How To Change Font Style On iPhone iOS 14 Without Jailbreaking 2022

How To Change Font Style On iPhone iOS 14 Without Jailbreaking 2022

Looking how to change font style on iPhone iOS 14? One of the great things about iOS 14 is that you can now change the font style on your iPhone. This can be done right from the Settings app, and there are a few different font styles to choose from. Follow our simple guide to get started!

What Is The iPhone’s Font?

The typeface used on the iPhone’s interface has changed multiple times as the iPhone has progressed to the present iPhone 12. The Helvetica typeface was used for all interface functions on the early iPhones, including the iPhone, iPhone 3G, and iPhone 3GS.

With the iPhone 4, Apple made a modification to the iPhone typeface, which now utilizes Helvetica Neue.

An upgrade to the iOS system later decided on the typeface that the interface would show. Helvetica Ultra-Light or Helvetica Light were used on iPhones running iOS 7 and iOS 8.

With iOS 9, Apple modified the typeface once again to a San Francisco font. Smaller modifications to the interface font, which became known as SF Pro, were made in an update to iOS 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.

And minor tweaks to the interface font were made in an update to iOS 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and more minor tweaks to the interface font were made Custom fonts may be installed on the iPhone with iOS 15/14.

What Is The iPhone's Font

How To Change Your Font On iPhone Without Jailbreaking

Method 1: Bolding and enlarging text

Learn how to use this technique. You may adjust the font size and boldness (or lack thereof) via your iPhone’s built-in settings. This is the only legal method to alter the font on your iPhone.

  • Open the Settings on your iPhone. It would help if you tap the Settings app icon, which looks like a series of gears on a grey box.
  • Select Display & Brightness at the bottom of the screen. On the Settings page, it’s at the top. This will reveal your display options, such as font size.
  • Toggle Text Size on and off. It’s located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to a new page with a slider on it.
  • To change the font size, use the slider. To make the text smaller or larger than the usual size, drag it left or right. As a preview, the words on the screen will change size.
  • This will apply to most Apple and other well-known applications.
  • The font size of the app will not change if it does not support Dynamic Type.
  • Return to the previous page using the “Back” button. It’s in the screen’s upper left corner. This will save your settings, and you’ll see your new font size in the Settings app right away.
  • If you like, you may make the text bold. Touch the white “Bold Text” switch and continue when asked. After doing so, your iPhone will reboot, and all of the text on the screen will be bold.
  • This option will be green if the text on your iPhone is already bold. The bold effect on your iPhone will be removed by tapping it.

Method 1 Bolding and enlarging text

Method 2: Changing Accessibility Settings

Open the Settings app on your iPhone models. The Settings app icon should be tapped, which looks like a series of gears on a grey box.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and choose General. On the Settings page, it’s at the top.
  • Go to Accessibility and choose it. You may find it at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select Larger Text. Near the bottom of the page, you’ll find it. This will bring up a panel that looks identical to the Text Size option from the previous technique.
  • Tap the white “Larger Accessibility Sizes” switch. The switch will become green, and the slider below it will expand to display more size possibilities.
  • Enlarge the text on your iPhone. Move the slider to the right to display the greatest font sizes available. This only applies to programs that support Dynamic Type and higher Accessibility sizes.

How To Change The Font Style On iPhone By Jailbreaking

How To Change Font Style On iPhone By Jailbreaking

You may use the BytaFont 3 jailbreak hack to modify the system font on your iPhone. It’s worth noting, though, that this program may only be used on a jailbroken smartphone.

As a result, you must jailbreak your iPhone before using this hack to alter the system typeface. Before you jailbreak the smartphone, there are a few things you need to know:

  • The warranty on your iPhone will be invalidated if you jailbreak it. After the jailbreak, you won’t be able to update the iOS device through OTA.
  • Your iPhone’s data may be lost if you jailbreak it. As a result, it’s critical to back up all of your data on your iPhone before jailbreaking it. You may use iTunes/iCloud or FoneGeek Backup & Restore, a third-party apps (iOS). If you lose essential data as a result of jailbreaking, you may quickly recover it from a backup.

If your iPhone is jailbroken, you may change the system typeface using BytaFont 3 by following these easy steps:

Step 1: Open Cydia, search for BytaFont 3 and install it. The change will appear on the springboard after it has been implemented.

Step 2: Open BytaFont 3 and then scroll to the bottom of the screen to tap “Browse Fonts.” Choose the font you want to use from the selections on the screen, then touch “Download” to access the font’s Cydia package. To begin installing the typeface, tap “Install.”

Step 3: Close Cydia and open BytaFont. Under the “Basic” option in the bottom menu, go to the downloaded fonts. Select the typeface and, when prompted, re-spring your iPhone to begin using it.

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FAQs About How To Change Font Style On iPhone iOS 14

How To Download Fonts On iPhone or iPad?

You must install iOS 13 or later on your apple devices. Then you’ll need applications that are compatible with custom fonts. A few names have previously been mentioned here.

Why Would You Want To Install Custom Fonts On Your iPhone Or iPad?

Various fonts can help you make a strong first impression whether you’re doing a presentation, producing a word document, sending an Instagram DM, or working with text-photo editing.

Is It Possible To Utilize Custom Fonts Without Having To Install Any Apps Or Profiles?

Surprisingly, the answer is a resounding yes. However, it is confined to select programs such as Mail, Pages, and others. You don’t need anything else if third-party programs (like Over) have an internal framework that allows you to utilize alternative fonts.

Why Do I Keep Getting The Warning “No Fonts Installed” After Installing An App?

Not all font applications will appear in the settings menu. Only applications that support the suitable font libraries will display here after they have been installed. Font Diner is one such example. When you download this app, the fonts will appear in the Settings app under General Fonts.

How Can I Get Rid Of Third-Party Fonts?

To get rid of typefaces, remove the third-party apps. Open the Settings app, go to General Fonts, Edit, choose the fonts you want to remove, and then touch Remove.

This is how you may put fonts on your iPhone or iPad and utilize them. Some applications also enable you to utilize typefaces by allowing you to create a custom profile.

We’ve decided to forego it for security reasons. A simple online search will turn up a plethora of materials explaining this strategy if you’re interested.


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