How To Go On Private Browser On iOS 15 The Best Ultimate Guide 2022

How To Go On Private Browser On iOS 15: The Best Ultimate Guide 2022

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Are you seeking the ways on how to go on private browser on ios 15? Read this article to learn more about the Private Browser for ios 15. This is a very common question that many people have.
If you want to browse the web privately on your iOS device, there are a few different ways you can go about it. One option is to use a private browsing mode in your web browser.

This will prevent your browsing history and cookies from being saved on your device. Another option is to use a VPN, which will encrypt your traffic and help to keep your online activity private. Read on for the step-by-step guides!

What Is Safari’s Private Mode?

Safari does not have a private browser; instead, it has a Safari Private mode. Using private mode has long been a popular technique to evade trackers when viewing the web. Safari’s Private mode protects you from trackers by deleting your search history and cookies.

However, it does not hide your IP address from your ISP or encrypts your data packets. Follow the instructions below to utilize this mode in Safari on iOS and iPadOS 15.

What Is Safari's Private Mode

How To Get To Private Browser iOS 15

There are three methods to activate Safari’s private browser.

Immediately From The Home Screen

Long-pressing the Safari app icon on the iPhone’s home screen or in the App Library, is one of the simplest methods to get to private browsing in Safari. A menu will appear on the screen. From the menu, choose the New Private tab.

You’ll be sent to a private browser. Open the website you’d want to visit in private. Tap the two square icons in the bottom-right corner in private mode and hit the + (Add) symbol to add extra tabs.

How To Get To Private Browser iOS 15

From The Overview Tab

1.Tap the two square icons at the bottom of the Safari browser. These buttons are also known as Tab overview or Tab switcher buttons since they send you to that specific screen.

Tip: If the Safari address bar is at the bottom of the screen, slide up to access the Tab switcher screen swiftly.

2. At the bottom of the Tab overview page, hit X Tabs or Start Page. Choose Private from the drop-down option.

3. You’ll be directed to the Private browsing mode, where you’ll be able to view any private tabs that have already been created. To open a private tab, use the + (Add) symbol.

Similarly, hit the Plus icon on the Tab Overview symbol in the bottom-right corner to launch new private tabs. Alternatively, choose the New private browsing tab by long-pressing the Tab overview button.

Quickly Open The Private Tab

Long-pressing, the Tab switcher icon also opens private browsing in Safari. This will bring up a menu with two choices linked to all your private tabs. To open an incognito tab, tap on the New private tab button.

Alternatively, hit the Private option to enter private mode, where you can view your incognito tabs and create new ones.

Swipe right or left on the address bar at the bottom to easily navigate between private tabs.

How To Turn Off iPhone Private Browsing

In iOS 15, you may disable private browsing in the following ways:

Using The Button For Tab Overview

1. To go to the tab overview screen, tap the Tab overview button.

2. To disable this mode, go to the bottom of the page and pick X Tabs from the menu.

To exit this mode, long-press the Tab overview icon and pick X Tabs from the menu. This will switch to ordinary mode, distinguished by its white backdrop.

Completely Turn Off Private Browsing

Any open private tabs will not be closed automatically by the procedures indicated above. If you reopen private browsing, the prior private tabs will appear. To be secure and remove private surfing, you must manually dismiss all open private sites before exiting this mode.

To do so, do the following steps:

1. Select Close X tabs by long-pressing the Tab overview button.

Tip: To shut the page thumbnails, hit the X button on the Tab overview button and then on the X button on the page thumbnails.

2. You will be directed to the Private browsing mode’s home page after closing all active tabs—Select X tabs from the menu under the Private option.

Enabling Private Browsing On iPadOS 15

Method 1

1. Long-click the Tabs button at the top of the Safari browser.

2. From the menu, choose the New Private Tab option.

Alternatively, you may enter the tab overview panel by tapping the Tabs button. Select Private from the menu by pressing the X Tabs option at the top.

How To Enable Private Browsing On iPadOS 15

Method 2

1. Tap the Navigation symbol in the top-left corner to open the Safari side drawer.

2. Select Private from the drop-down option.

How to Turn Off iPad Private Browsing

Follow these procedures to turn off private browsing on iPadOS 15:

1. In Safari, click the Tabs icon at the top.

How to Turn Off iPad Private Browsing

2. Select X tabs from the menu on the Tab overview page by tapping on Private. This will return you to normal browsing mode.

You may also open the Safari sidebar and choose X tabs from there.

Long-press the Tabs button and choose Close X tabs to delete all private tabs. Then, to exit the Private browsing mode, repeat the steps above. This will remove all traces of any website you visited while in private browsing mode.


FAQs About How To Do Private Browsing On iOS 15

Is It Possible To Relocate The Tab Bar To The Top?

Yes, you may relocate the tab bar back to the top of your screen if you’re having trouble with Safari’s new UI. To get started, you may use this instruction from us.

There are no restrictions on moving the tab bar back to the top, and you’ll keep all of the new Safari capabilities if you do so on your device.

How To Resolve Safari Private Browsing Issues?

Because of content limitations imposed in Screen time settings, you don’t see the Private tab or Private surfing option in Safari. Go to iPhone Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions to remedy the problem. Turn on the Content & Privacy Restrictions toggle.

On the same page, scroll down and hit Content Restrictions. Instead of Limit adult websites and Allowing websites only, go to Web content and choose Unrestricted access.

How Can I Fix The Problem Of Being Unable To Disable Private Browsing?

If you can’t switch off private mode on your iPhone and iPad, restart the device. Then attempt the techniques listed above.

If it doesn’t work, try resetting your computer’s settings. Go to iPhone Settings > General > Transfer or Reset > Reset > Reset all settings to do this. You will not lose any personal information or files as a result of this. It will just reset the settings on your smartphone.


Lacoon hope that you found the Private Browsing mode using Safari’s guide. You can leave a comment below if you have further questions.

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