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Incredible Black Friday Laptop Deal On A Dell XPS 15

This week, while choosing one of the best Black Friday Dell laptop deals to buy, keep an eye out for the XPS 15. As the larger sibling of one of our favorite laptops, the XPS 15 gives you plenty of power while traveling, thanks to its stunning design and enormous, eye-catching display. In essence, a high-end laptop gives you everything you could want.

The downside of that premium bundle is unquestionably its price. Fortunately, several great Dell XPS 15 Black Friday deals are worth considering, all of which lower the price by hundreds of dollars. No less than Dell has already dropped the cost of its priciest XPS 15(opens in new tab) by a startling $810 from the previous year.

Why Buy Dell XPS 15 On This Black Friday?

Why Buy Dell XPS 15 On This Black Friday?

One of the best laptops in the world, the Dell XPS 15 combines a beautifully thin and light design with potent components. Before Black Friday, both models are marked down significantly in price and provide a level of performance that not all consumers may require.

However, because of the dedicated GPU, these are terrific choices if you’re looking for a decent 15-inch laptop to conduct creative work on, notably picture and video editing. It won’t be the best for gaming, but it’s perfect for video editing, and it’s unusual to find a dedicated GPU in such a little laptop.

One thing to keep in mind is that this is the FHD (1920 x 1200) Dell XPS 15 variant. Although this model has a 4K screen, there are more expensive options.

Best offers for the Dell XPS 15 today

Where to find the best Dell XPS 15 Black Friday deals

The Dell online store will have the finest Black Friday deals on the Dell XPS 15. If you see an “online doorbuster” sale from Dell, it’s absolutely worth taking advantage of. There are other stores besides Dell to keep an eye on, too. Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon will likely have some hot deals to take advantage of.

The finest XPS 15 Black Friday deals can be found right here.

  • Dell: Save $840 on a fully-loaded XPS 15 (9500)
  • Best Buy: $500 off the Dell XPS 15
  • Amazon: Expect sales across Dell’s laptop lineup

When do the Black Friday Dell XPS 15 deals begin?

Every year, Black Friday seems to expand from a single day to more of a season. That remains true in 2022, even as many retailers already offer some of their finest discounts to earn your business. There’s still plenty of time for more XPS 15 Black Friday deals to appear, but if you find a nice one before the big day, there’s no need to wait.

There will probably be price reductions on more models with varied configurations once Black Friday arrives. These bargains will go on all weekend long and into Cyber Monday. The main message is that if you have your heart set on an XPS 15 Black Friday sale, you should start weighing your options since we are already well into the Black Friday season.

If a 15-inch laptop is a bit too big for you, there are already a ton of fantastic Dell XPS 13 Black Friday bargains running, so be sure to check those out as well. You can read more about Dell Inspiron 15 3000 Black Friday Deals: Series Laptop For Under 300$

When do the Black Friday Dell XPS 15 deals begin?


What about XPS 15 laptops?

According to our rankings, the best 15-inch laptop available is Dell’s XPS 15 (9510). It provided the best synthesis of a stunning, well-constructed thin and light chassis, reliable performance, and a stunning 3.5K OLED display.

The XPS 15 was the best laptop of its size you could buy unless you needed a workstation or gaming capability. Dell has already unveiled the XPS 15 (9520), which updates Intel’s 12th-gen processor while keeping all the fantastic features of the prior model.

A midrange XPS 15 with a 3.5K OLED display and an Intel Core i7-12700H processor was the subject of our review. It costs $2,253, firmly placing it in the premium laptop category. The laptop is just as fantastic as before, simply faster, I can tell after putting it through its paces.

Given the little difference in screen size, I’ll include 16-inch laptops in the same class as 15-inch laptops, even though they aren’t the fastest 15-inch ones you can buy.

However, you get a sizable laptop with enough horsepower to satisfy all but the most discerning users and a chassis that makes it appear much smaller than it is. The XPS 15 continues to reign supreme among 15-inch laptops.

Is Dell XPS 15 worth the money?

The Dell XPS 15 may look like a standard laptop, but it’s the closest thing you can get to a 15-inch MacBook Pro without actually buying one. That’s because the XPS 15 is an absolute powerhouse of a machine, packing in some seriously impressive specs and giving Apple’s top-end MacBook a run for its money.

Powering the Dell XPS 15 is an Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 2TB hard drive, making it easily capable of handling anything you can throw at it. Alongside that is a 4K Ultra HD screen, which makes everything you see on the XPS 15 look gorgeous and perfect for watching movies or editing photos.

The only downside is that some significant flaws hamper the Dell XPS 15. The battery life is awful, lasting just four hours in our tests, and the trackpad is frustratingly tiny. The XPS 15 is also pretty expensive, costing around £2,000. But if you’re looking for a powerful laptop that looks great, the Dell XPS 15 is worth considering.


We believe the Dell XPS 15 might be among the best options available right now if you’re searching for a powerful laptop for coding or programming.

With its wide screen and superb keyboard, it’s a delight to use for extended periods, and it has all the power you’ll need to compile and test your works. Read more about some related post for Black Friday Laptop Deals 2022: Dell, HP, Asus, Acer, MSI Sales & Discount.

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