Furbo Vs Petcube 2022: Which Is Better For Your Pet?

Furbo Vs Petcube 2022: Which Is Better For Your Pet?

If you’re considering getting a pet camera to keep an eye on your furry friend while away, you may wonder which one to choose. Here’s a comparison of the two most popular pet cameras on the market, Furbo vs Petcube.

Petcude Bites vs Furbo – Similarities

Petcude bites vs Furbo - Similarities

1. Video Quality

Both devices transmit a 1080p HD video feed. The video’s quality and clarity are outstanding. Both devices are designed to assist you in keeping an eye on your pet. Furbo and Petcube, without a doubt, meet these requirements.

2. Two-way Audio

This allows you to interact with your pet thoroughly. While you are away, you can both listen and speak to your pet. The ability to keep your pet company via two-way audio is a significant benefit of both gadgets.

3. Connectivity

Furbo and Petcube support Bluetooth low-energy connections. During the setup procedure, this technique conserves energy. It is not intended for everyday use. As a result, the installation process is simplified, and less energy is consumed. These devices use 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz WiFi to send data. However, because of this technology, there is also a power-saving mode.

4. Treat Dispenser

Treat dispensers are available from Petcube and Furbo. So you can give out treats even when you’re not at home. Furbo and Petcube can each carry about 100 snacks. You have the freedom and space to choose the type of treatment you want to provide.

You can play fetch with your dog or cat from any location. Now, all you have to do is load the camera with your favorite treat. Remember that the goodie must fit through the dispenser’s aperture. The firm recommends round treats with a diameter of up to 0.4 inches.

A comparable product is also available from Petcube. It can fling the goodie up to 6 feet away from the camera. You must open the lid and place snacks inside. It doesn’t make a lot of mess and is simple to clean. It has a removable container that can be washed in the dishwasher.

5. Motion And Sound Alerts

When your pet is active and ready to interact, Petcube and Furbo send you notifications. Most of the time, your pet is either sleeping or refusing to play. However, you would be notified of any commotion using this service. It allows you to keep an eye on your dog while playing fetch and hurl a few treats his way. In a nutshell, this feature notifies you if your pet reacts in any way. You won’t have to check as often if you do it this way.

6. Using Alexa from Amazon

Amazon Alexa works perfectly with both devices. This will allow you to control your camera without using your hands. So, if you want to throw a treat toward your pet, this feature can come in handy. In the instance of Petcube, we had to request a treat from the device. This job does not necessitate the use of the app.

We found Furbo’s integration of this function to be excellent. In an hour, Furbo replied to commands like dispensing a treat. The entire procedure is fully automated and convenient.

7. Pets It Supports

Furbo and Petcube both have dog and cat items. Because dogs are more likely to play fetch, treat distribution is geared toward them. Cats, on the other hand, love treats on occasion. Both devices are designed to provide security and an interactive platform for both dogs and cats.

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Furbo vs Petcube – Differences

Furbo vs Petcube bites

1. Viewing Angle

Apart from having a high-definition video feed, it is crucial to have a wide field of view. Furbo is the winner in this case. It has a 160-degree field of view, which is quite astounding. The 138-degree range on Petcube is sufficient.

It’s critical to comprehend why the field of view makes such a difference. Pets don’t interact with your webcam all of the time. So having a clear image is essentially pointless if you can’t fit your pet within the frame. As a result, this variable is essential. When you aren’t feeding or playing with your pet, you can keep an eye on them.

2. Enlarge

Furbo is also gaining ground and features a 4x zoom, but Petcube only has a 3x zoom. This is something that both gadgets can do. Even if your pet is not near the camera, you can receive a clear image of it. This feature is quite helpful. Even if your pet is at a distance, you can keep an eye on them.

3. Barking Warnings

This is a feature available in Furbo. Apart from sound and motion alerts, Furbo focuses on real-time barking alerts. Furbo picks up on your pet’s disturbance and alerts you as soon as it begins. This may be a false alarm. It could, however, be a sign that something is awry at home. Furbo is a powerful rival since it can detect distress signals provided by your pet.

4. Alerts from Smart Dogs

Intelligent dog warnings are a significant benefit of getting Furbo. This function is driven by artificial intelligence (AI). Your gadget will continue to learn more about the actions of your dog. It will see your pet running around, playing, or jumping on the furniture and alert you.

In other words, it will learn more about your pet’s habits. Furbo also takes photos of your dog whenever it faces the camera. When you’re away from home, you can rest assured that you’ll have some pictures of your pet.

With time, we saw that the equipment became more and more accurate. The notifications got increasingly specific, and we received all of the specifics about what was going on.

Furbo also has the capability of detecting the presence of a human. So if there is a human in the field, whether it is an intruder or a walker, you will be notified.

Furbo has an advantage over its opponent because of this feature. It improves the owner’s overall security as well as convenience.

5. Cloud Storage And Video Recordings

Cloud Storage And Video Recordings

Furbo has several benefits over Petcube. When it comes to this, however, this is not the case. Petcube includes cloud storage and triggered video recordings. You will not only receive an alert, but you will also have access to a video clip of the behavior. Because of the storing feature, you may watch the video later.

Furbo sends out a number of alerts. When you first open the app, you’ll have to record the video or take a picture manually. In Petcube, this process is fully automated.

When comparing the two, Petcube has this advantage. In the case of Furbo, you’ll need to stay hooked to your phone to avoid missing anything.

6. Fees for Each Month

Pectube care plans are divided into three tiers by Petcube. You can use this to enhance your service. Additional cloud storage and discounts on products from numerous pet suppliers are available.

Furbo does not provide any premium plans. Smart dog alerts, on the other hand, are not free. It begins with a free trial and then charges a monthly fee to keep it operational in the future. The fact that the free feature is now locked behind a paywall is a little depressing. The little monthly charge, however, is well worth it. Artificial intelligence (AI) provides convenience and a sense of security.

7. Create a Design

The Petcube camera is 5.7 x 3 x 10.6 inches in size, while the Furbo is 5.9 x 4.7 x 8.9 inches. In comparison to Furbo, Bites are slightly bulkier and heavier. It can weigh up to 3.5 pounds, compared to Furbo’s 2.1 pounds. There isn’t much of a distinction between the two. The two devices, however, are not identical in terms of design.

Matte Silver, Rose Gold, Carbon Black, and Snow White are just a few of the colors available from Petcube. Furbo is available in white. Petcube is an obvious choice if you’re seeking a wide range of color possibilities. Petcube’s colors will go well with your existing furniture.


Petcube is a motion-activated gadget. It captures and saves footage of your pet’s movements. Furbo, on the other hand, is equipped with artificial intelligence. It watches and learns from your pet’s actions and behaviors. Each device has its own set of advantages. So, if you want to decide, look at the differences and similarities between the products.

There is no apparent winner because they are on the same level yet have different characteristics. If you want regular dog alarms or a video clip of your baby’s up to, Petcube is the way to go. On the other side, Furbo is a better value if you want creative and thorough activities for your dog. I recommend choosing a device that offers your pet the most refined possible interaction platform.

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