Google Nest Cam Review: Best Option For Home Safe 2022

Google Nest Cam Review: Best Option For Home Safe 2022

Google Nest Cam is a home security camera that allows you to watch your home while you’re away. It’s easy to set up and use, and it offers some advanced features like facial recognition and two-way audio. We’ve been using the Nest Cam for a few weeks now, impressed with its performance. Read on for our full Google Nest Cam review.

Google Nest Cam Review – Similarities

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We have outlined here the main similarities we found in Nest’s cameras after extensive testing. Please see our Nest Cam Indoor, Nest Cam Outdoor, Nest Cam IQ Indoor, and Nest Cam IQ Outdoor reviews. Stay tuned for our reviews of Nest’s latest cameras.


We were disappointed that Nest cameras do not have local storage. This is usually a micro-SD or SD card. We instead used Nest’s cloud server, which we could access via the Nest app. Nest offered us three hours of free cloud storage. However, we ended up purchasing more via Nest Aware.

The prices are very affordable, as you can see below. This was not always true with Nest. Although we purchased 30 days of cloud storage at $6 per month, we could have saved money and signed up for a year for $60. We could add 60 days of cloud storage for $12 per month or $120 per year. This is not a bad deal.

Our Nest cameras can sense motion. We set up our cameras so that they would notify us whenever something moved. These motion-activated notifications are standard in smart security cameras. However, we set ours up differently.

We received many notices from pets, cars and other moving objects, but the motion-activated recording was all we had. So we made some adjustments to minimize the number of unnecessary notifications. You can read more about that in the artificial intelligence section.

Integrations into Smart Platforms

We not only controlled our Nest Cams via the Nest app but also used Google Assistant and Alexa to control them. What commands were we able to use? We cast the footage from our Nest cameras to our Fire TV and Echo Show devices using Alexa. It was great to see our family on the big-screen TV. We felt like superheroes, being able only to speak our words to make it happen. We could use Alexa to move the footage from the screen.

Google Assistant was similar; we streamed our Nest footage to our Chromecast. We set up our Nest Cams with intelligent Hue Philips lighting to use the voice assistants.

Our home is filled with elegant lighting fixtures and bulbs, so we set the lights to dim when streaming footage from our Nest cameras. We noticed the same smart home features no matter what Nest camera we used.

Digital Zoom

We used the Nest app to zoom in on a particular area of our live footage. One of our cameras can be set up to zoom in on a specific spot at all times. The Nest app’s digital zoom was especially helpful when we were on a trip and worried about the oven being turned off. It was simple to use the Nest app to zoom into the oven’s digital display and pinch the screen.

The Nest App

We used the same Nest app for all our Nest cameras when away from home. It was the place where we could view live footage, talk to our loved ones via two-way audio, browse cloud storage, receive notifications, set up smart platform integrations, name people for familiar face alarms, etc.

It was effortless to use and integrate all our Nest products into one place, including our Nest Protect smoke detector and CO detector. We were not the only ones who agreed with us. The app received a 4.7 rating on the Apple Store and a 4.2.2 on Google Play.5 This app is now much more stable. Thank you, Nest, for all the improvements!

The Key Differences

nest camera reviews

We also discovered a lot of differences between Nest cameras.


We were able to live-stream our Nest Cam footage at 1080p HD resolution. This ensured a sharp image regardless of which camera was being tested. However, the new Nest Cam had one advantage over its predecessors: It recorded at 1080p HD resolution with High Dynamic Range (HDR), allowing sharper live streaming in high-contrast environments.

This made it a super clear and crisp live stream. It also helped to avoid glare and distortions from outside lighting. Nest’s other cameras did not have HDR.

We didn’t only test for the video quality and large fields of view. We want maximum visibility for home security, especially for outdoor cameras. We were able to see the entire Nest camera’s 130-degree field of view. This allowed us to inspect our home transparently.


All of the cameras were plugged into power. This meant we didn’t need to worry about batteries running low anytime soon. However, some people might prefer wireless home security cameras. This second-generation Nest Cam can be used both plug-in and battery, which was a great discovery. You may recall that the first-generation Nest Cams required power cords but had no battery backup.


Pre-orders are available for the new Nest Cam, which costs about $179. This is roughly the same price as the Ring Spotlight Cam. For more information on pricing and brands, see our complete breakdown of Ring cameras or our comparison of Ring to Nest.

Nest lists the new Floodlight and Plug-in-only Nest Cams as “coming soon” as they have a modest budget. Here’s a quick overview of Nest Cams’ latest pricing and availability. You can save money on these cameras during holidays and major sales events by visiting our lists of Nest Cams Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals, and Nest Cams Prime Day Deals.

Two-Way Audio

We noticed that the next-gen Nest Cams have clear audio. This is a slight improvement on the original Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor cameras. The original Nest Cams were too complicated for us, so we found it easier to communicate with the dog sitter using the new devices.

Infrared Night Vision

Our Nest cameras were not only tested during the day, but we also tried them at night. We were impressed with the possible black-and-white footage thanks to the six high-power LED sensors. We are still waiting for Nest’s floodlight camera to be available to view all the fantastic footage in color.

Artificial Intelligence

Remember how we promised to return to motion detection? When it came to customizing the recording time of our cameras, there were many options. Nest Aware’s facial recognition allows cameras to recognize and recall the facial features of anyone in the home.

Our app asked us to confirm that we realized the person when the camera identified them. If yes, we wrote their name in Nest. Nest also alerted us of people we weren’t acquainted with. It was highly convenient for us when we needed to monitor our children while at work and make sure they weren’t opening the door to strangers.


An IP rating is the best way to judge a camera’s durability. IP ratings measure the camera’s protection against liquids and solids. As product testers, we can use the measurement to understand details about our camera beyond vague marketing terms such as “waterproof.”

The Nest Cam’s latest version is IP54. This means that it can be used indoors or outdoors. The IP54 rating indicates that the device is not dust-tight, and it is protected from water splashes but is not fully waterproof.

We were hesitant about using the Nest Cam Outdoor due to its lower IP rating. So we decided not to. The original Nest Cam Outdoor’s IP rating was IP65, the same as the Arlo Ultra or the Ring Stick Up Cam.

Outdoor security cameras are generally rated IP65. This means they are dust-tight and protected from water spraying from a nozzle. The first-gen Nest Cam was safer than the older version.

Check out our Top Best Home Security Cameras

Google Nest Cameras Reviews

1. Nest Cam (Battery): The Best Overall

Nest Cam Battery

The Nest Cam (Battery) outperforms older Nest cameras in almost every way. It is more affordable, has smarter detection and does not require a power cable, putting Nest on par with other cameras released more frequently.

The $180 price tag is still higher than the $300-$400 Nest Cam IQ models, but it’s still more expensive than most security cameras. The Nest Cam is still a better deal than the Arlo Pro at a similar price.

This camera has smart detection built-in, which we love because it isn’t as expensive as early Nest cameras or competitors like the Ring Stick Up Cam and Arlo. We love the person detection and motion zones that make push notifications easier. Nest Cam will detect suspicious characters in your driveway or your children playing in the living area.

The Nest Cam’s battery is one of the most significant changes. This allows you to expand your outdoor and indoor placement options. The weatherproof housing is dust-tight, can withstand heavy rain, and withstand extreme temperatures. It’s an excellent fit for all climates. If you don’t need to recharge your battery as often, you can purchase a weatherproof power cord and solar charger.

The magnetic mounting stand makes it easy to mount. The HDR 1080p video quality is the same as older Nest cameras. It is easy to monitor your home, day or night. We love the clarity of the picture.

We think that the Nest Cam (Battery) is the best choice for anyone looking to have the brains and experience of Google through an outdoor camera. Its low price and excellent features are comparable to other competitors like Ring, Reolink and Arlo.

2. Nest Cam Indoor – Best Budget

Nest Cam Indoor standard is an old camera. Although it is less expensive, it lacks many great features that make newer Nest cameras so valuable.

No vehicle, face, sound or animal detection

Nest Aware subscriptions are required for motion detection and person detection.

Smooth video is produced by the app’s smooth two-way communication and 1080p image. This makes it one of the top security cameras for your nursery or front room. You can view what Nest sees every day and night once the video has started. The Nest’s eight powerful LED infrared lamps and motion alerts provide clear images, regardless of low or high lighting.

It is small enough to fit on most shelves and tables. You can also find silicone covers to protect it if you use them as a hidden or nanny camera.

It only works when it is plugged in, so make sure to place it close to an outlet. It comes with a wall-mount for making setup easier.

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is a great option for a budget-friendly Nest camera. It is starting to age and is more expensive than other indoor security cameras. Its sharp image and simple setup make it well worth the extra money until the Nest Cam Wired comes out.

3. Nest Doorbell (Battery): Best doorbell

Nest Doorbell Battery

The Nest Doorbell (Battery), a significant improvement on the Nest Hello, is more suitable for areas without doorbell wiring. Its battery-powered operation makes it an even better choice. You can still use existing wiring to charge the battery and activate a doorbell chime.

The 145o field is larger than any other Nest camera review, but it’s still smaller than the 160o view on the Nest Doorbell Wired and other doorbell brands. Google aimed to give this camera a better view of your front steps and visitors. It has a 3 to 4 aspect ratio, which means videos are taller than wide.

The Nest Doorbell’s resolution is lower than the other Nest cameras at 960p. This means that it doesn’t get as many details as to its siblings. However, fewer pixels don’t pose a security risk when you consider that visitors and porch pirates may need to get within range of the camera to breach your security.

It has package detection, which Nest cameras don’t have. You will receive a push notification once your blender arrives. This allows you to not rely on package tracking for your deliveries.

The Nest Doorbell (Battery), while an excellent choice for protecting your porch, is not as effective for monitoring your entire front yard as the Ring and Arlo video doorbells.

4. Nest Hub Max: The Best Smart Display

Although an intelligent display may seem odd in a review about security cameras, the Nest Hub Max has nearly the same capabilities as other Nest Cams. While the integrated camera is better suited for video calls, Nest Aware compatibility means that you can also use it for home security. Nest Hub Max is a better choice for home security because Amazon’s Echo Show smart devices don’t record video.

We love that this smart hub features a built-in camera, but it also makes a great companion for other Nest cams because you can view live feeds on its 10-inch touchscreen. This smart display’s Google Assistant voice control makes it an ideal portal for smart home controls, home entertainment, and synching your family’s schedules.

The Nest Hub Max indoor camera doesn’t have animal detection or vehicle detection. Nest Aware subscriptions are required to unlock motion zones and person detection. It isn’t easy to point the Nest Hub Max’s lens in the right place, unlike other Nest cameras. However, you can purchase a stand accessory that allows you more flexibility.

We like that the Nest Hub Max can be used as more than a Google Home Hub to watch YouTube from the kitchen. It also offers additional ways to increase your home security. Although the placement options are limited, it is possible to capture the best view of a room. However, having smart security cameras with other skills is always an advantage.

Video Review

Wrap Up

Google Nest’s search for smart security cameras leads to unique products with some of the most advanced smart detection features. The latest cameras have this feature at their best, as they can analyze all data without an internet connection. Nest Cams can be a great way to protect the most important things if you are willing to spend more than other brands.

Nest Cam (Battery): A battery-powered camera that can detect intelligent objects and is easy to install anywhere

Nest Cam Indoor: A great starting point for those who want to set up a Google bright house with cameras

Nest Doorbell (Battery): A wire-free, wire-free video doorbell. It can be installed with portrait-style video to give you a better view of your porch.

Nest Hub Max: A smart display that includes a home security camera and is nearly as powerful as other Nest cams.

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