Furbo Dog Camera Review: Is It A Right Choice 2022?

Furbo Dog Camera Review: Is It A Right Choice 2022?

Furbo is a high-tech dog camera that lets you see, talk, and even give your furry friend a treat while you’re away from home. It’s a great way to stay connected to your pet, and it’s also a lot of fun to use. We’ve put together a Furbo dog camera review to help you decide if it’s the right fit for you and your pup.

Furbo Dog Camera Overview

furbo dog camera overview

Pitbull ownership is a bit like owning a home security system. Bradley will alert me whenever someone knocks on my door. Furbo Dog Camera gives me an additional line of defense. It allows me to monitor Brad and my home from anywhere I’m on my phone.

The Furbo costs about $249 and is both an indoor security camera and a dog nanny. It offers clear 1080p video, even in the dark, and barking alerts. You can also talk to your pet with two-way audio. The best part is that you can give treats to your dog while you are out and about.

Although the Furbo Dog Camera can be expensive, especially when compared to traditional security cameras, it is extremely useful and fun. It also gives you peace of mind that your dog is safe and secure. It is our Editors’ Choice in pet cameras.


  • This guide is specially designed and includes input from thousands of dog owners, veterinarians, and professional dog trainers.
  • It is quick and simple to set up. The smartphone app connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi and sends push notifications and real-time alerts.
  • This allows you to see video and hear audio at all times, even when you’re away from your home. It will help you keep an eye out for your dog.
  • Can toss treats and uses a clicker sound for obedience training.
  • It is made of high-quality materials and has spill-proof features. It can be installed anywhere there is a strong Wi-Fi connection.


  • The audio capability is very poor. The microphone and speaker could have better quality.
  • Bark Alert could be too sensitive. If you get push notifications too often, you might want to disable or turn them off.
  • It will not withstand chewing force if your dog knocks it onto the floor. To ensure stability, be careful where you place it.
  • You can send up to five treats at once with the device. If your dog is not eating enough, you can switch to kibble or low-calorie treats.

Furbo Dog Camera Review

furbo dog camera reviews

Specs of a Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo’s dog camera allows dog owners to communicate with their pets even when they are away. Our furry friends cannot accompany us everywhere we go. Some places may not be dog-friendly. This can lead to separation anxiety for dog parents who leave their pets at home. This product was created to solve this problem.

Furbo’s interactive dog camera was designed with treat tossing in mind. This camera is unlike any other available and allows you to see what your dog’s doing, as well as give them treats if you notice them missing.

The camera offers live streaming at a 1080p Full HD Camera with a 160deg angle and a 4x zoom for night and day vision. Furbo’s night vision technology is a unique technology for dogs cameras.

We are confident that this camera will allow you to see your pet’s hidden world even when you’re not there. The Furbo dog camera lets you see clearly your pet, day or night.

The camera’s performance was amazing. The Furbo dog camera is superior to all other home security pet cameras that I have used. The Furbo dog camera produced a better video quality. It was sharper, clearer, brighter, and more defined. It was amazing!

It provides a great view of my living room. The 160deg angle covered the entire room. The Furbo dog nanny should be placed at a higher point. The camera will cover the entire room when placed on a shelf. It is also a good idea to put it higher so your dog doesn’t discover the trick of knocking the camera to get all the treats.

You can save photos and videos so you can keep the memories of your dog’s fun times. You can save the photos and send them to the rest of the world via various social media platforms integrated into the mobile application (Facebook or Whatsapp). My friends love the photos and videos of my dogs at home.

Furbo’s Two Way Audio

Furbo’s dog camera lets you and your fur baby talk to each other via its two-way audio. You can now talk to your fur baby and calm him down, or entertain him when you’re feeling sad. Your dog will not only be able to recognize your scent, but also the sound of your voice.

According to a recent study in Current Biology, dogs can react to human speech differently than other animals. Your pup can tell if you’re being rude or if they are listening well to your speech. Furbo’s audio abilities aren’t as good as the video. This is not a problem, as I find the video capabilities to be essential.

Furbo’s Dog Barking Technology

Furbo's dog barking technology

Furbo’s dog camera features a unique barking alert technology that allows you to track your dog’s barking. The barking sensor can detect the most subtle barks to the loudest barks. The barking notification will go directly to your device (smartphones or tablets). This dog video camera is simply the best! Even more! Furbo is currently the only dog camera that can be integrated into Apple Watch.

Some clients complained that the barking sensor was too sensitive. It would give false alarms if it was placed in a noisy room. It picks up the sound of my dog playing with toys, even at the lowest level. It wouldn’t bother me at all! At least I know what to do if I’m not there. Dog cameras are there to protect our dogs at home.

Furbo Camera Recognition Technology

Furbo’s dog recognition technology is another great feature. It does what? Furbo’s intelligent alerts let you know about dog-related events by using its A.I.-powered recognition technology.

If your dog is acting strangely or in need of assistance, you would be notified. The client testified that her dog was saved by it, as he was able to stop eating toxic dark chocolate (5 ounces).

The real-time smart alarm is made up of three alerts: the dog activity alert, dog selfie alert, and person alert. When your dog moves, Furbo’s smart alerts notify you if your pet is in danger. It can also be used to help you recognize separation anxiety.

You’ll be notified by the dog selfie alarm if your dog misses you. Furbo can detect if your dog faces the camera in a similar way to taking a selfie. A notification will appear on your phone with a photo of your dog’s adorable face.

The person alert lets you know when a human is near your dog. Furbo’s smart alerts are real-time and can be used to protect your dog, even when you’re not there. You can activate or deactivate any alert you need, depending on your needs. The Furbo dog camera learns more about your dog the more you use it.

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Furbo’s Dog Camera Design

Furbo's Dog Camera Design

The Furbo dog camera is unique in its design. The majority of dog cameras on the market are rectangular in shape, but the Furbo’s is cylindrical in design.

The Furbo’s cylindrical shape allows for sufficient storage to store your dog’s favorite treats. Its tall and angular design, combined with the white color, makes it more friendly and inviting. It matched the style of my living room perfectly!

A LED indicator on the unit changes depending on different conditions. When the unit is connected to the Wi-Fi, the light will turn blue. The light will turn purple if it isn’t connected to Wi-Fi.

While the yellow light means that it is connected, it will turn purple if it isn’t. It’s also a popular question, “What is Furbo purple?” You now know the answer! When the Furbo is plugged in for the first time, the white light will indicate that it is functioning. The green light indicates that your Furbo can be set up for the first time.

Furbo Camera Treat-Tossing Feature Review

Let’s now get to the best part. The Furbo camera has tossing capabilities. It is not just a camera, even though it is called a “camera”. This gadget is unique because it can give treats to your dog with a single tap of your smartphone using the Furbo dog camera application.

The dog camera doesn’t just drop treats in a bowl. It throws treats up in the air for your furry friend to catch and chase. The treat button on your phone plays a jingle that can be customized. Your interaction with your dog will be more fun and engaging if the treat is released after the jingle.

Furbo pet camera allows you to record your own jingle. My dogs were able to understand that the Furbo unit can give them treats in a matter of days. The “snack call” that I used to give my dog his favorite treats was a huge help. It’s now a stand-by sound that my dog uses and he waits for the treats to arrive. If you don’t want to make your dog sound unique, there is a standard tone.

The camera allows the dog owner to record their voice and send it to the dogs to signal that they are going to give them a treat. My pup is excited when he hears me speak over the speaker. Since then, it has been my stress reliever at work! This is a great way to bond with your dog, even if they aren’t there physically.

The treat thrower is not able to work with all treats. It is possible to try different treats and biscuits with the treat thrower. I had problems with it before, as some treats were only thrown after three to five clicks. These are the best Furbo treats, based on Furbo’s recommendations and my own experience.

  • Wellness Petite Treats
  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats
  • Royal Canine Dog Treats
  • Nutro Mini Bites
  • Bil Jac Grain-Free Soft Training Treats
  • Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini
  • Treat with Primal Grain-Free Jerky Nibs

Furbo can be used with a variety of treats. To avoid problems, I recommend that you use treats smaller than the hole.

Furbo did not require any special treats that would only work with the device. They understood that dogs have different preferences and they were able to accept this. You can always reach Furbo technical support if anything goes wrong.

Video Review


The Furbo dog camera is a great way to keep an eye on your furry friend while you’re away from home. It’s easy to set up and use, and it has some great features that make it worth the price. We hope that you can find it helpful in this article. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We’re glad to hear from you.

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