How To Fix Safari iOS 15 In Less Than 5 Minutes Best Full Guide 2022

How To Fix Safari iOS 15 In Less Than 5 Minutes? Best Full Guide 2022

Looking for how to fix Safari iOS 15 device? If you’re having trouble with Safari on your iPhone or iPad after updating to iOS 15, there are a few things you can try. Check out this guide for step-by-step instructions on how to get Safari up and running again.

What Problems Are Consumers Having With Safari And Why?

Since downloading the iOS 15 update, many users have been unable to view websites in Safari, with others receiving notifications that they aren’t connected to the internet even though they are.

Users who have this problem will see a notice similar to the one below.

The problem is caused by iOS 15’s new Private Relay functionality. Private Relay is a new privacy-focused feature for iPhones that sends your browsing data across two “relays” so that neither Apple nor any other website can see what websites you’re viewing on the internet.

Even though the function is designed to secure your online identity, it has been discovered to destroy Safari, either by failing to load the sites you wish to visit or by failing to identify your internet connection.

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What Problems Are Consumers Having With Safari And Why

How To Fix Safari iOs 15 Tabs

Since numerous users have determined that the new ‘Private Relay’ feature is to blame for Safari’s misbehavior, the only way to fix it on iOS 15 is to disable it. However, since the function is built into iOS, there isn’t a single method to turn it off completely on your iPhone.

Instead, you may need to switch off Private Relay in many locations across iOS to stop it completely.

Make Sure You’ve Given Safari Permission To Access Cellular Dataa

If you’re using cellular network, make sure the web browser has permission to access the data. You may have forgotten to deactivate its data access. On your iOS device, Open Settings > Cellular > Scroll down and make sure the option next to Safari is turned on.

If that’s the case, you’ve already overcome the obstacle.

Make Sure You've Given Safari Permission To Access Cellular Data

Delete Safari’s History And Data From Websites

Cleaning up Safari browser is another option I would recommend. Perhaps you haven’t removed your cached files in a long time, and the garbage has accumulated to the point where the web browser is having trouble. It’s possible that a thorough cleaning will cure the problem.

Launch Safari app when your device has rebooted. It should be in proper functioning order.

Disable Private Relay Inside iCloud

This is the most frequent method of disabling Private Relay in iOS 15, and it should resolve your connection issues, at least until you restart your iPhone. Open Settings app and then touch on your Apple ID card at the top to deactivate Private Relay in iCloud.

  • Select the ‘iCloud’ option from the Apple ID screen.
  • If your account has the Private Relay feature, it should be shown here. It should be tapped.
  • Disable the toggle next to ‘Private Relay’ on the following screen.
  • This functionality will now be disabled. You may now launch the Safari app to see whether it’s up to date and if webpages are loading correctly.

Disable Private Relay Inside iCloud 

Disabled Hide IP Address In Safari

If deactivating Private Relay on iCloud does not resolve Safari browser difficulties, you may wish to attempt this remedy as a backup. On your iPhone, go to the Settings app and choose the ‘Safari’ option.

  • Scroll down to the ‘Privacy & Security’ section of this page and pick the ‘Hide IP Address’ option.
  • You must now deactivate this function by selecting the ‘Off’ option on the next settings screen.
  • On your chosen network (including WiFi and cellular network), disable Private Relay.
    Several consumers have claimed that when they reset their iPhones after removing Private Relay, Apple switches it back on.
  • If you’re experiencing this problem, you may resolve it by turning off Private Relay on your chosen network.
  • You may switch off Private Relay for a particular WiFi network if you’re connected to one. To do so, open your iPhone Settings app and tap the ‘Wi-Fi’ option on the screen.
  • You should see a list of networks you’ve connected to that are accessible in your region on the following screen. From this list, tap the ‘I’ symbol next to your desired network (the one that you connect to the most).
  • This should bring up the network settings page for your chosen network. Toggle the ‘Private Relay’ option off on this screen.

As long as your iPhone is connected to the designated network, this should entirely deactivate the Private Relay function.

Hide IP Address In Safari Is Disabled

Restore Factory Settings To Your iPhone Or iPad

If you’re still having trouble getting Safari app to work on your iOS device, consider restoring it to factory settings. Keep in mind that it will remove all previous settings and website login details information, but your media and data will not be affected.

  • Go to the Settings app and choose General Reset.
  • Now, indicate that you want to Reset All Settings.
  • The Safari issue should be fixed if your device is returned to factory default settings. If that’s the case, congratulations! However, if the problem persists, go to the following step.

Restore Factory Settings To Your iPhone Or iPad

Update iOS

Update Almost every iOS Software Update contains a slew of bug fixes and performance enhancements. As a result, it’s worthwhile to update the smartphone to the most recent iOS version. Simply make sure your iPhone is charged (at least 50%) and linked to a Wi-Fi network.

  • On your iOS device, go to General in the Settings app.
  • Select Software Update from the drop-down menu. Then press the Download and Install button.
  • In 10 out of ten occasions, the update will resolve the problem. I’m hoping it’s lived up to its reputation.

Update iOS

Restore Your Device’s Functionality

Is there still no solution? Restore your device from a previous backup or as fresh. It’s a nuclear answer, so it’ll hopefully get the job done for you.


FAQs About How To Fix iOS 15 Safari

What Is Apple Private Relay, And How Does It Work?

Only iCloud Plus or Apple One members have access to the Private Relay function. This new privacy option in Safari browser is meant to conceal your IP address and browsing history. This hides your browser activity from Apple, so no one can tell who you are or what websites you’re viewing.

Some websites, networks, or services that depend on your IP address or surfing behavior may need to upgrade for Private Relay, resulting in browsing difficulties.

Because of these concerns with browsing, Apple discreetly launched Private Relay as a Beta feature in iOS 15, which was automatically deactivated. Apple is likely to publicly roll out the Private Relay option in a subsequent update in 2021.

Why Is Safari On iOS 15 Different?

A completely new Safari app is one of the biggest improvements coming with iOS 15. The all-new browser places the search bar to the bottom of the screen, provides customizable Tab Sections, a redesigned start page, and more to make it simpler to operate with one hand. Let’s take a look at how iOS 15’s new Safari works.

What’s The Best Way To Make Safari Appear Like iOS 14?

On iOS 15, touch the “Aa” button in the address box when browsing Safari. Then, in the option that displays, choose ‘Show Top Address Bar.‘ Safari will seem remarkably similar to how it did on iOS 14 in Top Address Bar mode.


This concludes our article on how to fix ios 15 safari. Using one of the steps above should fix your Safari browser. Now what? Troubleshoot your iPhone or iPad’s default browser.

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