How To Connect Security Camera To TV 2022?

How To Connect Security Camera To TV 2022?

With the proliferation of security cameras, many people are wondering how to connect security camera to tv. While the process may vary depending on the type of security cam you have, there are some general steps you can follow to get your camera up and running on your television.

How To Connect Security Camera To TV

How To Connect Security Camera To TV

You can set up a security camera system, then connect it to your TV with a click!

To connect cameras to the TV, there are only four steps.

  • Use Ethernet Cat 5/6 cables to connect CCTV cameras with the NVR.
  • The HDMI cable connects the NVR security camera to the TV.
  • The power adapter can be used to charge the NVR.
  • Turn on your TV, and you will see the live view.

You don’t need to install an app, connect to a router or configure anything. All accessories required to connect security cameras and TVs are included in the NVR package.

Why bother looking for additional troubles when you can hook up a camera to your TV with very simple wiring.

An NVR system is the best way to connect security cameras to your TV.

Connect Security Cameras to TVs with NVR: Top Five Benefits

Benefit of Connect Security Cameras to TVs with NVR

These are the top 5 reasons why you should choose an NVR for TV to secure a connection.

1. Simple Wiring With No Connection Failure

You will need a physical HDML cable connection to connect the security camera directly to your TV or software that streams the camera feeds from another device (PC or smartphone) to your TV.

We’ve tested all possible ways to connect security cameras to TV using the internet and found four options.

Many other solutions that could have been tried were unsuccessful due to differences in TV settings (e.g., Samsung, LG, Apple TV, etc.) and camera models. It is possible that you will get lost in the security camera-to-TV connection process.

NVR systems to connect security cameras and TVs will not cause you any problems.

2. Large Storage Space & 24/7 Continuous Recording

Connecting a security camera system with TV is a great way to save space. There is no need to worry about the video footage being lost or overwritten.

You can save important moments by connecting security camera to your TV with NVR. The Reolink RLK8-405B4 can record continuously for up to weeks at super HD resolution (4MP). You can also choose a lower solution to record for longer.

3. Work Without Network (Without Connecting To Router)

Once the cameras are connected to NVR and TV, they can stream live, record, and save to the NVR network video recorder.

You can now avoid the IP camera configuration, which can be a headache and have real protection with HD security cameras recordings.

4. More Stable Signals

Are you unable to connect security cameras and TV to your home?

This is most common when security cameras are connected to the TV through third-party software.

It is easy to connect a CCTV camera with a smart TV with NVR. The live stream will appear on your screen as soon as you connect all the wires correctly.

5. Simple Management

It is easier to manage security cameras in a system. You can upgrade all IP cameras simultaneously by connecting them to the NVR operation system.

Other Ways To Connect Security Cameras To Your TV

This is the step where we will detail how to connect security cameras and TVs. These are the next steps you should take after you have appropriately completed installing your camera.

  • Use the BNC connector to connect your RG59 coaxial cable and your camera. Make sure the braid is not touching the central conductor.
  • Connect the P4 connector correctly to the power supply. To avoid damage to the camera, ensure that the cables are polarized correctly.
  • Connect the power supply to your camera.
  • Connect the RCA adaptor and the BNC connector to your TV. Then, connect the other end to the standard video input.
  • Turn on the TV and change the Audio/Visual input to where the camera feed is. This should be visible on your TV screen.

You now know how to connect a traditional analog CCTV camera with your TV. Let’s now discuss connecting analog CCTV cameras using HD-TVI, HDCVI, or ADH technology.

1. Time Wasted

It will take a lot of work to find the best way for you to solve your particular problem.

Although not exhaustive, we tried nearly all of the Internet-recommended solutions, and only a few were able to connect security cameras with TVs successfully. (We have tested a variety of security camera brands and TV models.

2. Unstable Signal

One forum member complained that he received a “no signals” message when he connected his wireless security camera and TV to it, despite having purchased the TV that was compatible with the camera.

3. No Technical Support

A security camera system allows you to connect to their support team anytime there is a problem. You can also get guidance on how to connect security cameras with TV. It could be a loss if third-party software is used for it.

Connecting to a DVR/NVR

Analog cameras using HD-TVI or HD-CVI and ADH technology require additional devices to connect to the TV/computer. The IP address is required for both a DVR (digital video recorder) and NVR (network video recorder).

This is how you connect security cameras and TVs. You only need to connect the camera to the DVR/NVR and link the cable to your TV. Your television should be HD-compatible, so you must install the software to access the DVR/NVR. Once you have installed it, you will only need to add your IP address.

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How to Display Your Security Camera on Multiple TVs

How to Display Your Security Camera on Multiple TVs

CCTV Camera Pros offers several options for customers who want to show their security cameras on numerous TVs. This HDMI over Ethernet kit is one solution. This example uses a CCTV multiplexer to provide the HDMI source. However, if only one security camera is required, the HDCV-3T BNC-to HDMI converter can be used in place of the multiplexer.

This is how it works.

  • The red line at the bottom is a standard HDMI cable that connects to the HDMI input of an HDMI over IP transmitter (TX) and the HDMI output of the video multiplexer.
  • The RJ45 Ethernet port on TX is connected with one of the ports in the network switch.
  • Two HDMI receivers (RX) connected to the same network switch are configured to receive the HDMI signal from the transmitter.
  • Each receiver has an HDMI output that is connected to a TV monitor.

Because each receiver can transmit commands to the multiplexer from its IR remote control, the multiplexer can also be controlled from either TV.

Can You Use A Television As A Surveillance Camera Monitor?

Television can be used as a surveillance camera monitor. An RCA cable connects the CCTV security camera to the TV. To see what’s going on, adjust the VCR and TV to channel 3 or 4. Television can be used as a surveillance camera monitor, even without a DVR. To connect your security camera to the TV’s monitor, you can use the built-in cable connectors.

Best Security Camera System to Connect to Your TV in Minutes

Best Security Camera System to Connect to Your TV in Minutes

Here are some of the best security camera systems to connect to your TV in minutes. They are also very affordable.

Option 1: PoE Security Camera Systems – Connect Camera with TV using HDMI Cable

It was effortless to set up and configure. It was easy to connect it to my TV. It’s great to see live! Highly recommended!”

It’s easy to connect a security camera to a TV using RLK8-410B4. Simply connect the NVR to your TV via the HDMI cable provided. The live view will then appear on your TV. Make sure that all system counterparts are correctly connected and powered up.

Option 2: Wireless Security Camera System- Connect Cameras to Television Wirelessly

Do you want to connect your TV and cameras wirelessly?

Set up a wireless network with simple-to-use WiFi cameras like RLC-511W or E1 Pro and an NVR.

Side note: Wirelessly connecting cameras to your TV does not require any wire. You will still need an HDMI cable to connect the NVR (storage box) to your TV.

Reolink NVR can be used with both PoE and wireless cams. This means you can mix and match different types of security cameras.

You want to go wireless, but you don’t have an Internet connection.

Wireless security cameras will also work!

Wireless cameras in the security system don’t require WiFi to communicate with one another. To transmit data, they will create a private network between them. They will work as soon as you power up the NVR and camera.


With the proliferation of security cameras, more and more people are wondering how to connect their security camera to their tv. There are a few different ways to do this, and the method you choose will depend on the type of security camera you have and the type of tv you have. Hope that this article can help you deal with your issue.

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