How to Clear Clipboard On Android 2022: Top Full Guide

How to Clear Clipboard On Android 2022: Top Full Guide

If you’re wondering how to clear clipboard on Android, look no further! You can clear your clipboard manually by going into your Android settings, or you can use a third-party app to clear it automatically. This quick and easy guide will show you how to get it done in just a few seconds.

Copy – Paste to Clipboard on Android

Copy - Paste to Clipboard on Android

You must first find the article you wish to copy. You can find it from chat or any other source. Next, press the long-press key to the content or text. It will appear as a blue mark. After long pressing, tap “select all”.Tap the “copy” button once the content or text has been marked.

You can then exit that page and navigate to the location where you want to copy.

Notes app is a good alternative to Microsoft Word and any text manager. Open the app and then long-press again. Click the “Paste” button to paste the entire section you have already marked. Save it, even if you lose it. It’s simple, right?

Clearing a Clipboard is Necessary?

Clipboard data will not take up much space on your smartphone. It will be saved to your smartphone when you copy text from it. Tap & Hold on to the text area to copy it.

Then, tap and hold again on the clipboard data to paste it. You will see the copied one. All data from the latest Android models will be saved to the Clipboard Manager. These data can slow down your smartphone and occupy your device’s memory.

Temporary data will also be stored. You must delete or erase all clipboard data.

How to Clear Clipboard Android

How to Clear Clipboard on Android

Android smartphones are available in many versions. Therefore, the process to clear a clipboard can vary.

  • Clear it for Android 10 and Above
  • Clear it for Stock Android
  • Clear it for Samsung Smartphones

How to Clear the Clipboard in Android 10 and above

The Gboard app can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android 10 and higher smartphones. You can access the Gboard app to manage your history from any Android smartphone, including Motorola, Vivo and OnePlus.

You should update to Android 10 if you’re using an older version.

  • Download the Gboard app from Google Play Store to your smartphone.
  •  Select Gboard as your default input method in Settings
  • Now, open any texting app you prefer and enter any text.
  • Tap and hold any word you want to open the options.

Clear Clipboard On Android

  • Click on the Clipboard option. Click the three-dotted icon to select Clipboard if it isn’t appearing.

how to clear clipboard android

  • (Now you can see the history. This includes all text, images, and links.
  • To select an entry, tap and hold it. You can choose multiple entries if you wish.
  • Once you have completed the selection, tap on the Delete icon. You will see the contents being removed.

The clipboard cannot be accessed by third-party keyboard apps for texting. Google has made it impossible for third-party apps to access data after the Android ten update.

You can also place your Clipboard menu on your keyboard to make it easy to access. Tap the three-dotted icon on the keyboard layout to do this. Drag and drop Clipboard to the top.

The Clipboard option will replace any of the four existing options. Clicking it will bring up all previously copied items.

How to Clear the Clipboard from Stock Android

How to Clear the Clipboard from Stock Android

Stock Android is the Android version that comes with the most basic version. The device manufacturers can’t change the stock Android version. Only Google can manage all updates in those versions. To clear the contents, you can copy the text from Android.

  • Navigate to an app that allows you to copy the content to the Clipboard.
  •  Press a word and drag the slider to select the contents.
  •  Select the Copy option.

This will clear all previously copied content from the Clipboard.

How to Clear the Clipboard on Samsung and Other Android Smartphones

How to Clear the Clipboard on Samsung and Other Android Smartphones

The clearing is an option for those who use Samsung smartphones and Androids other than the stock version.

  • Open any app that allows you to copy contents. Use the Messages app to send messages.
  • Click in the empty space at the bottom of the text press to select Clipboard
  • A list of copied clipboard contents is displayed. The Menu icon (three dots, or arrows) is located in the right corner.

To delete all contents, select the Delete icon at the bottom.


how to erase clipboard on android phone

We will be discussing how to clear the clipboard on Android. Here are some tips:

  • Be sure to identify the file or part you wish to delete. You will permanently lose the file or its content if you click the “delete” button.
  • It is best to complete the task in full battery. You will need to do the same steps if your phone is being charged.
  • Regularly evaluate your files to ensure that you are managing them properly. Sometimes, it can be difficult to delete a file.
  • It is possible that it will be required in the future. You can then manage your file by choosing which one you need and which one you don’t.
  • You can also move your files to external or other storage devices if you run out of storage.



How to Clear Clipboard On Android - FAQs

1. How do I find things copied to the Clipboard on Android?

Search for the clipboard icon on the top toolbar. This will open it. The most recently copied item will be at the top of the list. To copy the item, tap on any option. Android doesn’t save items to the Clipboard forever

2. How can I delete items from my Samsung Clipboard?

To delete an item from your Clipboard, choose “Delete from Clipboard” You can delete all contents of your Android clipboard by clicking “Delete All” at the top.

3. Do you have clipboard history?

Using the keyboard is one of the most efficient ways to view and retrieve history from an Android device. Many keyboard apps have a clipboard manager, which can be used to access previous-copied text.

4. How can I stop the Clipboard from being emptied from my desk?

Open the “Control Panel”. Choose “Programs” > Uninstall a program. Sort by “Installed on”. You may try to uninstall any new programs that might be causing the problem.


To remove duplicated texts from the Android memory, it is necessary to delete text from the Clipboard. These can be useful when you want to paste text in multiple places, but they could also pose privacy issues if your Clipboard is viewed by someone else. It is simple to delete text from your Android clipboard. The above guide showed you how to clear your Android Clipboard and delete any previously stored text.

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