more in 2017!

Financial Disclosures

Throughout John McCain’s political career, his financial disclosures were a topic of interest for the public and media alike. The McCains were often scrutinized as a high-profile couple with considerable wealth for their financial dealings.

As the chairman of Hensley & Co., Cindy’s assets and income were often included in John’s financial disclosures, as required by law.

During John’s 2008 presidential campaign, the couple’s finances became a focal point, with critics pointing to their wealth as a potential source of detachment from the average American voter.

At the time, the McCains’ net worth was estimated to be around a hundred million, stemming from Cindy’s stake in Hensley & Co. and their real estate holdings.

The couple also faced scrutiny over Cindy’s reluctance to release her full tax returns during the campaign.

In the end, she made public a brief overview of her 2006 tax documents, which revealed that she had received over $6 million in income during that year.

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Why Is Cindy McCain Famous?

Why Is Cindy McCain Famous

Cindy McCain is famous primarily due to her marriage to the late Senator John McCain, who was a prominent and influential figure in American politics.

John McCain served in Arizona for over 30 years and was selected by the Republican Party to run for President in 2008.

His wife, Cindy, was frequently seen in public, helping her husband during his political campaigns and engaging in charitable endeavors.

Besides her connection to John McCain, Cindy is well-known as the chairperson of Hensley & Co., a major distributor of Anheuser-Busch beer in the US.

The company, founded by her father, came under her majority ownership after his passing in 2000. She has successfully led the company’s growth and expansion.

FAQs About Cindy McCain

FAQs About Cindy McCain

What was the age gap between John and Cindy McCain?

The couple had a 17-year age difference, with John being 71 years old at the time of his passing.

What is the estimated net worth of John McCain’s daughter?

Meghan McCain, an American writer and television personality, has an estimated net worth of $10 million.

How old is Carol McCain?

Carol McCain was born on February 19, 1938, which makes her 85 years old.


In conclusion, Cindy McCain is a woman who has made a significant impact on the world through her various philanthropic and humanitarian efforts.

Cindy McCain, the wife of Senator John McCain, supported his political career and advocated for causes important to them both, showing that one person can make a difference in the world through dedication and hard work. Her legacy will inspire others to work towards a better future.

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