Does Move To iOS Need Wifi Best Things You Need To Know 2022

Does Move To iOS Need Wifi? Best Things You Need To Know 2022

Looking for does move to iOS need wifi? Move to iOS is a free app that helps you transfer your data from an Android device to an iOS device. The app requires a Wi-Fi connection to work. Read on for more information!

Does Move To iOS Need To Stay On Wifi?

This app is a simple tool for transferring an Android handset to a new iPhone or iPad. iOS creates a private WiFi network and connects to the Android smartphone throughout the transfer procedure. Copying mobile data and setting applications like Mail need entering a security code.

Does Move To iOS Need To Stay On Wifi

How To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone

Before we get into whether or not Move to iOS requires Wi-Fi, we need first to understand how to utilize it. If you’re delighted to use your iPhone for the first time, you should also prepare to migrate your files so that everything is in order before you start using it.

With this app, Apple has made it possible to migrate from Android to iOS securely and straightforwardly.

This app allows you to simultaneously move your contacts, photographs, videos, chat history, albums, files, etc. It simply needs your iPhone and Android smartphone. To utilize it, follow these steps:

  • On your Android phone, install the Move to iOS app. You may get it through the Google Play Store.
  • If you have a fresh new iPhone, hit Move from Android on the Apps & Data screen. If you’ve already set up your iPhone, you’ll need to conduct a factory data reset to access this function.
  • Open it on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Wait for a code to appear. On your iPhone, tap Continue and wait for the 10- or 6-digit code to display. On the Android phone, enter the code.
  • When you see the temporary Wi-Fi network formed by the iOS device, tap Connect on your Android phone.
  • Choose the material from the Android phone that you wish to transfer. Continue by tapping the Continue button.
  • Leave both devices alone until the iOS device’s loading bar disappears. Depending on the number of files you’re moving, the transfer may take some time.
  • Complete the iOS setup.

How To Transfer Data From Android To iPhone


  • Make sure both of your devices have at least 50% battery life in order to continue and finish the transfer; alternatively, you may connect them both into a power source.
  • To prevent slowing down the iPhone, estimate how much space your content will take up on the iOS device.
  • If you’re having trouble connecting, restart both devices and try again.
  • Turn off any applications or other networks that may be interfering with the network connection.
  • For a time, don’t use the Android till the transfer is finished. A phone interruption, for example, may halt a transfer in progress.
  • Check this if your Move to iOS app is stuck or not functioning.

Move to iOS Transfer Problems Associated with WiFi Usage

Despite the fact that Move to iOS is a secure and widely used program, certain WiFi issues may arise prior to or during the migration process.

  • The Smart Network Switch may be turned off to prevent the Wi-Fi from automatically switching to an outdated connection.
  • Other programs on the Android smartphone are interfering with the Wi-Fi signal, which may be resolved by turning on the Aeroplane mode.
  • The hotspot or Wi-Fi of the devices is automatically turned off, which may be modified in the settings.
  • Not being able to connect to the network, owing to a possible mistake in inputting the code.

Other File Transfer Methods You Can Use

Is Wi-Fi required for this app? Yes, however, there is a slew of iOS app transfers you may use to transfer files from your Android mobile devices. Here are the top three best data transfer applications.

Google Account

Using Android phone

Follow these steps if you haven’t already joined your Google Account:

  • Open the Options menu.
  • Select Users & Accounts from the drop-down menu.
  • Locate and tap Google\Select Create a new account
  • Enter the username and password for your Google account.

This Google account will preserve files such as contacts, messages, notes, documents, etc.

Using an iPhone

  • Launch Options
  • Passwords and accounts may be accessed by tapping the Passwords & Accounts button.
  • Tap Google after selecting Add Account.
  • Fill in the same Google account that you used on your Android device.
  • Select the items you wish to sync, such as mail accounts, contacts, notes, and calendars, and turn them on.
  • Save the file.


Another fantastic program to utilize while transferring data files is ShareIt. Like Transfer to iOS, it can move most files.

  • Open ShareIt if it has been preloaded. Otherwise, go to the PlayStore and download the app.
  • Press the “Send” button.
  • Make a list of the things you wish to move.
  • Choose Send.
  • On your iPhone, download ShareIt.
  • Open the app and choose Receive.
  • Wait for the transfer to finish.
  • Ensure that both devices have an internet connection.

Other File Transfer Methods You Can Use

Google Drive Is A Cloud-Based Storage Service

When you need to transmit data of various forms, such as documents, PDFs, videos, movies, photos, and more, Google Drive is always dependable.

  • Simply launch the Google Drive app on your Android device and hit Upload. Choose the files you want to send.
  • Install Google Drive on your iPhone and launch it. Locate and hit the Download icon for the files you’ve uploaded from your Android phone.
  • To access your files from other devices, all you need is the same Google account. Wi-Fi is required to switch to iOS, and Google Drive is the same.


FAQs About Does Move To iOS Need Wifi

Is Wi-Fi Required For Data Transmission From Android To Iphone?

Apple does not allow non-Apple devices to use Bluetooth to transfer too much data with its goods! In other words, you can’t use Bluetooth to transfer data from an Android handset to an iPhone since the operating systems aren’t compatible.

That isn’t to say you can’t transfer files from Android to iPhone via WiFi.

How Long Does Move To iOS Take?

The material from your Android handset will now be transferred to your iPhone or iPad. The whole procedure might take a few minutes, depending on how much money is being moved. It took me less than ten minutes to complete.

How Hard Is It To Switch From Android To iPhone?

Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone is difficult since you must learn a new operating system. However, making a move takes a few steps, and Apple has even produced a special app to assist you.

What’s The Deal With The Move To iOS App Being So Slow?

The length of time it takes to migrate to iOS is highly dependent on the quantity of the data you wish to upload and the speed of your WiFi connection. It’s typical for the transferring procedure to take a few hours if you have any data to transmit or if your WiFi connection is shaky.


Move to iOS is the greatest program for transferring files from an Android smartphone to an iOS device in efficiency, security, and safety. However, if this app is not an option, you may utilize alternative solutions such as a Google account or third-party applications to move data.

We hope you found this article beneficial, and if you have any questions, please use the comment box below to share your thoughts on our proposals.

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