How To Safely Online Date 2022: Top Full Guide

How To Safely Online Date 2022: Top Full Guide

Looking for love online? Read our tips on how to safely online date to avoid being scammed or catfished. With the rise of online dating site, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and how to stay safe. Read on for more information!

Online Dating and Dating App Safety Tips

How to date online safely


You are not to blame for someone acting in a disrespectful or predatory manner towards you online. However, there are some things you can do. Here are some useful safety tips you can put into practice right away to help you be more mindful.

1. Trustworthy sites are recommended

Online dating websites number in the United States at 2,500, with fraud on the rise. Many online dating apps and websites target college students.

Take action: To protect your personal information, you can often rely on more reputable sites such as Tinder, eHarmony and Bumble. These safe online dating sites require you to pay a fee. Make sure you choose wisely. You should also delete your profile once you have stopped using it.

2. Your contact information should remain private

Michael Kaiser, ex-executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance, said that there is a distinction between cyber-savvy and being cyber secure. Potential dates will most likely conduct a thorough Internet search for your name.

They might find your office address on LinkedIn, your address in an Instagram post, and your phone number linked with an online ad.

Take action: Don’t post any personal information on your profile, including your address, phone number or email. You should also restrict the information you post on other virtual platforms. You should set your security settings to private on all social media accounts. Never authorize any dating apps to publish your location.

3. Play detective on potential suitors

You should verify that your suitor is real by looking at other photos. You might find out that their profile picture on dating is identical to their Twitter profile picture.

People tend to be less filtered on social media sites such as Twitter, and this could lead you to discover unsavory personality traits. It is possible to find out if they have a fake celebrity or model photo.

You can take action: Copy the profile photo of a potential match and paste it into the Google Images search box on your computer. Or use reverse image search on the phone. Google will use facial recognition, landmark identification and photo binary data for the search to determine the origin of the image.

4. Make sure you are smart about face-to-face meetings

You should choose your location carefully if you feel like you clicked with someone. suggests that you end a date immediately if you feel pressured by your date to go somewhere else.

Take Action: Tell a friend or roommate who you are meeting and where you’re going. Also, let them know when you will be back. To make sure you feel at ease, plan a “safe call”. Instead of depending on someone you have met online to drive you home, always drive yourself to the date.

5. Reporting someone is a good idea.

The respected dating site encourages its users to report suspicious activity. These sites don’t tolerate aggressive or illegal behavior. If you are uncomfortable with the way someone interacts with you, most dating sites allow you to block them.

6. Interacting online

Use the messaging system of the dating app. Although it may be slower than using your default messaging system on your phone, it offers more protection.

You can set up a Google Voice number for dating purposes. Instead of giving out your real number to someone you don’t know, use a Google number to forward it to your phone. It’s easy: Once you log into Google Voice, search for an area code and select an available number. The instructions will guide you through the rest.

You can talk to your mutual friends through dating apps. Talk to your friends and see what their opinions are about the person you are interested in.

7. Leave Out the Personal Details

Your last name, contact information and nicknames should not be included in your online dating profile. Keep your personal information to a minimum. You don’t want to give out too many details if you meet someone you don’t trust.

To add an extra layer of security, you might want to increase the security of your social media accounts. You might change your Facebook settings to make your page private so that only friends can view it.

8. Check out the Safety Features

Dating online can be risky because of the many unknowns. You want to make sure the app you choose has safety features. The app should promote safety guidelines on its sign-up page.

If they don’t, or if you have trouble finding the safety guidelines, you might consider switching to another dating app.

Tinder, for example, has a photo validation feature that allows users to take a real-time photo of themselves and Tinder matches that photo to the profile to avoid catfishing. The profiles of photo verified users will have a blue checkmark.

Take a look at the Blocking and Reporting Features

Online dating can lead to you meeting people who behave inappropriately or are simply too toxic. You should be able to report the behavior of these people and block them from contacting you.

Hinge is one of the most dating apps. It allows you to report inappropriate or suspicious messages from others. Hinge, just like other dating apps, has a mission statement that supports respect for others and a “zero tolerance” policy for harassment, discrimination, threats or violence.

EHarmony and offer tips on how to use their services. These include advising against sharing personal information, such as your social security number or your home address. They also warn you not to give out financial information.

Bonus: Tips to Make Your Date Feel Safety

Bonus Tips to Make Your Date Feel Safety


Even if you aren’t particularly concerned about your own safety, you still want to be a good friend and a trustworthy partner. You can do many things to make your date feel comfortable and safe.

Offer to meet in public, but not at your house. Let your date know that you will be leaving if they aren’t having a good time.

Avoid asking too many personal questions, even if you are meeting up in person. It is important not to ask too many questions that might make someone uncomfortable.

Talk about your interests, hobbies, music, and career. Don’t ask them for details. If your date says they run every day, but doesn’t tell you about their running routine, ask them what music they listen to while running and what goals they are working towards.

Respect what they have to say. Respect your date’s wishes to reduce their alcohol intake or get home earlier so that they can wake up early for work and be supportive of them. Do not pressure your date into drinking more, staying out for longer or going to another activity.

Get consent. Not just if you are going home with someone. Pay attention to body language, facial expressions and body language. Being attentive can help someone feel more secure. Give them space if they are unsure of your intentions or if they react negatively to touching their arm.

What You Need To Know About Romance Scams

What You Need To Know About Romance Scams


These details were provided by McAfee experts.

Online romance scams are growing in popularity and becoming more expensive.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reported that online romance scams had increased 50% between 2019 and 2020 to $304 million. The number of romance scam cases that were reported has tripled between 2016 and 2020.

It’s not worth your time or money to fall for romance scams, just as a bad ex. McAfee is a global leader for online safety and helps consumers protect their wallets (and hearts) from scammers, especially during peak times like Valentine’s Day.

McAfee offers three safety tips to help you avoid being scammed online.

1. Go private

You have the option to make your profile and posts only visible to friends on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. This setting prevents the wider internet from seeing your posts, words, and activities. It can help protect the privacy and make it less easy for romance scammers to exploit.

2. Don’t accept friend requests from strangers

You should be skeptical about the invitations you are sent. These out-and-out strangers may not be just romance scammers. They could also be fake accounts that are designed to collect information about users for cybercrime purposes. They are numerous.

3. Protect yourself and your devices

McAfee Total Protection security software can help protect you against clicking on malicious links sent by scammers online. It also helps you avoid other threats such as viruses, ransomware and phishing attacks. It can also monitor your personal information, such as your email, SSN and bank accounts.

When Are Meeting in Person

When Are Meeting in Person


Have a video chat before you meet in person. This is a great way to verify that your match is as they say on their profile. It could indicate suspicious activity if they resist video calls.

Tell someone where you are going. Take screenshots of the profile of your data and email them to them. At least one friend should know where you are going and when.

To let a friend know if you plan to continue your date at a different location than you had planned, you can text them. You may find it helpful to call or text a friend halfway through your date or when you return home to check in.

Go out on a date. Avoid meeting someone new in your own home, apartment or workplace. You may feel more at ease if you meet your date in a coffee shop, restaurant, or bar where there are many people. For first dates, avoid meeting in isolated places and public parks.

Do not rely on your date to transport you. You should be in charge of your own transportation. You can take your time and leave when you like. Even if your date offers to pick you up from the meeting, you should not get in a car with someone you don’t trust and know.

Keep a few ride-sharing apps on your phone in case one of them fails. You should ensure that your phone is fully charged and has enough data. If you don’t have a charger, you might consider taking a battery pack or a portable one.

You can have a few drinks with your date, but it’s okay to stick with what you are most comfortable with. Keep your boundaries in mind, and don’t feel pressured to drink because your date drinks.

You might also want to avoid using drugs on your first date. Drugs can alter your perception of reality and cause unexpected interactions with alcohol.

Get help from a waiter or bartender if you are feeling uncomfortable. Find an advocate nearby. To help you make a distraction or call the police, a bartender or waiter can be enlisted to assist you.

Listen to your instincts. You can leave a date or cut off communication with anyone making you feel unsafe. Don’t worry about being rude. Your safety is paramount, and your date should be able to understand this.

You can unmatch, block or report any date you feel uncomfortable with after you meet up in person. This will prevent them from accessing your profile in the future.

Connecting with suspect profiles should be avoided at all costs. It’s possible that the person you matched with has a false account; if they have no bio, no connected social media profiles, and just one photo, it may be a fake account. If you connect with someone about whom you know very little, it’s crucial to proceed with care.

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How To Safely Online Date - FAQs

1. What is the proper etiquette when it comes to online dating?

Manage conversation as you would with someone you have met at a bar. Conversations can be casual, lighthearted, candid, random, or even too personal. Don’t accept an invitation if you are unable to make it on a date. Give as much notice as possible and offer an alternate day or time if something happens.

2. What should you write on a dating website?

  • 5 Online Dating Tips: Examples of What You Can Say
  • You can start with “hi,” but you should give it some thought. If you ever meet someone in real life, there are two things you should do: Say hello and tell your name. …
  • Comment on their profile. …
  • Ask a question. …
  • Let’s get to the point. …
  • Offer to meet for a date.

3. What’s a good first message to send for online dating?

Start with. A simple greeting to say hello and ask the person how they are doing. It is also a good idea to mention something you find interesting about the person. You might say, “Hi there! My name is Tori, and I see that our tastes in music are very similar!”


If you are planning to date online, be sure to do your research and stay safe. There are many reputable dating websites and apps, but there are also many scammers out there. Be sure to read reviews and compare features before signing up for any dating service. Only give out personal information to someone you trust, and never send money to someone you’ve never met in person.

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