How To Hide A Trail CamFor Home Security 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Hide A Trail Cam For Home Security 2022: Top Full Guide

If you’re looking for a way to improve the security of your home, one option is to hide a trail camera. This can help you keep an eye on things and make sure that no one is coming onto your property without your knowledge. Here are some tips on how to hide a trail camera so that it will be effective for home security.

What is a Trail Cam?

What is a Trail Camera?

These cameras are known as trail or game cams, and they are used by hunters to monitor wildlife activity. These cameras have a camouflaged effect that blends seamlessly with their surroundings.

They are ideal for monitoring game activity in the jungle or forest. However, they can also serve as home security cameras.

How to hide and use a trail camera for indoor and outdoor home security. Continue reading to learn how!

There are many options for trail cameras that offer affordable security monitoring of your home and property. The security needs of your property and the location you wish to place it will determine which camera is best.

There Are Three Things You Should Consider.

There Are Three Things You Should Consider when hidden trail cam

Placement of your Camera

Game cameras can capture images at wide angles. This makes it easier to position the camera out of reach of intruders but within easy reach. No matter where your cameras are installed, be discreet about their placement to ensure home security.

The attached garage is where most thieves begin to steal. Make sure you have a camera installed inside.

Place a camera in a bush or tall tree, but don’t let anyone see it. Point straight at your house.

The presence of lights can deter thieves from breaking into your home. To make sure that it does not, place a flash-equipped camera near a door or window to activate the flash when it senses movement. The extra light can also deter thieves.

Place your trail cam where there isn’t much sunlight if you can. Shaded or covered areas are great for hiding trail cams. They also offer better protection from the sun, glare and other weather conditions.

Wireless cameras can be placed anywhere. This gives you a lot of freedom in deciding the location of your camera.

Taking into account the range

You must ensure that your camera covers the desired area, in addition to the correct placement. If you have to measure your yard, make sure your motion sensors can reach the entire area. While most trail cameras can reach 40ft, some may be able to reach further.

Available Technologies

Trail cameras are available in a variety of features, so no matter your level of tech knowledge, you can find the one that suits you best. Many cameras can send video straight to your smartphone.

A memory card slot is available on most cameras that allow you to save images for later viewing. You can take the card out and view the images on your computer. Camouflage exteriors make it easy to conceal the camera from plain sight.

How To Hide A Trail Cam For Home Security

Hidden Trail Camera For Home Security

1. Buy a small-sized wireless trail cam

It is easier to conceal the trail cam if it is smaller than your home. It is easy to place anywhere you like without wires. A mini battery is ideal for wireless trail cam models.

These cams can be hidden anywhere you like garage, driveway, garden or entrance. You should choose a small, battery-powered trail cam that has high resolution, night vision and app operation so that you can exercise maximum control.

2. Install the Trail Security Cameras below your Ceilings/Eaves

The camouflaged cam will be virtually invisible if it is placed under the ceilings and eaves. They are much easier to conceal, and they are not easily visible from far away unless someone is really paying attention.

The trail cam can be colored to match the ceiling’s paint color, making it less obvious.

3. Hidden Your Security Trail Cam in the Trees and Bushes

Hide your security trail camera in tall trees or bushes near your home. The camera can be hidden in bushes or tall trees that are not visible to the eye. However, the lens should face your house.

Camouflaged exteriors make it easy to conceal trail cams in trees and bushes. To prevent the sun from shining on your cam lens, make sure it is covered or in the shade.

4. Make the Trail Cam look like a Bird House

Incorporating your trail camera inside another item is one of the most impressive methods to conceal it.

Birdhouses can be found in the backyard of homes. You can hide your trail cam by placing the coop in a secluded area. This will keep intruders and invaders away. A birdhouse can be made with an opening at the front that allows the camera lens to capture images or videos.

It provides high levels of security against burglars and invaders. This type of disguise is well-suited for wire-free trail cameras.

 5. Install the Trail Cam in Your Home Next to the Window Pane

Use your flashlight feature on a trail camera to scare off potential intruders and burglars.

The trail camera can be installed at the entry point of your home by placing it on a windowpane. The camera’s height makes it difficult for burglars to disable the camera.

6. Hidden Trail Camera in Household Objects

You don’t like DIY projects but want to conceal the trail cam with everyday objects? You can hide the trail cam using everyday household items such as bookshelves, smoke detectors, tissue boxes and hanging portraits.

This trick can be used to hide multiple cameras in different locations inside and outside your house.

Or you can purchase A Sturdy Mounting Box

Although the primary purpose of hiding a camera was to keep it from being seen easily, there are many times when thieves take apart and break cameras.

It is prudent to consider additional protection in order to avoid these scenarios.

Mounting boxes for trail cameras are available in a variety of sizes that can be difficult to remove.

Mounting brackets can be difficult to break, so they are great for security.

7. Install a Trail Camera Near the Ground and hide it with Decorative Items

You can surprise potential burglars and intruders by installing a trail camera near the ground.

You can place the trail cam on the ground and focus the lens in the upward direction. This is a great way to find intruders on your property. It is possible to hide the intruders from your property with decorative bushes and other decorative items.

8. Install Decoy Cameras

Installing a decoy camera is a great option to distract intruders from the cameras. You won’t regret buying the lowest-priced ones in the event of theft or vandalism.

You can also use non-working or old cameras as decoys

Always ensure you frame the actual camera so that it can very well monitor a vast area even where the decoy cam is.

Some Helpful Tips That Will Make It Easier For You To Choose The Right Security Camera For Your Home.

Some Helpful Tips That Will Make It Easier For You To Choose The Right Security Camera For Your Home.

1. Trail Cam Detection Range

Different detection ranges are available for trail cams. A wide detection range is ideal for large properties. It can take clearer images.

2. Quality of the Picture

Wireless trail cameras produce better quality images than traditional CCTV security camera that produces grainy photos. Even if the trail cam is not expensive, it will still provide better quality images and videos than a regular CCTV security camera.

Trail cameras with 8 MP resolution are often sufficient to provide high-quality images for home security purposes.

3. Speed

A trail cam should be able to detect motion instantly and record clear images, even when the burglar or intruder is running. For home security, it is recommended that a trail camera with a lower trigger speed than one second be used.

4. Connectivity Strength

If you’re using a wireless, Wi-Fi-connected trail cam, make sure the camera is within the Wi-Fi signal range. You won’t get the images on your devices if you don’t do this. Also, ensure that your trail cam is connected to a cellular network so it can transmit clear images.

5. Trail Cam’s Battery Life

Some trail cams have a direct effect on the signal strength and battery life. Trail cams that require more battery power during camera searches end up with shorter battery life and poor connections. You should look for trail security cameras that have a longer battery life, power-saving mode, and good connection strength at all levels.

To extend the battery life of the trail cam, you can place it in the best places to get better signals. You can place the trail cam near your home and connect it to the nearest electrical outlet so that it has enough power backup.

How to Use a Trail Camera for Security

How to Use a Trail Camera for Security


It is essential to correctly install your cameras so they can perform their task effectively. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your camera installation.

The first thing to do is consider the location of the camera. Cameras that record video and capture images at wide angles are already capable of recording. This means they can be placed anywhere on your property and will not be in the way of thieves or other intruders. A camera will still be in reach.

This nuance is connected to the fact that you should always be aware of where your camera/cameras will be placed. One example is to keep one in your garage, as most thieves begin from there. Another can be hidden in the branches of trees or within the bushes and point directly at the house.

You can also place your security trail cameras out of direct sunlight and in shaded areas. This will allow you to capture sharp, clear images and videos, especially on sunny days.

You will need to ensure that your camera or cameras cover all areas they are required to. If they do, their sensors will be able to detect motions within the range and alert you if necessary. If a camera cannot cover all ranges, it can cause problems for your safety and property protection.

Buying Guide

Hide A Trail Camera For Home Security

  • The quality of the images taken by the camera is important. Wireless cameras usually take better images than conventional CCTV cameras, while blurred images are more common with traditional CCTV cameras. The megapixels are simply an indication of the image’s quality.
  • It is important to have good camera lighting. A non-glow camera produces no visible light, which gives you better security. This is particularly important at night.
  • The battery life of your camera is important as it can affect the strength and quality of the connection.
  • The camera’s trigger speed is the time it takes to capture a photo after it detects motion. Cameras with a trigger speed of less than half a second will avoid blurry pictures.
  • Be aware of the detection range of your camera as it must be able to cover all areas that you are interested in.


How To Hide A Trail Camera For Home Security - FAQs

1. What is the difference between a security camera and a trail camera?

Some surveillance cameras are pet-friendly. However, some surveillance cameras can detect wildlife because they have additional features such as night vision or motion detectors.

Some surveillance cameras capture grainy footage, which can be difficult to use for research. Cameras on trail cameras can only capture images when they detect motion within close proximity. You will need to review hours of surveillance footage in order to capture your target species with security cameras. This will result in more work and lower-quality footage.

2. Is it possible to use a ringing doorbell as a trail cam?

Your Ring cameras can be used to capture a variety of wildlife situations. A combination of Ring lights with cameras is a great way to capture wildlife situations, whether you are looking for a stray cat or trying to find those nocturnal creatures who keep destroying your trash cans.

Read more

3. Are our trail cameras visible at night?

These cameras flash white light when they are activated at night. This is the same effect that a DSLR camera flashes in the dark. It will not only illuminate the image but also scare most games.


The best way to hide a trail cam for home security is to place it in a location where it cannot be easily seen or reached. This might include placing the camera inside a birdhouse or other type of structure, behind a bush, or up high in a tree.

Lacoon hopes this guide which can help you understand ways to hide a trail cam for home security. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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