Harman Kardon speaker black friday 2022: Cyber Monday Sales

Harman Kardon Speaker Black Friday 2022

Harman Kardon is one of the most popular speaker brands on the market, and their speakers are often seen as some of the best in terms of quality. Moreover, their speakers are often highly sought-after during the Black Friday sales.

This year, Harman Kardon is expected to offer some fantastic deals on their speakers, so if you’re looking for a new set, be sure to keep an eye out during this Harman Kardon speaker Black Friday.

Why buy Harman Kardon this Black Friday?

Why buy Harman Kardon this Black Friday?

Finding the best Bluetooth speakers to reproduce your favorite music accurately might be difficult. Various products are available, and this Black Friday sacrifices sound quality to reduce prices.

The high-quality speakers from Harman Kardon are renowned for their superior audio output. If you want to jam out in the shower or hang out with pals on the beach, the Bluetooth versions of Harman Kardon speakers provide hours of listening.

Whether you are looking for a portable Harman Kardon Go+Play for ad-hoc entertainment or a Harman Kardon Soundsticks speaker for every room in your home, Black Friday is the best time to purchase your new Harman Kardon speaker system. You can benefit from huge savings on Harman Kardon speaker sale Deals 2022!

Today’s best Harman Kardon deals

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6... Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6... 2,169 Reviews $199.95 $179.95
2 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7... Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 7... 1,408 Reviews $239.99 $148.19
3 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4... Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4... 4,348 Reviews $178.12
4 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4... Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 4... 8,118 Reviews $174.44
5 Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 -... Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 -... 925 Reviews $299.95 $264.99
6 Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6... Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6... 462 Reviews $169.01 $149.95

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5

Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 5...
3,093 Reviews

Onyx speakers are instantly recognizable thanks to their distinctive spherical shape, and Onyx 5 is no exception. There are, however, a few minor variations: instead of the legs added for stability in the earlier models, Harman Kardon used a rubberized foundation beneath a broader body frame.

There is also a handle if you want to carry the speaker around a lot. The location of the controls has undergone a minor adjustment as well. You can play and pause music, change the volume, and attach your smartphone to the speaker using the inbuilt controls of the Onyx 5.

Here, Bluetooth version 4.2 is in use. With a 33-foot range, it is as expected. It contains the multi-host capability, which enables you to connect two Onyx 5 speakers to one another, just like any other contemporary wireless speaker.

Additionally, keep the speaker away from water since it is not waterproof.

Not incredibly impressive is the battery life. Even though it claims an 8-hour playback capacity, it can take up to 5 hours to fully charge. In addition, if you listen to music at 50% or lower, the battery life is limited to 8 hours.

This speaker places some emphasis on producing bass. Although the bass is snappy and powerful, it is more audible at lower volumes. The bass boost steadily decreases when the speaker volume is increased. This is a suitable party speaker.

Harman Kardon Soundsticks III

Harman Kardon SoundSticks III...
2,634 Reviews

These Harman Kardon speakers hardly resemble any other type of speaker. It’s a design that would undoubtedly liven up the inside of your home. It could even require a second glance for you to realize it’s a speaker.

It’s a unique speaker design that enables you to see the interior components because all three of the components are transparent. It’s not surprising that these speakers are located in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

The controls are unconventional, much like the design itself. Use touch-sensitive buttons to change the volume. However, the buttons could look a touch overly sensitive, making it possible for you to raise the volume mistakenly.

The subwoofer has bass control. It’s helpful if you think your song could use more or less bass. It could be challenging to operate it while using your computer because it’s on the woofer.

The Soundsticks III doesn’t resemble any other speaker in the Harman Kardon family, making comparisons difficult. Without a doubt, the speaker is not intended to be carried. That is made even more challenging because it is in three sections. It works well inside. Water and dust will harm it.

The tweeters on each of the satellite speakers each have four 1-inch transducers. Through the speakers’ translucent frame, you can see the transducers.

A single 6-inch subwoofer with downward firing and 20 watts of power serves as the subwoofer. What do these drivers signify for sound production, then? The subwoofer does a good job at what it does. Punchy and deep bass may be heard. Bassheads would adore it without a doubt.

Harman Kardon Go+ Play

Harman Kardon Go+Play Mini 2 -...
454 Reviews

Another Harman Kardon speaker, however, this one stands out greatly from the rest. The Go+Play nevertheless has a distinctive appearance, despite not having a design as striking as the Soundsticks III. There is a stainless steel handle and a fabric-covered body.

It has a round base and was designed like a pressing iron. With the type of grip it has, the speaker has the appearance of being portable.

It’s a different thing when you actually move it around, though. Go+Play is 3.5 kg heavy. Your biceps will undoubtedly sag a little if you carry it around.

The speaker has a USB connector that you may use to charge your electronics. Naturally, the result is that you might not have enough battery life to play your music.

Water splashes and light rain are manageable, but heavy rain or prolonged contact with water would be too much for these speakers. In conclusion, do all your power to keep water away from the speaker.

The Go+Play’s bass is strong and deep, just like the other Harman Kardon speakers on the list. The bass volume is the perfect balance between too little and too much.

This means it neither obscures nor sounds excessively light on the higher frequencies. The Go+Play is a good party speaker as a result.

Crisp and vivid high frequencies are present for a contemporary party. Pumping bass and piercing highs are what you need. The speaker possesses both.

Harman Kardon Allure

Harman Kardon Allure...
618 Reviews

Harman Kardon appears to have had one thought in mind when designing all these speakers: “Make sure they look absolutely nothing like speakers.”

The cylindrical Allure home speaker features rounded sides. The bottom half of the speaker is where the sound emanates from. It is constructed of metal and features perforations that allow sound to pass through. Transparent polycarbonate with LED lights inside makes up the other half.

The multifunction button on the speaker is used to manage playback and pairing. This button responds to touches. You may sync your smartphone with it, play or pause your music, and control the volume.

For a trip to the beach or a pool party, this speaker is not your go-to device. Because it cannot be waterproof, there will be some damage from water or dust. One 3.5-inch subwoofer and three 1.5-inch tweeters make up the total of 4 drivers. The subwoofer is positioned downward to produce bass more effectively.

This speaker likewise employs a bass-first strategy. In comparison to other areas of the frequency spectrum, the bass is given more prominence. However, as sound volume rises, the impact of the bass does not.

When you increase the level, the DSP technology makes care to prevent the bass from getting louder. Thus, distortion is avoided. The intense bass you hear is only highly effective at low volumes. Additionally, vocals don’t jump out as much as they should. This is due to a slightly recessed midrange. As usual, the highs are crisp and clear. Hip hop and EDM fans should like Allure, like Go+Play and Soundsticks III.

Where to find the best Black Friday Harman Kardon Speaker deals?

Where to find the best Black Friday Harman Kardon Speaker deals?

Of course, you’ll find all the best Harman Kardon speaker deals here. However, some retailers are better than others for laptop discounts, and it can be helpful to know which online stores are good for what.

We’ve listed the retailers we recommend shopping at for laptop deals over Black Friday – they’re worth browsing in the run-up to get a feel for pricing on any machines you’re interested in.

Top US Retailers

  • Amazon (US) | Shop all latest Black Friday Bluetooth speaker deals
  • Best Buy | You want cheap JBL and Harman Kardon speakers? You got it
  • Bose | Up to 50% off in their Black Friday sale
  • Marshall | Their loudest Black Friday sale is live
  • Target | The latest savings on Amazon Harman Kardon devices
  • Walmart | Big savings on a huge range of speakers

Top UK retailers

  • Amazon (UK) | Shop the latest Black Friday Harman Kardon speaker deals
  • AO | Bag a bargain from Harman Kardon to JBL
  • Argos | Explore all the latest speakers from Bose, Sony, UE and more
  • Bose | Up to 50% off in their Black Friday sale
  • Currys | Find the best prices on Ultimate Ears, JBL and Sony
  • John Lewis | Big savings on premium brands including Bose and Harman Kardon
  • Marshall | Their loudest Black Friday sale is live
  • Very | Major savings on Harman Kardon, Sony, Phillips and more

Remember: If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, sign up to take advantage of these amazing deals. You can sign up anytime and immediately reap the benefits of Black Friday and all it offers.


How to pair two Harman Kardon speakers?

How to pair two Harman Kardon speakers?

The best way to pair two speakers is using an app. Be careful that not all Harman Kardon speakers work with one another.

How can I connect my Harman Kardon speakers to my laptop or computer?

Use the speaker’s pairing button. On your computer, the speaker’s name should show. Could you select it and pair it?

How to set up Harman Kardon speakers?

The speaker’s pairing with your device is the main component of the setup. Either the speaker’s app or the pairing button can be used.

How much can you expect to spend on Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers

Given their great quality, Harman Kardon Bluetooth speakers are more expensive than those from other speaker brands. Bluetooth Harman Kardon speakers range from roughly $90 to $300.


In recent years, Harman Kardon’s prices have been dazzled during Black Friday. A few years ago, Harman Kardon wanted to convince consumers to purchase Omni Plus with attractive Harman Kardon offers.

This year the focus will probably be on the Harman Kardon Citation. We expect great deals with the Harman Kardon, from old to new. So keep an eye on lacoon.com during Harman Kardon speaker Cyber Monday for the best deals.

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