How To Change Apple ID Security Questions 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Change Apple ID Security Questions 2022: Top Full Guide

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If you’re looking for how to change apple id security questions, this article will show you how. It’s not as difficult as it may seem. In this article, we’ll walk you through the process step-by-step so that you can change your security problems and get back to using your Apple ID.

Change Apple ID Security Questions From iPhone or Computer

Change Apple ID Security Questions From iPhone or Computer

  1. can be accessed via a browser
  2. Register for your Apple IDs.
  3. Next, click Edit under Security.
  4. To proceed, answer your security questions previously.
  5. Click to Change Questions
  6. Select the new security questions and answer them.
  7. Last, confirm your rescue email address.

Note: If you don’t have a rescue e-mail, you won’t be able to see the option to reset the security question.

While it is rare to come across the need to answer security questions, it is always a good idea to record your security question and the answer in a safe place.

Apple ID security questions are designed for account protection from misuse.

How to Reset Apple ID Security Questions If You Forgot the Answer

How to Reset Apple ID Security Questions If You Forgot the Answer is the best way to log in to your Apple account. This is Apple’s URL and not a link from a third party. You can then add your Apple IDs and reset your password or security question. You will need your security question answers in order to change your password. To reset your password, you must know your password.

You can log in if you know your password. Then, select three security questions and answer them. It can be a bit tricky if your password and security answer is not known. Here are some suggestions.

  1. In your browser, open
  2. Enter your Apple ID and click Continue.
  3. Next, click on I need to reset security question and then hit Continue.
  4. Enter your Apple ID password, and then select Continue.
  5. To verify that it is you, follow the instructions on screen.
  6. Select the new security questions you want to answer and then click on Answer.
  7. You can now select Continue.

This will help you reset your Apple security questions. Make sure you keep track of the answers.

You can also set up two-factor authentication in iOS 9 and macOS X if desired. This will protect your Apple ID account and eliminate the need to answer those questions.

You won’t have the ability to reset your Apple ID secret questions if you fail to verify. You will receive a message saying “Cannot reset security question.” We don’t have enough information to reset security questions.

Resolve the “We don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions” Issue

Resolve the We don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions issue


  1. Visit the Apple ID Support Page.
  2. Choose your region.
  3. Select Forgot Security Questions.

There are many support options available. You can choose the one that suits you best.

Two-Factor Authentication

Resolve the We don’t have sufficient information to reset your security questions issue


Two-factor authentication is an alternative to the security question. Two-factor authentication is a method of securing your account by sending a login code to devices that you are already signed in.

Two-factor authentication can be done with any Apple device that supports iOS 9 and later. If you don’t have iOS 9 or earlier, connect to WiFi to complete the following steps.

  • Visit “Settings” on your device.
  • Tap on your name to the top (this will take you to your Apple ID information).
  • Select Password & Security.
  • Click on to activate “Two Factor Authentication.”
  • You can toggle the option to ‘On.

The two-factor method logs you in instantly to Apple devices. This bypasses security questions, provided your e-mail address and phone number are current. You must update your Apple settings if you change your phone number. You’ll be unable to access login codes if you do not.

There are some things you can do if you have lost your phone number and cannot log in.

  • You can request the code to be sent to another Apple device to which you are logged in.
  • Visit the website or contact Apple (1-800-579-Apple).

To get your account back, there is a long verification process and a waiting period. It is possible that you will be asked to confirm your credit card, security question and the date you bought an Apple product.

What is Two-Step Verification?

What is Two-Step Verification

Apple allows you to verify your identity by using either one of your devices or another approved method. You can register one or more trusted devices when you set up two-step verification.

You can create a trusted device by registering a device that you control and receiving 4-digit verification codes via SMS or Find My iPhone. Sign in to Apple ID to manage it, log in to iCloud or make an iTunes, iBooks or App Store purchase.

To verify your identity, enter your password and a 4-digit verification Code that Apple sends to one trusted device.

Although it sounds complicated, it is not. Sign in to your Apple ID account page, and follow the instructions. This two-step process eliminates the need to remember or create security question. Apple verifies your identity by using your password and the verification codes sent via trusted devices.

A 14-character Recovery Key is also included. You can print it and keep it safe. This Recovery Key allows you to regain access to your account in the event that your trusted devices are lost, or your password is forgotten.

Contact Apple Support

Apple Support Team is extremely helpful but can only do so much. Support will need your answers to security questions in order to access your Apple account if you forget your password. They will place your account in a recovery status if you don’t remember the answers.

Apple employs a blind system in order to protect its users. The support operator will not see the questions but have empty boxes in which to enter the answer. They don’t know the answer, and they do not have access.

The system encrypts their data so that nobody can see them. They will need to give you your security question. Then they will have to type it into the box. The system will inform them if it is correct.

Account recovery puts your Apple ID on hold while it is verified. To speed up the process, you can provide certain information (such as the credit card file).

Apple’s security system is designed to protect your privacy and personal information. It’s great! But if your login is lost or forgotten, it’s not possible to access the system.

You will need to create a new account if you are unable to remember your password or security questions and can’t work with Apple Support to gain entry. This will result in you losing all purchases and all access to your premium apps.


FAQs about How To Change Apple ID Security Questions

1. What is the minimum time I need to wait before my Apple security questions are reset?

Sometimes, your security questions may not allow you to use them. After the waiting period expires, you can reset any questions. I sleep 8 hours a night.

2. How do I retrieve my Apple ID without having to e-mail or answer a security question?

Click “Forgot Apple ID or password ?” Enter your Apple ID. Go to the account page for accounts that have security questions. Are you having trouble remembering your password? Select “Reset password” from the menu, and then click “Continue”.

3. Why does Apple make you wait so long to reset your password?

Account recovery sounds exactly like it is. Apple ID account recovery is a way to access your Apple ID account if you are unable to reset your password due to insufficient information. For security reasons, You may have to wait several days, or even longer, to gain access to your Apple ID account.


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