Lorex Camera Review 2022: Is It A Best Choice For Home Safe?

Lorex Camera Review 2022: Is It A Best Choice For Home Safe?

Lorex is a leading brand in the home security industry and offers a wide range of security cameras to meet the needs of any home or business. The Lorex Camera Review will provide an overview of the features and benefits of those security cameras to help you make an informed decision about which camera is right for you.

Lorex Security Camera Overview

lorex security camera reviews

Lorex, a well-established company for home security, offers both wired and wireless cameras to enhance your home’s security system. Although the company does not provide professional monitoring, its systems do not come with a monthly charge. Lorex offers a wide range of home security equipment that allows you to create your DIY system.

Lorex also has a range of innovative home products that can be used with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.


  • HD Video Quality (4K for some Models)
  • Long-Range Color Night Vision
  • There are many types of equipment and bundle options.
  • Smooth App Experience
  • No Monthly Fees or Contracts
  • The Home Security Industry has a long history


  • Lorex Website is difficult to navigate
  • Occasional false notifications
  • There are no professional monitoring options
  • Limited hours of customer service

Lorex Camera Review

lorex security cameras review

Lorex Cameras – First Impressions

Lorex is very focused on cameras. Although they do sell a few entry sensors and whole-home surveillance systems, it is very different from ADT home monitoring pricing and packages. There are cameras and lots of them.

The brand offers a wide range of products, including 8-channel NVR security systems, wire-free floodlight models and spotlight models. This lineup is sure to have something for everyone.

Lorex is a new company, so be aware that it can be overwhelming to choose from their many products. There are many tabs, windows, graphics and apps to navigate through, as well as the various item names, models and product codes. Lorex offers a helpful beginner’s guide for their cameras that will help you narrow down your selection. Start by selecting four categories of cameras: analog cameras, IP cameras and Wi-Fi cameras.

Storage With the One TB Hard Drive

The system included a single main hard drive connected to all four cameras and saved all video footage. Five hundred hours of video were stored on the one-TB hard drive. This is equivalent to 250 full-length movies.

We had the option to upgrade the hard drive or add additional purposes. We all know that upgrades are more costly. In this case, however, it was not a surprise. The larger the hard drive, generally speaking. Find out more information about components costs on the Lorex pricing page.

Image Resolution

Lorex Image Resolution

You should be able to see the camera in 1080p HD resolution if you stand still and take in the view. I was able to see the camera in full 1080p HD resolution all day. The technology did not slow down my Wi-Fi or overwhelm recordings.

It’s a great idea to explore the app from there. You can change the default HD setting of your outdoor camera to standard definition (SD) if you are concerned about straining your Wi-Fi.

Lorex has a significant advantage: it is a spotlight camera. This will give you some excellent illumination in dimmer areas.

Motion Sensitivity

Lorex camera reviews

It was evident that Lorex’s motion sensitivity feature was required after repeatedly testing the camera. These cameras are sensitive and comparable to most wireless cameras. Another way to reduce unwanted alerts is to limit the types of motion that the camera records –

This feature adds another layer to motion detection control. The concept of sensitivity sliders isn’t new. The feature was prominently featured in my analysis of D-Link security cameras. However, regardless of the brand, sensitivity adjustment can be a powerful tool for understanding how security cameras perform in various situations and locations.

Sound Detection

Lorex’s Sound Detection was another example of how this camera can be controlled. You won’t want to receive notifications every time a car passes your home if you live in high-traffic areas. Would you like to be notified if your drinking glass falls off the table in your kitchen during the night? Absolutely!

Lorex Indoor: The Full Experience

Lorex indoor cam uses a simple design. The cam is shaped like a raindrop, or a navigation marker, depending on your mood. It blends well with your home decor and is lightweight and slim. One complaint would be the bulky power cord that runs alongside it. It’s always nice to have an alternative battery to prevent wire exposure. You can see our complete roundup of the top battery-powered cameras for more ideas.

These are plug-in cameras, so you will want to ensure they are near a power outlet.

There are many situations where a Lorex camera would be helpful. If your children ever need to go to school from home, it will be nice to have at least one of these Lorex cameras to help with the mundane tasks.

Person Detection

Indoor cameras can also detect people, similar to the outdoor Lorex. Outdoor models can detect specific objects such as animals, people, and vehicles. It’s nice to have a few of these top indoor cameras but remember that more cameras add person detection to their feature sets.

Installing Our System

Although it was difficult and time-consuming, the installation was possible. A few cameras and a Digital Video Recorder were required to be installed near the router. To ensure everything worked, it was essential to ensure that all long wires were connected. We used tape to attach the cables to the ceiling to reduce the risk of trips and keep them out of our way.

We needed a ladder, screwdriver, and drill to install the system. We had some questions after reading the instructions. That’s when we called customer support. Although we had the option to chat live with a Lorex customer service representative on the Lorex website (which was more time-consuming), it was not an option.

Although we were hopeful that our representative would be able to answer our questions, we weren’t able to get the service we wanted. We spoke to a representative who was not very helpful and seemed too busy. Although he did help us set up our system, it was not the best experience.

Read more: How to install security cameras

The Lorex Secure App

Our Lorex system was self-monitored, so a good app was essential. That’s where we could view our Livestream and receive notifications. The product worked on both Android and Apple devices. After downloading the app, we received push notifications, could see both recorded and live video, and were able to group cameras.

We grouped our outdoor cameras, making it possible to Livestream multiple cameras simultaneously. Because we could see various locations simultaneously, it was easy to do the self-monitoring part of live streaming.

Lorex Packages and Pricing

Lorex has received a lot of praise for its 4K Ultra HD camera packages, mainly due to its NVR5 and DVR5 camera systems. Their Wi-Fi cameras have also been growing, including the two that I reviewed.

The Lorex indoor camera is affordable at $39.99. The upgraded version, which has a 2K HD resolution and 1080p, is available for $49.99. The outdoor version that I tested is no longer available directly from Lorex, but it can be found at Amazon and Best Buy for $150.

Remember that these are only two cameras in an extensive selection of cameras. Our in-depth comparison guide to security systems will help you narrow down the best home security equipment.

It is important to remember that surveillance cameras systems are the bread and butter of a brand.

Check out our Top Best Home Security Cameras on the market.

Lorex Security Cameras Reviews

Lorex camera system reviews

1. Lorex Home Center: Overall winner

The Lorex Home Center is an intelligent display that functions as a Bluetooth speaker, home security system, and DVR. You can secure your house without monthly fees or even a smartphone by connecting the Home Center to compatible cameras and sensors. Face unlock or a PIN can also be used to limit access.

You usually don’t have control over the cameras on bright screens like the Echo Show and Nest Hub. Lorex Home Center, on the other hand, gives you complete control over any Lorex cameras you connect to the system. In the Lorex Home app, you can alter settings, use two-way audio, and examine recordings.

Home Center comes with two Lorex Smart Indoor/Outdoor cameras that you may connect to the system without an internet connection, ideal for your remote wilderness retreat. These cameras have a good night vision range of up to 51 feet and capture clear 1080p video.

The Lorex Home Center can accommodate up to eight 1080p cameras or four 2K cameras (though no 2K cameras are compatible currently). And you’re not going to run out of space any time soon. It starts with a big 64 GB microSD card, but you can expand the system with a microSD card up to 256 GB or an M.2 2280 SATA solid-state drive up to 1 TB via the back extension connection.

As lovely as it is, the Home Center is only compatible with the Lorex Smart Indoor camera, Lorex Smart Indoor Pan-Tilt camera, Lorex Floodlight Camera, and Lorex 1080p Video Doorbell. Unlike the Lorex Smart Indoor/Outdoor camera, these cameras require the Lorex Home app to connect to the Home Center.

It also doesn’t operate with 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi networks, which isn’t ideal for people who have older routers. Fortunately, 5 GHz Wi-Fi is widely available, so it isn’t a significant issue for most people.

This model is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to monitor cameras without using the internet or a mobile device. It took us less than 15 minutes to display this camera-focused brilliant display. While it isn’t compatible with every Lorex camera, it covers most of them to let you put together a top-notch home security system.

Lorex Smart Home Security...
87 Reviews

2. Lorex 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Camera: The most cost-effective option.

The Lorex 1080p Full HD Smart Indoor Wi-Fi Camera is Lorex’s most budget-friendly solution. It’s not as cheap as Wyze Cam v3, but its Lorex Home Center compatibility makes it an ideal option to expand that system to cover more rooms.

It includes a 16 GB microSD card, which is one less thing to buy if you want local storage, unlike other cheap security cameras. It supports cards up to 256 GB, putting it ahead of competitors like Eufy and Reolink, which only support 128 GB. A 256 GB microSD card costs almost as much as the camera itself, but the extra storage is ideal for people who wish to record continuously, such as a home-based small business.

It also works with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant smart displays, which we enjoy. This means you can view live video footage with a simple voice command, but you won’t have access to the Lorex Home app or the Lorex Home Center’s interactive features.

The 1080p resolution isn’t the most fantastic Lorex offers. Still, it’ll suffice to let you spot essential facts for a police report after a break-in or to capture a heartwarming video clip for your family.

We enjoy the Lorex Smart Indoor camera because of its low price, large storage capacity, and intelligent Center Home display compatibility. It isn’t as cheap as some other budget security cameras, but the inbuilt storage might help you save money and time when choosing a microSD card.

Lorex Indoor Wired Security...
397 Reviews

3. Lorex Home Hub: Best wire-free camera

The Lorex Home Hub includes battery-powered cameras that provide more installation freedom than wired Lorex cameras, mainly because the wireless cameras can be used indoors and outdoors. The bundle comprises three cameras and boasts a higher 2K video resolution while costing about the same as the Lorex Home Center.

The Home Hub-compatible wire-free cameras feature a 140o field of view, which means they can observe a larger area than previous Lorex cameras (except the doorbells). Outdoor cameras that don’t have to contend with inside walls benefit from a large field of view.

The battery life of these cameras is listed as 3 to 6 months, which is less than that of cameras like the Arlo Essential XL, though you may purchase an adapter for continuous power. The Lorex Home Hub, like other Lorex camera systems, has local storage (a 32 GB microSD card) and connects with the Lorex Home mobile app.

The Lorex Home Hub’s most significant flaw is that it doesn’t work with Lorex Home Center or other Lorex cameras. The Lorex Home Hub bundles with up to six cameras are available if you want extra cameras—the Home Hub doesn’t support more than that. We don’t advocate buying add-on wire-free cameras separately because they cost roughly $180 each, but the six-camera bundle costs as little as $116.

Overall, the Lorex Home Hub is a good value for money when it comes to battery-powered security cameras.

Lorex Home Hub 32GB with Three...
46 Reviews

4. Lorex 4K Analog System: Best multi-camera system

Unlike the other Lorex cameras in our evaluation, the Lorex 4K Analog System needs wired video cables. (Though it is undoubtedly reflective of most Lorex cameras not included on our list.) Its DVR has a massive 2 TB hard drive—you’ll need as much space as you can with a 4K video.

The video quality of this 4K multi-camera system is the greatest of any camera in our top five, and it costs roughly $400. Considering that it has four cameras, the cost per camera falls below $100. (It can accommodate up to eight cameras.) 4K video has four times the pixels of 1080p video, resulting in remarkable detail that works well with digital zoom. The cameras also have a 120-foot infrared night vision range, ideal for lighting up big backyards in the dark.

Unlike the other cameras on our list, this one transmits video to the DVR through long video cables (with a separate power cord). This means that no video will be transmitted over your Wi-Fi network, freeing up bandwidth for other devices.

However, because you must string the cables throughout the house, it adds a significant amount of time to the installation process—just getting wires to appear neat and mix in with your decor is a nightmare. You’ll need to figure out how to get the cables to the cameras if you want to install them outside.

Overall, this Lorex 4K camera system is a good value for money, offering superb 4K video quality at a reasonable price. However, the additional installation time does not make it the most convenient camera solution. Before committing to this connected behemoth, investigate a solution like Lorex Home Hub, which has a more straightforward installation.

Lorex 4K Indoor/Outdoor Analog...
48 Reviews


Lorex is a world leader in security camera technology, and its products are used by homeowners and businesses around the globe. We’ve put together a comprehensive review of Lorex’s top-rated security cameras to help you decide which one is right for you.

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