JBL Flip 5 Black Friday - Get The Best Bluetooth Speaker For An Unbeatable Price

JBL Flip 5 Black Friday – Get The Best Bluetooth Speaker For An Unbeatable Price

Black Friday is the perfect time to buy if you’re looking for a great deal on the JBL Flip 5. You can find great discounts on this popular speaker, making it an excellent gift for yourself or a friend.

Whether you’re looking for portability, excellent sound quality, or a stylish design, the JBL Flip 5 Black Friday has it all. So don’t wait any longer. Check out the deals on Black Friday and get your hands on this great speaker.

Why Should You Buy JBL Flip 5 On Black Friday?

Regarding Black Friday, Bluetooth speaker sales are frequently among the top-selling items. They are highly well-liked on Black Friday because of their portability, reasonable costs, and layered feature sets. Of course, a sizable discount helps!

One of the best brands out there is JBL. One of its more reasonably priced devices, the Flip 5, is anticipated to fly off the shelves on Black Friday. Let’s look at the top offers that are now available.

Although Black Friday isn’t quite here yet, companies like Best Buy, Walmart, QVC, and iRobot are already lowering prices on many highly regarded products.

Why Should You Buy JBL Flip 5 On Black Friday?



  • Waterproof to IPX7
  • tiny and transportable
  • Good sound
  • battery power
  • USB-C powering
  • Price


  • No support for Bluetooth 5 or high-end codecs
  • The sound quality for treks or the beach is decent but not spectacular.
  • Zero 3.5mm input

There aren’t many items that receive unanimous approval. People can research various thoughts and reviews before purchasing, from kitchen knives to cars. It’s not the case with inexpensive, water-resistant Bluetooth speakers.

For many years, my recommendation has been to just get the JBL Flip if you needed a speaker that you could take to the beach and wouldn’t break the bank. We used the JBL Flip 5 for a few weeks after it was released and thought it was a terrific speaker.

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Who is the JBL Flip 5 for?

  • Shower musicians Since it has IPX7 protection, water cannot penetrate it at all. Yes, this is fantastic for jam sessions by the pool, but it’s also ideal if you prefer to listen to music while getting ready in the morning.
  • Any person wants to purchase their first Bluetooth speaker. Even though this isn’t all that much better than the Flip 4, you might as well use the USB-C input to extend the life of your buy.
  • A person who plans to spend time outside. The Flip series has always been a terrific companion if you enjoy hiking, camping, or simply going to the beach, and the Flip 5 is no exception.

How’s The Build Quality Of The Flip 5?

The JBL Flip series is renowned for being tough if there is one thing. The Flip series began as splashproof and eventually advanced to becoming entirely waterproof, and the new JBL Flip 5 is no exception. It has an IPX7 rating, which means it can withstand being submerged in up to one meter of water, thanks to the tough fabric covering it. Tough rubber covers the exposed bass radiators on either end of the speaker.

The power and Bluetooth pairing buttons, as well as the USB-C input for charging the speaker, are located on the speaker’s back. When the speaker is turned on and is connected to a source device, both of these buttons have lights surrounding them. I hope it could be applied to the fabric-based playback buttons because it’s a nice function.

How’s The Build Quality Of The Flip 5?

I feel that they would be much easier to operate in low light conditions if they lit up or were at least painted a different color, even though it’s easy enough to distinguish which button is which thanks to the little protrusion away from the cloth. Although I like the contrast of black on black, I believe that making the buttons white or another bright color that stands out from the speaker will improve legibility.

I’m being picky because the JBL Flip 5 is made about as well as a $100 speaker intended for travel can be. You may hang the speaker from objects like branches or even showerheads thanks to a little loop that is built into the device and is supplied with a string.

Pro tip: If you get one of these, I suggest replacing the cheap shoelace thread with some sturdy, inexpensive paracord that you can use in an emergency while hiking.

From the JBL Flip 4, the speaker’s design hasn’t undergone significant alteration. The Flip 5 is still cylindrical and weighs only 540 grams, which makes it incredibly light. Any backpack’s water bottle pocket would be the ideal place to store this speaker. The fact that the Flip series is available in a variety of hues, including teal, all-black, and even pink, is another overlooked feature.

How Do You Control The JBL Flip 5?

The conventional playback controls, such as the volume up and down buttons, are provided. These are denoted by plus and minus signs, respectively. The play/pause button can be used to pause tracks or double-tap it to move to the next song.

Should You Download The JBL Portable App?

The Flip 5 and other JBL speakers may be used with the JBL Portable app (iOS/Android), which was formerly known as “JBL Connect.” The three-band EQ, feedback tone, firmware update, and PartyBoost mode are all accessible from this screen.

PartyBoost, as opposed to JBL Connect+, is only beneficial if you own multiple JBL speakers that are compatible with PartyBoost. In other words, connecting a Flip 5 to a Flip 4 is impossible.

To activate PartyBoost, simply press the speaker’s special PartyBoost button. You may then attach a second JBL speaker with it for stereo sound or simply to liven up your party. For whatever walk or beach trip I’ve ever taken, I’ve found that one speaker is more than adequate.

Should You Download The JBL Portable App?

The JBL Boombox and the UE Hyperboom are both enormous speakers that you shouldn’t have any trouble using for parties if you frequently find yourself in need of a second speaker to power your gatherings.

How Do You Pair The JBL Flip 5?

The JBL Flip 5 is still as easily paired as it was with any of the prior iterations. All that is required is:

  1. On the speaker’s rear, adjacent to the power button, press the Bluetooth button.
  2. When it starts blinking and beeping, you know you’ve entered pairing mode.
  3. On your device, launch the Settings app and select Bluetooth. From there, you ought to see “JBL Flip 5” in the list of compatible devices.
  4. Once you tap the icon, everyone is hooked up.

How Do You Pair The JBL Flip 5?

The connection is strong, and I am using my iPhone 11 Pro in my pocket. I had little trouble playing music around my flat. The speaker had to be turned on and off in order for playing to resume normally when there was a problem, though.

During testing, the audio sporadically started to skip and stutter, which was aggravating but thankfully not ongoing. Even while simply turning off the speaker seems to solve the problem, dealing with it is still undesirable.

How Long Does The JBL Flip 5’s Battery Last?

In our testing, we were able to achieve 9 hours and 27 minutes of continuous playback from the JBL Flip 5, which isn’t awful at all but falls just short of the 12 hours that JBL claims you’ll receive. That’s still more than enough for a fulfilling day hike or a typical beach day.

How Does The JBL Flip 5 Sound?

Be aware that the Flip 5 is a low-cost Bluetooth speaker before you extrapolate too much from a heavily smoothed chart. No matter what speaker you purchase for less than a few hundred dollars, you would have to put up with the roll-off at 60Hz. However, you are not only able to ignore it entirely.

The fact that this is only an approximate estimate of the Flip 5’s performance should also be noted, given that you’ll probably be utilizing it in less-than-ideal circumstances. You won’t always hear it in a setting that is sound-dampened or anechoic, so it won’t always be an accurate representation of what you’ll hear. You’ll listen to it inside a building, outdoors in a yard, or in a busy environment like a beach.

How Does The JBL Flip 5 Sound?

JBL improved the speaker’s internal driver to give it a deeper bass end, and from what I could tell, the firm was successful. JBL’s wireless speakers typically increase the bass response of notes from middle C and below by 2 to 8 dB.

This is the case with the Flip 5, and you won’t need to fuss about any in-app equalizers or other such nonsense to be satisfied with the sound. Start using it after removing it from the packaging.

Midpoints, highs, and lows

Compared to the JBL Flip 4, the bass response feels like it was given more focus this time. It won’t be the best thing you’ve ever heard, though.

The distinction is slight, and if you’re lounging in the backyard or on the beach, it’s likely that you’re streaming from a provider with mediocre sound quality, like Spotify. The intricacies of the bass response won’t be audible if you aren’t truly listening for them.

Even so, it’s a nice addition to Tame Impala’s The Less I Know The Better, where, in my opinion, the groovy bassline serves as the song’s primary musical element. Although it seems audible enough, the Flip 5 is unable to go extremely low due to a sharp drop-off at frequencies below about 100Hz.

When listening to podcasts, this isn’t a big concern because there isn’t much going on besides voices, but in songs with a lot going on, like Ra Ra Riot’s Ghost Under Rocks, some instrumentation lacks clarity as sounds like guitars and strings compete with the singers for volume throughout the chorus.

The highs are also rather quiet, and you could occasionally find yourself raising the levels. The shakers and cymbals throughout the same tune seem more like strange hisses due to how low and muddled they are.

Does the JBL Flip 5 Have A Microphone?

No, there is no microphone on the Flip 5. So you won’t get that here if you were looking for a speaker to take calls on or if you wanted access to your phone’s personal assistant. The Flip 4 is required for a microphone.

Does the JBL Flip 5 have a microphone?

Should you Get the JBL Flip 5?

The JBL Flip 5 is definitely worth it if you don’t already have a Bluetooth speaker and are searching for a cheap speaker to take on your next journey. Its small size, strong waterproof fabric, good sound, and respectable battery life make it a great choice for just about everyone.

Should you Get the JBL Flip 5?

So, the JBL speaker deal in 2022 is worth considering, especially Flip 5. In addition to the new color palette, JBL has also produced an environmentally friendly Flip 5 that is 90% recycled plastic and can be purchased at a reduced price through the Amazon Renewed program. There is virtually no reason to buy an upgrade if you already own a JBL Flip 4, particularly if you desire a microphone.


Before you mentioned YouTube video lag, I thought the JBL Flip 5 was the one for me. Is there a Bluetooth speaker like this one that would be more suitable for watching videos?

This is a challenging issue to answer because everyone’s answers vary because of hard-to-quantify factors from various hardware providing the audio signal through Bluetooth. Additionally, there will be latency because it is Bluetooth. Thus it also relies on how much latency you find acceptable. The best goal is often 80 milliseconds or fewer.

In general, speakers that support aptX—ideally aptX-LL (low-latency)—will produce superior performance. One test looked to favorably demonstrate the Sony XB40 at about 80 milliseconds, which supports SBC, AAC, and LDAC, and there was no sign of aptX, demonstrating how difficult it is to suggest strict guidelines.

Having said that, JBL speakers appear to constantly experience latency difficulties while streaming YouTube over Bluetooth. Look for aptX Adaptive, aptX, and maybe LDAC codecs, and make sure whatever you decide to buy has a decent returns policy because your results will vary depending on your gear.

JBL Flip 5 deal

What would be the best app to use with my JBL Flip5 for volume boost, EQ, and bass?

Your JBL’s maximum volume is kind of all you’ve got. Regarding EQ apps, I’d advise looking at this list provided by our sister site.

Can you flip 5 vertically?

Yes, although you might want to pick it up or position it horizontally if you want to press any buttons.

I’m here. First off, this review is fantastic, and the descriptions are quite vivid. I’ve been debating getting a Bluetooth speaker for a while. But based on the reviews, I can’t decide between the JBL Flip5 and the UE Boom 3.

Really, it all depends on your priorities. The Flip 5 often costs a little less. In practice, battery life is rather comparable. Unlike the earlier micro USB on the Boom 3, the Flip 5 offers USB-C charging.

The Boom 3 has the advantage in terms of waterproofness and dustproofness, thanks to its IP67 rating. The Boom 3 floats, which could cause you to sway. It will come down to what you prioritize since neither will blow you away with audiophile quality, but they are both rather loud.

What distinguishes the JBL Flip 4 from the JBL Flip 5?

The JBL Flip 4 and the JBL Flip 5 have a few variations. For starters, the Flip 5 uses USB-C for charging, whereas the older model uses micro USB. Both portable speakers allow connections to other JBL speakers; however, only the Flip 5 can connect to other JBL speakers that offer PartyBoost.

What distinguishes the JBL Flip 4 from the JBL Flip 5?

The Flip 4 supports JBL Connect+, a heritage capability. Although quite restrictive, this offers certain benefits: While JBL Connect+ stereo mode fails to maintain a connection between speakers, PartyBoost offers genuine stereo playback.

From the Flip 4 to the Flip 5, real-world battery performance has increased by double. The Flip 4 has a microphone for speakerphone calls. However, the Flip 5 does not.


JBL offers a great deal on their Flip 5 Bluetooth speaker just in time for Black Friday. This portable and powerful speaker is perfect for any music lover. It’s a steal! The Flip 5 features JBL’s signature sound and is compatible with any smart device. So grab one before they’re all gone! Hope this article helped you decide whether or not the JBL Flip 5 is the right speaker for you.

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