How Long Does Move to iOS Take Get The Best Answer Now 2022

How Long Does Move to iOS Take? Get The Best Answer Now 2022

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Need to know how long does move to ios take? Assuming you’re referring to transferring data from an Android device to an iOS device, it generally takes around four hours. This includes transferring contacts, calendars, photos, videos, music, email accounts, and documents. This article will give you some tips on how to estimate the amount of time it will take to switch to iOS.

How Long Does Move To iOS Take From Android?

It is common to ask the Move to iOS app, “How long does it take for Android device to iPhone to transfer?” There is no definitive answer because many factors affect the time it takes. It is impossible to predict how long it would take to it.

Depending on how much data you are transferring, it can take from a few minutes to several hours. It won’t take too long if you only move small files, such as contacts.

It may take longer if you transfer large files like contacts or videos. The time it takes to move data may vary depending on how large the files are.

Your internet connection stability is also essential. You will complete the process faster if you have a stable internet connection.

It takes less time for data to be transferred from an iPhone to a new iPhone. iPhone-to iPhone data transfer is relatively fast and doesn’t require you to download an app.

How Long Does Move To iOS Take From Android

Why Is Move To iOS Taking So Long?

This section will help you if your Move to iOS seems to be taking too long and you are stuck wondering how long it takes to transfer Android device to iPhone.

Moving to iOS’s speed depends on how large the data you are transferring and the stability of your WiFi network connection. These are why Moving to iOS data transfers may take a while.

There is a lot of data. First, transfer times will be longer if there is a lot of data. Transferring data larger than usual will take longer.

The WiFi connection is slow, unstable or not working properly. The transfer might slow down if your WiFi is slow or irregular. To avoid unexpected delays, ensure that your WiFi is fast and reliable.

The app stopped running in the background. The app may stop working if you have minimized Move to iOS app on your Android phone. This is especially true if the battery is low or in power saver mode.

Why Is Move To iOS Taking So Long

How Can You Speed Up The Transfer?

We have now answered, “How long does iPhone data transfers take?” Let’s discuss how we can speed up this process.

If you have lots of data, it is essential to wait for the process. Wait at least 30 seconds before you try something.

Try a new WiFi. Connect to a stable and fast connection.

What Happens If I Interrupt App?

You don’t want to interrupt the iOS transfer data, but you are curious about how long it takes for this app. You should wait at most 30 minutes before trying to do anything. If you’ve waited too long, it is a good idea not to attempt the same thing again.

You won’t lose your data if the process is halted or cancelled.

How To Fix “Move to iOS” Slow Or Takes Forever

If the app is not working, there are three common options.

Method 1: Ensure the Wi-Fi connection is active

This is the first time that the Move to iOS transfer has stopped. Wi-Fi connectivity is an important aspect of the moving process. Your iPhone should have a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection.

Method 2: Restart the process

The “Move to iOS” app may be unable to keep at a certain percentage. This could cause it to get stopped by another process. To restart the setup process, hold down the power button. Follow the instructions again to transfer data from Android device to iOS.

Method 3: Remove files from your Android phone

This app cannot selectively move data, so you must transfer data from your Android phone. This can be slow if you have a lot of data. Moving to iOS can be made easier by deleting unnecessary files.

Method 4: Turn Off The Network Settings That Are Causing You Problems

Your Android phone’s Sprint Connections Optimizer or Smart Network Switch may prevent it from communicating with an iPhone. Uncheck the connections optimizer under Settings > Connections > More Networks > Mobile Networks.

Also, go to Wi-Fi settings and switch off the Smart Network Switch option if it’s there. Then reconnect your Android’s Wi-Fi and try again.

Switch to a USB way to transfer contents from Android to iPhone if the “could connect with device” issue continues.

Method 5: Moving to iOS Stuck or Not Working Tenorshare ReiBoot can fix

If this app doesn’t work as you expected after trying all the above methods, it could be due to a problem with your operating system. System glitches can lead to bugs during the transfer data process.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is here to help. This handy, easy-to-use tool will fix your phone’s operating system in minutes. ReiBoot is as simple to use as it gets. Follow the steps below.

Step 1: Download ReiBoot. Open Tenorshare and connect your phone with the computer via a USB cable. Then, hit “Start“, as shown in the above image. To initiate the repair process, hit “Start“, then click “Standard Repair“.

Step 2: Click “Download” to initiate the package download. Once the download is completed, click “Start Standard Repar”.

Step 3: You’re done!

You can now check that your app works properly after the repair. You won’t need to wonder how long it takes to move to iOS. Deep Repair may be required if you don’t have a smartphone.

Top-Rated Move to iOS Alternative


A full-featured Android & iPhone data manager, AnyTrans can transfer practically any file from Android to iPhone. Like photographs, text messages, contacts, music, movies, calendar, and more. You may migrate data to iPhone selectively or completely. It handles them nicely.

AnyTrans can back up, restore, manage, download, and upload data. This simple app will make transferring data much easier. Try AnyTrans for free.


PhoneTrans is designed for Android-to-iPhone It is the best option since it can move data from Android to iPhone. It’s also more stable than Move to iOS. It also facilitates cross-platform transfers.

It offers two solutions to convert data. PhoneTrans allows you to selectively or completely transfer data.

SyncTrans SyncTrans can transport data as quickly as 1.2.3. It offers wireless file transmission to iPhone. That’s why we strongly suggest SyncTrans. SyncTrans can also handle transferring photographs, applications, music, movies, documents, and other things.


SyncTrans has extra features:

  • Instantly transfer info from phone to phone.
  • Wi-Fi transfer data between phone and PC
  • Upload/download/share Cloud files.
  • Manage all data easily.
  • It’s free.


This is a cloud-based service that allows you to save all the data and keep them updated across all of your devices. So you may use this feature to move data to iPhone.

Storage and cost: You must pay to use this software. Individuals must pay $8.25 each month. You get 2GB for free, and 1TB for $10/month.



Xender is a free file transmission program. It allows you to transfer files of all sorts and sizes between Android and iOS devices without using any cables, Wi-Fi or cellular Internet connections, or mobile data.

With Xender, you can transfer contacts, photographs, music, movies, applications, and more from Android to iOS. Create a transfer group and be near to the person you wish to send files to. This is vital since Xender only works when the recipient is close. You may also transfer files to up to five devices at once.


FAQs About How Long Does Move To iOS Preparing Take

What Is The Time It Takes To Transfer To iPhone 12?

Your old iPhone will need the same Apple ID as your new iPhone. The entire transferring process could take up to an hour, depending on how much data you need to transfer. You also have the option to transfer your system settings.

After Setup, Can You Move To iOS?

  • Tap to Move Data on Android phone.
  • Look for the Apps and Data screen while setting up your iOS device. Next, tap Move Data From Android phone. If you have completed the setup, you will need to wipe your iOS device and restart it. You can transfer your content manually if you don’t wish to erase it.

Is Move To iOS Able To Use Cellular Data?

Yes! You need a WiFi to transfer files to your iPhone. The iOS creates a private WiFi network while you transfer files. It then connects to your Android device.

Is The Move To iOS App Functional?

Start from scratch. An important note: The app is only available if you set up an iPhone or iPad as a brand new device. You’re out if you are eager to get started but have already begun customizing the app. To move the content, you’ll need to follow Apple’s instructions or chart your route.

Can You Cancel A Move From iOS?

Close the app on your Android device. Uninstall the app. It will inform you that the data transfer was stopped on your iPhone. Hold down the power button and select the option to reset your iPhone.

Does Move to iOS Need Wi-Fi Or Mobile Data?

Yes. To transfer files using this app, you need an internet connection. The Move to iOS and Move To Android apps make it easier and more secure to switch between Android and iOS, or vice versa.


Do you now know how long it takes for Move To iOS to complete and how to fix it takes forever? Lacoon is happy to assist you with similar iOS Questions or Solution Tips.

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