Night Owl Vs Lorex Security Camera 2022: Which Is Better?

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security Camera 2022: Which Is Better?

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a security camera, and one of the main ones is whether you want Lorex vs Night Owl. Both have their pros and cons, so it’s important to weigh your options before making a decision.

Nigh Owl Vs Lorex Overview

Night Owl Pros & Cons


  • There are no monthly fees
  • Multi-camera systems
  • Doorbell camera at an affordable price
  • Cheaper equipment


  • No cloud storage
  • Apps of low quality
  • There are only two options for battery-powered power
  • Integration of smart homes is limited

If you have a tight budget, Night Owl is the best option.

Night Owl is the best option for budget-minded people, especially if you need a video doorbell. It’s doorbell costs almost $100 less than Lorex’s. The brand is a little cheaper than Lorex if you are looking for multi-camera packages.

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Lorex Pros & Cons


  • There are no monthly fees
  • Multi-camera systems
  • Multi-featured doorbell camera
  • Home center to view camera footage


  • No cloud storage
  • Higher prices

Lorex is the best for everyone

Lorex is great for just about anyone. We love the variety of camera options and doorbell cameras. The home center allows you to view footage from your camera.

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Lorex Vs Night Owl Similarities

Lorex vs Night Owl security Camera

There is a slight overlap between the cameras.

Outdoor Durability

Both cameras are outdoor cameras and have IP ratings of 65. What does this mean? What does that mean?

Infrared and Color Night Vision

Both cameras can be used at night to show images in black-and-white or color. We prefer cameras with infrared night vision because it allows us to see our front steps without others knowing.

No Cloud Storage

Both cameras do not offer cloud storage. Instead, both come with local storage devices. We’ll explain more in a moment. You can upload your local storage to a cloud server, but that will require you to do it manually.

Google Assistant Integrations

Both cameras can be controlled using Google Assistant. Both cameras will work with a Google Home security system.

Both cameras can be used with Google Assistant. Lorex has more capabilities, such as turning the camera on or off. We’ll show you why Lorex is better for smart homes than Night Owl. It has four more integrations.


Night Owl and Lorex do not offer 24/7 professional monitoring of their cameras. If you are looking for self-monitored security, either camera can work. Our home security was very affordable as we didn’t pay any monthly fees.

DIY Installation

Do-it-yourself, or DIY home security installation, is how we installed both cameras. Lorex was much easier because it was wireless. We just had to place it outside and plug the camera inside. The Night Owl Wired Bullet Camera required more cables, including a bulky hard disk.

Lorex Vs Night Owl Differences

night owl vs lorex security system

You can’t buy Lorex or Night Owl in the same shops. It’s not the same thing.

Video Resolution

The Night Owl Wired Bullet Camera is capable of 1080p HD video resolution. However, the Lorex camera has 2K resolution. Clearer images can be helpful in criminal investigations.

Fields of View

Lorex has a better-quality video, with a field of view of 140 degrees compared to Night Owl’s 120 degrees (180 degrees is the maximum). A wider field of view allows us to see more from a single camera.

Two-Way Audio

The 2K camera features speakers and microphones. This allowed us to communicate with people via the camera and our mobile apps. The Night Owl could not have these conversations, which is a significant drawback.

The Amount of Local Storage

You should have video recording on both cloud storage and local storage for any security camera. Both camera packages came with local storage. However, the sizes and forms of these local storage options were different. The Night Owl Wired Bullet Camera included a 1TB hard drive, and the Lorex 2K had a 32GB micro-SD card.

According to our calculations, the Night Owl camera has 32 times the storage capacity. The Lorex 2K can be used with micro-SD cards up to 256GB. This makes Night Owl storage four times smaller.

Bottom line: Night Owl is the best choice for more local storage.

Person Detection

Lorex’s artificial intelligence is another win. It can distinguish people from moving objects. Let’s face it; our phone annoys us enough times per day that we don’t need to be notified every time the wind blows. Night Owl sent us a lot of unnecessary notifications, but Lorex only alerted us when Lorex detected people. Both cameras can be motion-activated, but their motion detection is different.


Lorex Wireless 2K Camera includes a hub. Night Owl doesn’t (though you should not forget the 1 TB hard drive). The hub installation was easy, and we won’t let that stop you from using Lorex.


night owl vs lorex mobile app

Our Night Owl and Lorex cameras could be controlled via their mobile apps. Lorex gave us more options, including the ability to speak through two-way audio and create smart home integrations. Lorex Home was less buggy than Night Owl X when we tested it on both our iPhones and Android.

Power Source

The major difference is that the Night Owl bullet camera and the Lorex camera are wireless. The Night Owl came with:

  • One power adapter
  • Four cables
  • Four-way splitter for camera power

Lorex is the best option for outdoor wireless cameras. Night Owl is a better choice if you prefer wired security to wireless security.

Pricing and Packages

The Night Owl four-camera Kit and the Lorex two camera Kit cost the same ($349.99), but the features you get with each system are different. Technically, the Night Owl camera is 50% cheaper than the Lorex, which means you get more value if you need a security system to protect a large house.

Lorex has a deal for the Lorex Video Doorbell. Read our Lorex Video Doorbell Review to learn more. You can save some money when you purchase the 2K camera along with the doorbell. If you are looking for doorbell camera Black Friday discounts, Black Friday security camera deals or Black Friday doorbell camera deals, learn more about Lorex camera prices, Lorex Video Doorbell cost, and Lorex Black Friday camera deals.

Privacy Zones

Although it is legal to use a security camera, if the camera sees part of your neighbor’s property from your outdoor location, you may be violating state or local laws. Many security cameras have solved this problem using activity zones, or as Lorex calls them, privacy zones.

We used this feature by going into Lorex Home and drawing an outline of our property to ensure that the camera only tracks what is ours. This not only protected us from being accidentally spied on but also resulted in fewer notifications. While we don’t mind if someone is on our neighbor’s porch, we care if they are loitering on ours.

Lorex Vs Night Owl Security – Which is Better?

Lorex security cameras are a top choice because of their features, ease of use, support, installation, and cost. Lorex equipment is an excellent choice if you want to monitor your house or office from home. It comes with fully-featured cameras, DVRs and great support.

Night Owl is a better choice for those who want more from a commercial security solution. Night Owl surveillance equipment allows you to enjoy up to 6 months of built-in video space without any fees. There are many options available for both analog and wireless cameras that will suit your budget and needs. Night Owl systems are equipped with many features that provide security and peace of mind with unparalleled ease of use.

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