How To Watch Your Pet While At Work?

How To Watch Your Pet While At Work?

If you’re like most pet parents, you hate leaving your furry friend at home all day. But with a little planning, it is possible to make sure your pet is well-cared for while you’re at work. Here are some tips on how to watch your pet while at work.

How To Watch Your Pet While At Work

 Talk To Your Dog While at Work

Connecting a wide-angle camera to your laptop and then video calling with your phone is one of the simplest methods. You can use video conferencing apps like Skype, Hangouts, or Zoom to make the call. You can see and hear your dog via video conferencing. The dog can also listen and know your voice and see and recognize your image on-screen in some circumstances.

While such a simple setup works and is entirely free, it does have some drawbacks, such as:

  • No visibility at night or in poor light.
  • No motion detection or notifications.
  • No sound or barking alarms.
  • Limited Recording capabilities
  • Limited Sharing capabilities
  • Limited Sharing capabilities
  • Unstable Audio

Apps provide far higher functionality and connection stability. With local storage and cloud choices, apps also improve your ability to shoot video footage. Apps make it easier to share connections with family members.

You are not required to keep a call open. Without needing to call their home device, family members can just turn on the app at any time. Users can view live footage or rewind recordings after logging into the app.

Another advantage of apps is that they allow you to monitor several cameras without the need for multiple PCs to be connected. Pet-monitoring applications can also serve as a security system for your home.

There are additional possibilities for play, feeding, and dog training in pet-specific apps. Some of the apps, for example, can connect to a food dispenser system. You may remotely add food or treats to your pet’s bowl by pressing a button.

Is There an App That Can Watch My Dog at Home?

There are various free and commercial apps available for remotely monitoring your dog. The majority of the programs are compatible with Android, iOS, macOS, and PC desktops. The following are some of the most popular dog monitoring apps:


The term “Manything” refers to keeping track of everything. The app allows you to remotely monitor anything in and around your house by connecting to your CCTV system. It’s compatible with iOS, and it’s simple to use and free.


watch your dog while at work

Furbo provides two-way audio conversation as well as visual surveillance. It’s possible to see what the dog is up to. You can hear them as well, and they can hear you. The app, which comes with a food dispenser, allows you to provide rewards to your pets from afar. You may receive barking alerts and shoot images and videos.


You can set up a simple home surveillance system to watch your pet remotely if you have a Mac computer. You can easily access your Mac’s webcam from your iOS device. Simply dial your own number, and your Mac will answer your video call.


Petcube is a Wi-Fi-equipped camera that allows pet owners to keep an eye on their pets from afar. You can watch, communicate, and even play with a laser at your dog. You may also share access to the movies with family and friends via the Petcube app.


Barkio lets you keep an eye on your dog from afar. You’ll also receive notifications anytime the dog barks. A Night Light can also be turned on for enhanced vision. To keep your dog calm, you can record your voice or talk to them in real-time. You may also stream videos so that your dog can see you.

Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Linux are all supported by Barkio. Only two internet-connected devices are required. There’s no need to deploy cameras.


The Pawbo Life Pet Camera is a wireless device that connects to your home Wi-Fi and runs on batteries. Video is sent from the device to an app on your phone. It lets you keep an eye on your dog, give him treats, and communicate with him. You can play with your dog from afar with a laser pointer and keep them entertained.

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Are Pet Cameras Effective in Reducing Separation Anxiety?

watch your dog from work

A pet camera is an excellent way to stay in touch with your dog. Talking to your dog throughout the day will help calm them down and relieve their loneliness and boredom.

When humans are separated from their dogs, especially if it’s a new puppy, they experience separation anxiety as well. Knowing that you can see and communicate with your dog at any time helps calm our nerves. We want to know that the dog is safe, quiet, and at ease, and video monitoring eliminates the guessing by displaying real-time footage.

Pet monitoring apps, with all of their extra capabilities, can help with separation anxiety by:

  • Using a click sound to provide positive reinforcement.
  • Distract a worried dog by giving him treats at the right time.
  • Determine whether you require a pet sitter and whether you must return home.
  • Keep an eye out for damaging behavior like chewing on pillows or furnishings.
  • Improve your potty training even when you’re not at home.
  • Keep track of the puppy’s eating and toileting habits.
  • Keep an eye on the visitors and how the dog reacts. When the dog walker or the postman comes by, for example, how does the dog act?
  • Remotely communicate with your dog. If the dog recognizes your voice, it may have a calming impact on them when stressed.


It can be difficult to leave your pet at home while you head off to work for the day. But there are a few things you can do to help make the separation easier on both you and your furry friend. Hope that you can find it helpful in this article.

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