Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday 2022 Cyber Monday Sales

Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday 2022

Apple Homepod Mini Black Friday Deals 2022 has brought up a tremendous opportunity to save huge money. If you want to buy an Apple Homepod Mini, this Black Friday is a great time to do it!

You can save up to 30% on different models of the Homepod Mini. This is one of the biggest Apple Homepod Mini deals of the year, so be sure to take advantage of it!

Best Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday Deals 2022

# Preview Product Rating Price
1 V-MORO HomePod Mini Wall Mount... V-MORO HomePod Mini Wall Mount... No ratings yet $19.99
2 Apple Homepod Mini Wall... Apple Homepod Mini Wall... No ratings yet $10.99
3 TopMade Table Holder Stand for... TopMade Table Holder Stand for... No ratings yet $11.99
4 KT-CASE for HomePod Mini... KT-CASE for HomePod Mini... No ratings yet $17.74
5 Delidigi HomePod Mini Wall... Delidigi HomePod Mini Wall... No ratings yet $12.99
6 Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad... Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad... No ratings yet $159.00 $143.99

Apple HomePod Mini Key Features

Apple HomePod Key Features


In 2020, the HomePod Mini entered our world. The HomePod mini is a severe audio player, even though the iPhone 12’s launch may have slightly overshadowed it. This is especially true considering its $99 price point.

The tiny speaker functions with Siri as an intelligent assistant, responding to your voice instructions and assisting you in remotely controlling your smart home.

Because of its smaller size, a linked sound system may be placed almost anyplace in your house. It works with most third-party music subscription services as well as Apple Music, Apple Music Radio, iTunes, TuneIn, iHeartRadio,, and all other well-known streaming services.

It is also compatible with the iCloud Music Library. When two HomePod small speakers are placed side by side in the same space, “left and right channels are created for an immersive soundscape”.

The HomePod mini is compatible with material played via iPhones, iPads, iPod touches, Apple TV, Mac computers, and multiroom audio with AirPlay 2. You can read more about: Black Friday for Apple dealsIpad Black FridayMacBook Black Friday DealsIpad Black Friday.

Apple intends to integrate customized listening recommendations for iPhone users to the HomePod mini for immediate control at your fingertips without ever having to unlock your iPhone.

  • Available in White and Space Gray
  • Measures 3.3” by 3.9”
  • Weighs 0.76 pounds
  • 360-degree sound
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Backlit touch controls

The HomePod mini is made from 99% recycled rare earth elements and at least 35% or more recycled plastic, which continues Apple’s commitment to “making our products without taking from the earth, and to become carbon neutral across our entire business, including products, by 2030.”

Why Buy Apple Homepod Mini During Black Friday Sale?

Why Buy Apple Homepod Mini During Black Friday Sale?

When the Apple HomePod Mini replaced the first HomePod in 2021, it quickly became Apple’s preferred smart speaker. The HomePod Mini is a cute tiny version of the HomePod with all of its capabilities. It features superior sound quality, intelligent features, and Siri voice control.

The HomePod Mini resembles an Echo Dot if you like those speakers, and Black Friday is the most critical shopping day of the year with lots of fantastic offers. Businesses provide huge discounts on their items on this day. You should purchase an Apple Homepod Mini during the Black Friday sale to receive discounts and save money.

When does Black Friday 2022 Start?

In most countries, Black Friday follows the US calendar and falls the day after Thanksgiving. That means Black Friday 2022 falls on Friday 25 November. Cyber Monday comes the Monday afterward – 28 November in 2022, so Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on Apple and anything else tends to merge into one. However, a lot of companies may start offering the deals prior to November 25.

Where to Buy the HomePod Mini

The HomePod mini was released in 2020 with an RRP of £99/$99, attractive pricing that (unlike the full-size HomePod) is affordable for the typical household. Then, once a new palette of colors, as shown on October 18, 2021, it was reduced by another £10 in the UK. At the time of writing, the RRP is £89/$99.

It’s undoubtedly more affordable than the original HomePod, which Apple has stopped selling. As the name suggests, it’s not very big; it’s only around 3 inches tall. Nevertheless, despite its tiny size, it still has excellent audio playback capabilities, access to Siri, and all the other innovative features found on the full-size HomePod.

The drawback is that it is trendy right now because of the cost, making bargains challenging to find. The HomePod mini is now available in the following places.

UK Retailers

US Retailers

Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday in Last Year

Apple HomePod Mini Black Friday in Last Year

An excellent opportunity to purchase many Apple devices is on Black Friday. The HomePod and HomePod mini was included in this. As a result, we do expect to see Black Friday discounts on the Apple HomePod and Apple HomePod mini.

Apple sent a $100 gift card with the purchase of a HomePod last year, as was common practice. Last year, Best Buy was another merchant providing Apple bargains, bundling an Apple HomePod with a WeMo WiFi Smart Plug. We anticipate seeing gift card and package offers like Black Friday’s Apple HomePod specials.

We anticipate that the Apple HomePod will be offered at a flat rate. That’s because Apple decided to concentrate on the tiny model, which is why it was discontinued. As a result, many stores will probably try to sell off their remaining inventory of the original HomePod.


Are There Any Special Deals on Apple HomePods for July 2022?

If you’re an Apple fan and looking for a superb smart speaker with Siri, an Apple HomePod is a great choice. And with so many deals flooding onto the internet right now, it’s a good time to buy.

There are two models to choose from: the original ‘standard’ HomePod (typically £279, $300, AU$469) and the smaller, more affordable HomePod Mini (RRP £99, $99, AU$149). Both are five-star devices and some of the best smart speakers in their price bracket, offering excellent value sound, typically impressive Apple design and unrivaled user experiences for Apple device owners.


The Apple S5 chip, which was reported to assess and adjust the performance over 180 times per second, enables the HomePod Mini, even smaller than the new Amazon Echo Dot, to provide excellent audio.

Although we can’t confirm that, we can assure you that the resulting sound is captivating and sophisticated; for a speaker of its size and cost, it delivers powerful performance. Although the Apple Music Mini supports lossless playback, you can currently only stream spatial audio tracks when your device is plugged into an Apple TV.

Apple’s musical miracles are unquestionably your best choice if you’re an Apple customer looking for a Siri-enabled smart speaker.

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