How Much Does a Home Security System Cost 2022?

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost 2022?

Home security system cost is an important factor to consider when choosing a security system for your home. There are a variety of security system providers and each has different pricing structures. It is important to compare the cost of the system with the features and benefits that it provides. Keep reading our blog post to get more useful information.

Average Cost of A Home Security System

Average Cost of Home Security System

A home security system costs between $25 and $50 per month for monitoring services. Alarm system equipment can be purchased for $199-$399 upfront, and security system activation and installation fees are $0-199 each. Most home security contracts last between 12 and 36 months.

Monthly Cost of A Home Security System

Monthly Cost of A Home Security System

The brand, equipment package and additional features you have installed will affect the monthly cost of your security system. While many providers offer the lowest initial purchase and set up prices, they often charge monthly monitoring fees to recoup their expenses.

The monthly average is higher for equipment with more monitoring. This includes sensors, detectors and cameras, video archiving and smart home devices such as door locks, thermostats, etc.

Comparison of Home Security System Cost

Comparison of Home Security System Cost

Alarm systems can be purchased for between $100 and $1500. They come with activation costs ranging from $0 to $299 and monitoring costs ranging from $10 to $65. Additional accessories cost $20 to $100. You can compare home security systems based on contract length, installation type and guarantee.

Monthly ADT Cost

Security monitoring with ADT can cost $37-$53 per month, depending on which package you choose. ADT security systems cost $199 to install and $99 for a 36-month contract. ADT alarm packages come with a $100 Visa Reward Card, insurance certificate, and $500 of insurance coverage if you are robbed.

  • A+ BBB rating; 6 monitoring centers
  • Sign up for the $100 Visa Reward Card. $500 toward your deductible in the event of a robbery
  • The top plan includes a smartphone app, home automation and cameras.
  • Monitoring staff can use feeds to verify alarms if they have ADT cameras.
  • You can get 0% financing up to $4,000 for 12-60 months. However, this will result in higher monthly payments.
  • You can also terminate your plan early for 75% of the remaining costs.

Vivint Home Security Cost

Depending on your package, Vivint Home Security monitors your home for $30-50 per month. Every additional camera or smart lock adds $3 per month. The Vivint alarm system costs $600, and installation is $49 to $199. Vivint contracts last between 48 and 60 months.

  • This app includes video monitoring and home automation via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Z-Wave.
  • Smart home integration allows you to lock and unlock doors according to a set schedule or when carbon dioxide or fire is detected.
  • Equipment with touch screen and 2-way sound. Three-day return policy.
  • The control panel also includes a backup battery.
  • Vivint’s OBD II car guard, which alerts you if your vehicle is stolen, bumped, or towed, is compatible.

Brinks Home Security Cost

Brinks Home Security equipment costs between $399 and $1,099, depending on the package. Brinks security monitoring is available for $29-$39 per month, depending on the plan. There are no activation fees or installation fees. Brinks offers 0% financing and a 30-day refund policy with no hidden fees.

  • Each package includes standard home automation and phone app control.
  • 0% financing is available; a 2-year warranty
  • Professionally installed or DIY.
  • With a 2-year equipment replacement warranty, it works on Wi-Fi or cellular.
  • You can transfer your service to Brinks or use Brinks monitoring for Nest.

Frontpoint Security Cost

Frontpoint Security equipment costs between $69 and $479 upfront, while cellular monitoring is $45 to $50 per year. Additional cameras can be added for video surveillance monitoring and home automation for smart homes. Contact sensors can also be purchased for an additional $33-$655.

  • There are no activation or contract fees; returns within 30 days; %0 financing is available.
  • Uses Z-Wave and Google Assistant to control smart home products such as lights and thermostats.
  • High-end equipment featuring a touch screen. Auto-learning system, 24-hour backup battery, smash and-crash protection, sensor monitoring each hour and 3-year warranty.
  • Wireless sensors allow cameras to communicate wirelessly with other devices.

Ring Security System Price

A ring security system can cost $199 to $599 depending on how many sensors, cameras and motion sensors are used. Ring’s monitoring service is $10 per month and does not require activation fees or contracts. Additional sensors are $20 each, and motion detectors cost $30 each.

  • You get 0% financing and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Stolen ring equipment will be replaced free of charge if reported within 15-days.
  • Wi-Fi, AT&T cellular backup, rechargeable battery, and 2-way audio. Cameras have a 60-day archive.
  • Additional accessories include flood and freeze sensors, smoke and CO sensors and panic buttons.
  • For $199, retrofit wired sensors that are not currently compatible with Ring.
  • Ring can be used with many devices.

SimpliSafe Security System Price

SimpliSafe Security System cost

SimpliSafe security systems cost $229- $489 upfront. There is an option for no-contract, 24/7 live cellular monitoring starting at $15-25 per month. Additional intrusion sensors can be purchased for $15-35, hazard sensors range from $20-50, and cameras, locks, and doors cost $99 each.

  • There are no activation or contract fees.
  • 24/7 live monitoring Wi-Fi system with cell backup
  • Uses Alexa and Google Assistant
  • You can either do it yourself or hire a professional for $79.
  • JD powers: Offers 60-day returns; Customer service was #2 in 2019.

Nest Security System Price

The Nest Guard controller, two Nest Detects and two RFID tags cost $399 to secure your Nest security system. A Nest system with advanced cameras and bright doors cost $1,425. Nest Aware is $5-$30 per month for intelligent alerts, cloud video storage and cloud video storage.

  • Nest offers a free self-monitoring app with optional upgrades to Brinks monitoring, which costs $19 to $29 per month.
  • Nest compatible thermostats, smoke alarms, CO alarms and temperature sensors are available from Nest.
  • Nest can be used with hundreds of smart devices, including plugs, lighting controls, and entertainment devices.

Comcast Home Security Cost

Comcast Home Security professional monitoring costs between $40 and $50 per month. Base equipment packages start from $360 or $15 per month under contract. Installation costs $100.

  • Equipment financing at 0% for 24-months
  • Cloud storage for up to 7 days of 24/7 footage, from up to 4 cameras
  • An app that automates lights, thermostats and door locks.
  • Uses smart appliances

Guardian Home Security Cost

Guardian is available for $28-35 per month. Installation and activation cost $100-200. The average contract term is 36 months. An early termination fee of 20% applies to all contracts.

  • If you are robbed, your insurance deductible can be up to $500
  • Discounts available for Military and First Responders
  • Service warranty valid for 90 days or more
  • Claims an alarm response time of 18.5 seconds

CPI Security Cost

Professional monitoring costs CPI security $30-$65 per month. Base equipment packages start from $500, and activation costs $100-$300 depending on whether you own the house.

  • Offers 39-month 0% financing
  • Intelligent Video Activity Notifications
  • Equipment comes with a one-year warranty.
  • False-alarm protection.

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Costs of Installing A Home Security System

Costs of Installing A Home Security System

Installation of a home security system costs between $0 and $250, depending on its features, price, taxes, and labor. The installation is done by the vendor, electricians, or alarm companies and can take 30 minutes to three hours. Before signing any contract, read the fine print and look out for hidden costs.

Cost of Home Security Equipment

The initial equipment cost for basic home security systems starts at $100. It goes up to $1500 for advanced control panels with additional cameras, keypads, motion detectors, sirens, smart features, and other devices. Equipment leasing offers discounts and monthly monitoring contracts that offer discounts.

Before purchasing additional equipment, ensure that the central control panel can handle more devices. The cost of other equipment, including cloud storage for cameras, may rise in monthly fees.

Avoid companies that offer “free” equipment to new customers. These contracts often include hidden fees for activation and monitoring, which can add up to thousands of dollars.

Wireless vs. Wired Alarm Cost

Installing a wired alarm system costs $800 to $1600 and is contract-based. With month-to-month billing, wireless alarms can be installed for $200-$2,000. Most alarm systems include a control panel and keypad and battery backup, motion detector, window sensors, motion detector, window decals and yard signs.

Wireless sensors and cellular backup can be added to hardwired systems. A professional can convert a hardwired system into wireless for $50 to $170. Companies such as Link Interactive, Brinks and Xfinity can take over systems already in place and offer to monitor.

Smart-Home Automation

A home security system installation is a great way to add smart features to your home. These smart lighting and door locks are usually included in higher-tier packages. However, they may also be available as an upgrade to lower-priced packages.

They will allow you to lock and unlock doors, turn on lights, adjust thermostats and make calls to your provider using a smartphone app. You can set these systems up to send you notifications via your smartphone in the event of a water leak, smoke alarm, or carbon monoxide alarm.

All you need to do is log in and let the security company handle the setup. Depending on the number of automation points selected, smart-home automation installation can cost anywhere from $700 to $5,000. These features can be added to existing plans at $15 to $100 per month, depending on the complexity of your plan and what base package you have.

Alarm System Activation Charges

Security system activation fees can range from $0 up to $299. Most people spend $25 to $100, depending on which security provider they choose and the chosen alarm type and plan. A home security system activation fee is an upfront payment covering a one-time cost.

Companies that do not charge an activation fee might charge more per month. Hidden activation fees can be found in the fine print.

Home Security Monitoring

On average, home security monitoring costs $15-35 per month. Monitoring security cameras can be added for $15 per month, while smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors cost $2-$6 per month. Monitoring services:

  • Alert police, fire and medical response teams automatically.
  • Carbon monoxide, smoke and natural gas leaks can be detected.
  • Monitors power outages and flooding.

While wired systems communicate using landlines, newer methods communicate via cellular or broadband.

Landline: These are cheaper, require a telephone line, and are being phased out. Landlines are less secure and can be cut to make them work. Make sure that the system has a backup cellular service. You can convert landlines to broadband/cellular systems for $80-$330 or redirect to another provider.

Broadband/cellular: Provides the fastest and most secure protection via an internet connection or cell phone service. Backup power is necessary as power outages can affect Wi-Fi and cellular systems.

Home Security System Features

Additional features and fees may be available depending on which security provider you choose.

24/7 Live Camera Recording

Video doorbells and security cameras with motion-triggered continuous video recording (CVR) and cloud storage for 7 to 30 days.

Remote Monitoring

Professional monitoring is available 24 hours a day. Remote monitoring centers will notify you if a sensor is activated.

Smart Home Monitoring

Many companies offer plans for connecting the security system to intelligent lights, smart doorbells and thermostats that can adjust the temperature or lock the doors.

Smash Crash Protection

A burglar can’t destroy the system and disable it.

Triggered Sensors

When triggered, smoke, carbon monoxide and extreme temperature sensors can send automatic notifications.

Apps for the Phone

Remotely control the system and monitor it.

Panic Button

To provide 24/7 emergency assistance, add an alarm activation to any room. You can also purchase critical fobs or wearables.

Monitoring for medical alerts

A pendant worn around the neck or wrist can be used to signal an ambulance’s arrival in an emergency.

Plans for Emergency Response

During an emergency, trained agents can offer assistance. You have the option to call authorities or a third party automatically.

Signs of duress

If you are under duress, you can enter a code to alert the monitoring center that your need for help is urgent. However, it will not be possible to contact them.

Homeowners Insurance Discount for Security System

A security system can lower your homeowner’s insurance by reducing your premiums by 5% to 20%. Your monthly bills will be reduced by an alarm system, which can reduce your costs by $60 and $240 per year and $5 to $20 per month. ADT also covers your deductible up to $500 in the event of a burglary while your ADT alarm system is armed.

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