How To Share Music On iOS 15 The Quick and Easy Guide 2022

How To Share Music On iOS 15: The Quick and Easy Guide 2022

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Looking for how to share music on ios 15 device? There are a few different ways to share music on iOS 15. You can share music with friends and family using the built-in share sheet or use the new sharing options in the Music app. Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be sharing your music with your friends in no time.

How To Music Share On iOS 15

Turn on Automatic Sharing

First, if you haven’t already, upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS/iPadOS 15 or above. Select Settings > General > Software Update from the drop-down menu. You’ll be informed that iOS is up to date or requested to download and install the most recent version.

Then, using the Messages app, allow automatic sharing and choose the applications where you wish to view shared material. Settings > Messages > Shared with You If it isn’t already turned on, turn on the switch next to Automatic Sharing. Then toggle the button for each app where you wish to see shared items.

Now that you’re ready to share let’s go through how to share particular things from various applications and view the stuff shared with you.

Turn on Automatic Sharing

Share An Album Or Song

Let’s play music. The Music app allows users to share an album, a single, or a playlist. Go to your library or, if you have an Apple Music subscription, to Apple Music.

Choose an album or song to share. Select Share Album or Share Song by tapping the ellipsis symbol next. Choose the person you wish to share the item in a text message from the Share box, or select Messages and send your text to the individual.

Share An Album Or Song

Share a TV show or a movie with others

Go to the Apple TV app to watch movies or TV. Choose the episode or movie you want to share, then hit the Share option and choose a recipient.

Share a Website

Open Safari and go to the web page you wish to share. Tap the Share option and choose whom you wish to share the page.

Send A Photo Or Video

Open the Photos app and choose any photos or videos to share. Tap the Share button to share the selection with someone else through text message.

Send A Podcast Or Episode To A Friend

From the Podcasts app, you may share a podcast. Tap the ellipsis symbol in the upper-right corner after selecting a podcast or an episode. Select Share Program if you want to share the complete show. Choose Share Episode if you want to share one episode. Then, distribute the item to the appropriate recipient.

Share a Breaking News Story

If you come across an intriguing article in Apple News, hit the ellipsis symbol in the upper-right corner and choose Share Story. Choose the person you want to share the tale with, or go to the Messages app and input the individual’s name.

Obtain access to a shared album or song

It’s now time to access what’s been shared with you. Open the Music app and choose the Listen Now option. Swipe down to see the new Shared with You area and any songs or albums that have been shared with you.

Tap an item to play it, or tap the person’s name who shared the music with you to start your Messages app discussion with them.

Get to a shared TV show or movie

Open the TV app to watch any programs or movies that have been shared with you. Navigate to the Watch Now screen and look for the area labeled “Shared with You.” To view a particular movie or TV program, tap it on the app. Tap the person’s name beneath the item to react to a text.

Get to a Shared Webpage

Open Safari if it’s a website or an article. Tap in the address bar on your iPhone, and a Shared with You section should appear. Open the left sidebar on an iPad and go to the Shared with You area. Tap any shared link to access the website on your browser. To send a text response, tap the person’s name.

Use a shared photo or video to access it.

Open the Photographs app and choose the For You option for photos and videos. Look for the area labeled “Shared with You.” To see a shared picture or video, tap it. Tap the person’s name to text them.

Access a Publicly Shared Podcast or Episode

To listen to a podcast that has been shared with you, launch the Podcasts app and choose the Listen Now option. Look for the section Shared with You, then touch a podcast or individual episode to hear it. To react to an SMS, tap the person’s name.

Obtain a Shared News Story

To read any news articles that have been shared with you, open the News app. Scroll down to the Shared with You area after tapping the Today tab. To read a shared tale, tap it. To respond to a text message, tap the sender’s name.

How To Stop Sharing

How To Stop Sharing

You have the option to discontinue sharing with specific contacts. Open your chat in the Messages app and touch the name at the top to conceal stuff from a particular user. Turn off the switch next to Show in Shared with You in the pop-up window.

Remove Shared Content
You may also delete any material that has been shared with you. Open the program that contains the item you want to get rid of. Select Remove from the popup box by pressing down on the item.

How To Share Music On Facetime App

How To Share Music On Facetime

Here’s how to use iOS 15 for iPhone to exchange music over FaceTime App:

Download the iOS 15 update for iPhone if required.

  • Begin a FaceTime conversation with another Apple user.
  • Close the call and open Apple Music.
  • Choose and play a song.
  • On the pop-up, choose “SharePlay.”

iPhone users may exchange music on FaceTime with the new iOS 15 upgrade by following the instructions outlined above. Music may also be SharePlayed through Apple Mac and iPad tablets running the latest iPadOS 15 software.

This new feature allows for a concert-like experience in which numerous people listen to music in unison. The ability to exchange music via FaceTime may lead to some enjoyable moments of singing and dancing together while apart.

Of course, when an artist’s new album is out, users may hold listening parties. These are only a few examples, but Apple fans are likely to think of more ways to use SharePlay feature in FaceTime on iOS 15.

Fortunately, iOS 15 isn’t limited to the new iPhone 13 lineup. If such were the case, some Apple consumers would be left out in the cold; the iPhone 13 Mini and iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max are already experiencing shipment delays.

iOS customers who pre-ordered their new Apple devices early are discovering that they won’t arrive until much after the September 24 release date.


FAQs About How To Share Music On Facetime Ios 15

How To Stop Shareplay On Apple Music?

  • Tap join SharePlay at the top of the FaceTime calls.
  • End SharePlay with a tap.
  • End for Everyone or End Only for Me is the last option.

Why Is My Shareplay Not Working On iOS 15?

Force Restart Your Device After Quitting the App

If SharePlay feature is still not on your iOS 15 smartphone, forcibly quit the program and attempt to share the screen again. Because force-killing an app has a habit of resolving various issues, it could work here.

On iPhone Music, Where Is The Share Button?

Music: Pick the music or album you wish to share, then press the More button, then Share Song or Share Album, choose Messages, then select your contact, and send the message.

TV: Choose the TV program or movie, then hit the Shareplay icon, then pick Messages, then choose your contact and send the message.

What Devices Are Compatible With Shareplay?

SharePlay is compatible with the latest iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Apple TV models. Since the functionality debuted in iOS 15.1, iPadOS 15.1, and macOS Monterey, your device must be capable of running Apple’s most recent software.

What Is The Significance Of The Grey Shareplay Button?a

If the SharePlay feature is grayed off, you may try reactivating FaceTime to begin. Turn off FaceTime by going to Settings > FaceTime. The device should then be restarted. When you return to your home screen, go back to Settings > FaceTime and re-enable it.

On Facetime, How Do You Share Apple Music?

Begin a SharePlay music session while having a FaceTime chat.

  • Begin a FaceTime call.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the FaceTime conversation.
  • Launch a music streaming app that accepts SharePlay.
  • Play a song or listen to an album. Tap SharePlay if asked.
  • Tap the photo in picture tile to return to the FaceTime call.


That’s all about how to how to music share on ios 15. Lacoon hope you found this article beneficial. Please feel free to connect in the comment section below if you are still facing issues.

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