Mackeeper App Review Get A Free Trial And Protect Your Mac 2022

Mackeeper App Review: Get A Free Trial And Protect Your Mac 2022

If you’re looking for a comprehensive Mac security and optimization app, you’ll want to check out MacKeeper app review. In this post, we’ll take a close look at what MacKeeper has to offer and see if it’s worth the price.

Reviews On Mackeeper

MacKeeper has evolved into an outstanding all-around security and optimization utility for real Mac users. The presence of a built-in VPN service is also a huge benefit.


  • Many security, privacy, and performance features beyond basic antivirus protection
  • Integrated VPN
  • One perfect lab test score
  • Speedy on-demand malware scan
  • All-inclusive premium services are available


  • No protection against malicious or fraudulent URLs
  • Premium services are disproportionately expensive

A Checkered Past

If you’re an old-timer in the world of Mac security, you may be familiar with MacKeeper, and not in a good way. Quite a few years ago, the company had a reputation as scareware, meaning that its free version reported fake problems to scare Mac users into paying for a fix.

In 2014, the company was involved in a lawsuit over these behaviors, as well as the behaviors of their out-of-control affiliates.

MacKeeper software is now owned by a different company, Clario, which also publishes the unusual Clario antivirus scan for Mac. The company sought and obtained certification for MacKeeper from AppEsteem, a site devoted to eliminating deceptive practices by apps of various types.

Of course, as AppEsteem’s CEO confirmed, brands that have never been accused of deceptive practices don’t have any need for certification. Still, MacKeeper does seem to have reined in those rogue affiliates and cleared away any tinge of scareware behavior.

How Much Does MacKeeper Cost?

mackeeper review- How Much Does MacKeeper Cost?

Unfortunately, MacKeeper doesn’t offer a trial version. You can only clean or uninstall apps or junk once before switching to the paid version.

At the time this review was originally written, MacKeeper was undeniably expensive. If you chose to pay for it monthly, it was $16.95 per month or a whopping $203.40 per year.

You were choosing to pay for a year at a time, gt that down to $119.40 per year, the equivalent of $9.95 per month. And for $139 per year, you could protect three Macs.

Those list prices changed during the review process. At one point, the discounted three-Mac yearly price became $83.40.

Between one day and the next, the three-Mac option vanished, replaced by a two-year license that was listed for $358.80, discounted to $118.80. And the monthly list price went from $16.95 to $14.95.

In the ensuing weeks, the pricing seems to have settled down. At present, a one-year one-Mac subscription lists for $71.40, and $89.40 extends that protection to three Macs. Monthly pricing is available, but $10.95 per month adds up to a tidy sum as the months go by.

Airo Antivirus for Mac and Intego are on the pricey side, both at $99.99 per year, and Clario is about the same, but that price gets you three licenses for each. It’s true that MacKeeper goes beyond mere anti-virus, including VPN protection, ad blocking, system clean-up, and more.

But Norton’s Mac product is a full-scale security suite, and your $104.99 subscription to Norton gets you five cross-platform licenses plus five no-limits VPN licenses and 50GB of storage for your online backups.

The most common price for a single macOS anti-virus license is around $40 per year—a little more than half of what MacKeeper costs.

McAfee AntiVirus Plus (for Mac) deserves special mention. It runs $59.99 per year, a good bit less than MacKeeper’s three-license price. And with one subscription, you can install McAfee protection on all devices in your household, whether they run macOS, Windows, iOS, or Android.

You can, of course, get macOS anti-virus protection for no charge at all. Avira Free Antivirus scan for Mac, Avast, AVG, and Sophos Home Free (for Mac) all offer free protection for your Mac. As I’ll detail below, Avast got near-perfect scores from two independent labs.

Some macOS security products require the very newest versions of macOS, while others are happy with macOS versions that can charitably be called antique.

ProtectWorks AntiVirus (for Mac), for example, is happy with anything from 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to the present. MacKeeper falls in between; like McAfee and Vipre, it requires at least 10.11 (El Capitan).

Getting Started With MacKeeper

mackeeper review- Getting Started With MacKeeper

On my test Mac, MacKeeper’s installation went quickly. Right after installation, it started to scan the Mac. When We Last reviewed MacKeeper, we found that the scan reported problems but asked for payment before it would fix them.

This time around, We halted the initial scan and activated the product with my license key for a smoother experience.

With the product being activated, We ran the scan again. It didn’t take long, and it turned up lots of things to fix. The scan window displays four quadrants, Security, Privacy Cleaning, and Performance.

After the scan, the Security quadrant displayed a red warning that real-time virus protection wasn’t enabled, noting that “it’s a must on Macs.” We agree, so why isn’t it enabled out of the box? On the security details page, We also learned that the scan found no adware or PUAs (Potentially Unwanted Applications).

Before going for the bug fix, we reviewed the other quadrants. Under Cleaning, MacKeeper reported that, between junk files, duplicate files, and “app leftovers,” it could recover 1.2GB of valuable disk space.

The Performance tab reported two outdated apps and no “useless start-up items.” Privacy recommendations included submitting email addresses for a data breach scan and turning on the StopAd component.

Having reviewed the findings, We finished the scan and clicked the big Fix Items Safely button. Normal Mac users would simply scan, fix, and continue with their lives, I’m sure.

With the automated part of the scan finished, MacKeeper advised a few more actions. It didn’t automatically enable real-time protection (why not?), so we took care of that under the program’s direction.

It led me through enabling the access permissions that MacKeeper’s anti-virus component needs (something that happens with every macOS anti-virus). It instructed me to give the product full disk access (another standard requirement).

Finally, it had me enable the StopAd ad blocker in Chrome and Safari.

With that, We had almost reached the app’s maximum protection. All that remained was to configure ID Theft Guard. I’ll go into more detail about ID Theft Guard below.

Note that the browser extensions strictly block ads. MacKeeper doesn’t attempt to divert the browser from malware-hosting sites or fraudulent (phishing) sites the way Bitdefender, Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac, Norton, and most competing products do. Nor does it mark dangerous links in search results.

MacKeeper Security Features

MacKeeper Security Features

Antivirus Scanner

The integrated anti-virus scanner for MacKeeper can be found at MacKeeper’s top, under SecuritySecurity. You can run a complete system scan here to identify any malware or malicious files on your Mac.

You can run a custom scan, which allows you to scan only specific files. There is no quick scan option. After downloading the software, We ran a complete scan. It took me 50 minutes, and we found no malware on my Mac.

The scan did not show me how many files had been scanned, so We didn’t know if the entire system was scanned.

In order to test my system, we downloaded malware samples from Mac, as well as spyware and ran another scan. MacKeeper’s anti-virus scanner detected 99% of the malware samples that we had downloaded.

We were immediately motivated to respond to these threats by either deleting the files or quarantining them — quarantine is a useful feature that allows you to see all potentially harmful files and can be used to mark them as safe or delete them.

After running multiple scans, the scan times were not faster. This is because MacKeeper does not use file caching to identify files that are safe. Intego and other antivirus software for Macs use file caching to skip past scanned files and slow down subsequent scans.

MacKeeper does not use this. MacKeeper’s scans were faster than many antivirus software and didn’t slow my computer down while they were running.

When you first run the anti-virus scanner, the prompt will ask you to activate the real-time protection. It’s not enabled by default, which We find odd. However, real-time protection is simple to activate and is impossible to miss. It will remain on until you deactivate it manually.

MacKeeper’s real-time anti-virus scanner runs in the background and checks every file for malware immediately after it is downloaded. MacKeeper’s real-time protection was tested by me downloading a virus-infected file.

We were happy to see that MacKeeper caught the infection immediately. We received a notification and were prompted to move the files into quarantine. We could then delete them.

Overall, We were very impressed by MacKeeper’s antivirus scanner. It would be nice to know how many files were scanned each time. We also find it disappointing that the scanner does not use file caching such as Intego to speed up future scans.

MacKeeper’s malware detection score is excellent, which is my primary priority.

Adware Cleaner

Mackeeper Review

Adware Cleaner scans your Mac for adware and removes it. It also monitors the system in real-time to protect you against new adware. This is unusual as it’s not a separate scanner.

Most anti-virus products have adware cleaners built-in. However, this is also true for top-rated competitors such as TotalAV and Avira, which offer some of the most powerful anti-malware tools available. MacKeeper’s focus on this tool is a good thing, as not all internet security products can detect adware.

Adware Cleaner took less than five minutes to scan my Mac. It found several adware threats that had been present for years. The previous owner was a gamer, so many of the adware files were tied to gaming sites. After the scan was completed, We were able quickly to delete all malicious software.

The real-time adware scanning function was not automatically enabled as We were prompted to enable it when We ran Adware Cleaner. It would be logical that real-time monitoring of adware should be enabled by default. However, it is super easy to set it up. You can activate real-time protection by clicking the link.

Overall, Adware Cleaner is a great app. It is quick and simple to use, and it gives me the peace of mind that my computer is not being sprayed with unwanted ads.

ID Theft Guard

Mackeeper Review - ID Theft Guard

It can help you protect yourself against identity theft. It monitors your email addresses and alerts you whenever there is a breach.

This feature makes MacKeeper stand out. Although it isn’t as extensive as Norton’s dark-web monitoring, which employs human agents to monitor the web for personally identifiable information, it’s still a useful feature.

Intego, the most popular anti-virus product for Macs, doesn’t offer dark web monitoring. Bitdefender and TotalAV offer it only as an add-on. MacKeeper’s ID Theft Guard, however, is more comprehensive than what’s available from many of its competitors.

The ID Theft Guard automatically identifies all email addresses linked to your device the first time you use it. These email addresses will be available for you to review, and then select the ones that you wish to inspect for potential breaches first. You can also add any additional email addresses that you wish to verify.

ID Theft Guard correctly identified eight email addresses that were associated with my Mac. Many of these addresses were out of date and no longer in use. However, it was extremely helpful to be able to check if they had been breached at any point.

Oddly enough, ID Theft Guard initially said that no breaches were found. However, a popup alerted me 5 minutes later to five data breaches.

This feature impressed me, despite the odd 5-minute delay.

First, ID Theft Guard demanded that we verify my identity using a security code sent via email to the in question email address.

The program then displayed exact details about each breach, including details of the breach and the names of the companies affected. It also offered the option to view the password we used.

MacKeeper offers a link to take you to the site in question to reset your password. Or you can do it yourself. After you have resolved the issue, click Resolve to remove it from your dashboard.

One of the breached businesses was named “Sensitive” in my case. MacKeeper explained that this was due to legal reasons and that disclosing the source would compromise an ongoing investigation into a breach.

It still allows you to see the password. If you do not recognize it, you can change it manually on that site.

We believe ID Theft Guard overall is a fantastic feature. Although it isn’t as extensive as Norton’s dark-web monitoring, it offers more than many anti-virus products.

It is also very easy to use and manage. We felt much better knowing that MacKeeper had prevented a lot of my personal data from being misused.

Private Connect VPN

mackeeper review-VPN Private Connect

Private Connect is an excellent addition to MacKeeper’s suite of anti-virus products. Some anti-virus products don’t include a VPN. Others have too many restrictions that they aren’t very useful.

Private Connect, like all VPNs, is designed to protect your privacy and increase your SecuritySecurity against hackers. Private Connect hides your IP address and encrypts your sensitive information. This is crucial if your use public Wi-Fi networks as we do.

Although we don’t like a lot of VPNs that are bundled with antivirus software, MacKeeper’s VPN is quite impressive. It includes:

  • Unlimited data
  • AES encryption with 256 bits of military-grade.
  • WebRTC and DNS leak protection
  • Large server network with 300+ locations in 50+ countries.
  • P2P torrenting is possible on some servers

TotalAV is the only antivirus-bundled VPN that we know of that allows torrenting and includes unlimited data. Bitdefender is a great VPN. You will need to upgrade to get unlimited data. While McAfee and Norton VPNs offer unlimited data, they do not allow torrenting and are limited to basic browsing.

In my tests, we were impressed by the speed of MacKeeper VPN. Although VPNs can cause internet connection slowdowns, my download speeds decreased by 20% when we connected to the “Best Available Server” — this is comparable with standalone brands such as ExpressVPN and ProtonVPN.

Although the upload speeds dropped slightly when we connected to a USA server (Weam based in Spain), they were still much faster than We expected.

The speeds dropped by more than 80% when we connected to an Australian server, which is far from my location. However, websites loaded in a matter of seconds. We were able to stream a movie with no buffering.

MacKeeper’s VPN is able to access streaming sites consistently, something that many other VPNs can’t do. Avira’s VPN does not work with Netflix. Some standalone VPNs like Mullvad VPN are not recommended for streaming.

The only problem we have with MacKeeper VPN is the inability to understand how it handles Mac user data or if it has a policy against logs. This was something we found concerning. We contacted customer service on several occasions and did not get any clear answers.

The VPN is a third-party solution which made me feel less secure about the data-sharing policies. ExpressVPN is the best standalone VPN product if you want to secure your internet. If you only need a VPN for browsing and streaming, MacKeeper Private Connect is an excellent choice.

The VPN, like everything else in MacKeeper, is quite simple to use. You may turn it on and off manually (through the main interface and the MacKeeper icon in your menu bar), or you can set it to connect automatically every time you start your Mac.

MacKeeper’s VPN was great, despite the lack of transparency about the no-logs policy. It is reliable, fast, secure, has a strong network of servers, and offers unlimited data.

It works well with streaming sites and offers buffer-free streaming. This is a huge plus. This VPN is a great add-on for anti-virus products.


mackeeper review-StopAd

StopAd, as its name implies, is a feature that blocks ads. It blocks trackers and ads from following you online, specifically.

This is yet another great feature that MacKeeper offers that many of its rivals don’t. Norton has an ad-blocking feature for mobile apps only, while Intego McAfee and Bitdefender do not.

MacKeeper’s Ad Blocker is a browser extension that must be enabled for Safari or Google Chrome. MacKeeper once again made it super simple to set up. Just click Enable to open MacKeeper’s relevant page, where you can easily install the browser extension.

This extension will work automatically in the background whenever you open a new page once the browser extension has been enabled. You can view more information about StopAD blocking by clicking on the icon in the menu bar.

This feature was tested on YouTube. It blocked four trackers and three ads while we only watched one video. The number of trackers and blocked ads increased as we browsed the internet.

It was truly shocking to see how many websites wanted to track every move. It was also possible to see which websites blocked me from showing ads and tracking me, which was quite interesting.

Overall, we love the StopAd extension. It is simple and easy to use with a clean design.

Safe Mac Cleaning

mackeeper review

Safe Cleanup scans all of your Mac for junk files. This includes logs and caches, items in your junk, unused language files and email attachments.

Many anti-virus products have clean-up tools to remove safe-to-delete junk. We love Intego and TotalAV, two of my favorite junk-file cleaners. MacKeeper is unique in that it includes mail attachments in the safe cleanup tool.

MacKeeper’s junk cleaner is quick and simple to use. Safe Cleanup discovered 7.67GB worth of junk files on my Mac in less than one minute. Evidently, we don’t clean my Mac’s hard disk as often as we should.

The main problem with this feature is the lack of prompts to let you review these files before hitting Clean. Click on each category to see the details and select those that you don’t wish to delete.

Trash” is the only category that warns you before deleting files. All files in the other categories are deleted as soon as you hit Clean.

Apple Mail is my primary email app. Without thinking, we would have lost all my mail attachments in my various folders if we had just hit the big blue button

They would still be accessible in my mail provider’s app, but it’s completely inconvenient. It is my opinion that each category should be clearly explained and the consequences of hitting delete.

However, once you are familiar with Safe Clean-up, it is a powerful tool to keep your hard drive clean of unnecessary files and attachments.

Duplicates Finder

mackeeper review

DuplicatesFinder scans your computer to locate duplicate files, photos and screenshots that clog up your hard drive.

It took only two minutes to scan the files and revealed 504 files that took up 445 MB of space. Duplicates Finder is different from Safe Clean-up. It prompts you to review all files before deleting them.

Only duplicate files are marked for deletion by default. Clicking on each category will allow you to drill down into the details of the files and view their names, locations, as well as images.

Manual work is required to use the Duplicates Finder feature. It is possible to keep duplicates of the same file in multiple folders. Before you click Remove Selected, make sure to go through all files.

Screenshots and Similar Photos categories do not have any default selections, so they all need manual verification. MacKeeper offers the “best” photo from similar photos. This is quite handy.

Overall, we love this feature. It is well-designed, easy to use, and clear in both instructions and usage. It’s not as efficient as Intego’s duplicate finder, which includes music and archives files.

Smart Uninstaller

Smart Uninstaller scans for unwanted or inactive applications, widgets and plugins on your Mac.

Sometimes, uninstalling apps from macOS devices can be difficult. Moving them to your “Trash” does not always completely remove them. Instead, it will only remove specific components. Smart Uninstaller solves this problem by completely uninstalling all files and components of the program.

This tool is not included in all antivirus products that include performance optimizers. MacKeeper recommends it. TotalAV includes an application uninstaller. However, other top products like Intego or McAfee do not include this tool.

The initial scan of my Mac took just 2 minutes. It found 24 GB worth of leftover apps, plugins and browser extensions. You can click on each category to see more information and decide what you want to delete. By default, only the Leftovers can be deleted.

Apps can be sorted automatically by their level of usage. This makes it easy to find and delete apps you don’t use. All other apps are sorted according to their size.

This is a very useful feature. However, the MacKeeper How to Use Smart Uninstaller guide clearly states that you shouldn’t delete macOS default plug-ins such as Quick Look or Spotlight.

Why is this not clearly stated in the app? This could be a warning to you if you delete them. However, We did not want to try that theory — just in case! We would like MacKeeper to display this warning in advance so that you can hit Select and know you won’t accidentally delete any important files.

Smart Uninstaller is an excellent feature. It allows you to quickly identify and remove unwanted plugins and extensions. However, I would like to see more information within the app about what is safe to delete or which ones are recommended to be deleted.

Memory Cleaner

mackeeper review- Memory Cleaner

Memory Cleaner displays the RAM (random access memory) of your Mac and allows you to clear out unused memory to improve your overall Mac performance.

The feature was used up 7.9 GB of my 8GB RAM, leaving only 22.7 MB available. However, this number changes constantly and can vary by up to 100 MB in a matter of seconds.

You can view details about where memory is being used in the Memory Usage section. Click Clean Memory to remove it. This cleared nearly 3GB of memory. However, within a few minutes, the available memory was back to the same level as before. We didn’t see any benefit.

The Apps and Processes section shows you a breakdown of which applications are taking up the most memory. You can close each app manually from this screen.

We were also pleased to find that MacKeeper “locks” those that are not safe to delete so that you don’t accidentally close an application that is vital to your computer.

There are many greyed-out processes and applications that appear to be important but can still need to be closed. This was confusing for me. MacKeeper has warned about the danger of closing certain processes.

This is especially true given the warning that MacKeeper makes on the How To Use Memory Cleaner blog, but not in the app. Again, We would like to see more information within the app interface about what users should be aware of.

MacKeeper was, ironically, also the application that used the most memory. MacKeeper did not seem to impact my device’s performance.

However, it isn’t what you would expect from a program that claims to improve my macOS device’s speed by optimizing my memory usage. Airo AV is a lightweight program that doesn’t require as much memory. If you have plenty of memory, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Memory Cleaner is not my favorite. Although We didn’t notice any improvement in my Mac’s performance after clearing the memory, We didn’t want to close the majority of the processes for fear that it might damage my Mac.

My available memory returned to the same level as before. We cleaned it. This feature doesn’t provide a long-term, stable solution for optimizing RAM usage.

No more Track My Mac

MacKeeper had a Track My Mac feature when we last reviewed it. Logging into a MacKeeper account could help you locate a stolen or lost Mac. It was wildly inaccurate, placing the Mac up to 10 miles away from where it is actually located.

Based on my experience, the company has removed this feature a few months ago. This blog from MacKeeper includes instructions on how you can use Find My App, which is built into macOS. It makes more sense.

Additional Features

Additional Features

MacKeeper also offers Login Items, Update Tracker, Login Items and Find & Fix.

Keep track of updates

The Update Tracker component is classified as a speed booster by MacKeeper, but We believe it to be a security tool as well.

Update Tracker scans your device for any applications that need to be updated. This feature is very useful as it prevents hackers from exploiting system weaknesses to gain access to your data.

Update Tracker detected five programs that required updates on my device. After checking the App Store, however, We discovered that MacKeeper failed to detect that my Spotify application was out of date.

Also, my macOS software needed to be updated. It would be great if MacKeeper could identify all the updates that my device needed.

Login Items

Login Items can help speed up your start-up time by reviewing which applications load when your device is started. This feature is useful if your Mac takes a long time to start up. Intego does not offer a start-up manager, so we were happy to find MacKeeper.

The Login Items scan revealed 18 items that launched when We started my device. Seven of these were from MacKeeper! It’s strange that the program We use to optimize my Mac’s speed is the most CPU-intensive app on my device.

We decided to delete 3 of the suggested login items. Some are required and cannot be removed. Although we didn’t notice any improvements in my start-up times, it was still quite fast to boot up. Login Items is a great feature to have if you are having trouble starting up.

Find & Fix

MacKeeper includes a Find & Repair feature that allows you to quickly scan all MacKeeper features.

The Find & Fix scan results display each of the main MacKeeper categories and highlight any threats in each.

  • Security.
  • Cleaning.
  • Privacy.
  • Performance.

It’s super fast. In my tests, it took only a few minutes. Although it isn’t as thorough as a full scan, especially for anti-virus scanning, We find it to be a fantastic feature. This allows you to quickly see a quick overview of any security and performance issues on your Mac.

You have two options: you can click on a review to view the results of the Find & Fix scan and then manage them from there or click on Fix Items Safely to let MacKeeper “fix” all the items it finds.

The Find & Fix function is my favorite feature. It is a great tool to quickly check your device’s security status and optimize it. The “Fix Items Safely” button is not my favorite.

This button is designed to encourage you to click it. However, clicking it immediately activates all changes and leaves no opportunity for you to review them.

MacKeeper should add more “additional” features. Intego, for example, doesn’t offer dark web monitoring or optimization tools like MacKeeper, but it does include a firewall, antiphishing protection and parental controls.

These are features that We consider more important than MacKeeper. These are also standard features for TotalAV, McAfee and Norton.

The additional features of MacKeeper are very useful. Although We expected a little more from the Login Items feature and Update Tracker feature, respectively, they didn’t cause any harm.

The Find & Fix feature is a great way to keep an eye on your Mac’s SecuritySecurity, performance, and health without spending too much time.

MacKeeper is Easy To Use and Set-Up

MacKeeper is Easy To Use and Set-Up

MacKeeper is both quick and simple to set up. It took less than 2 minutes to download the installation file and install the MacKeeper software.

You can download the software without subscribing. The activation will then take place automatically if you do so. If you, like me, subscribe to the software from the website first. Once you’ve downloaded the software, enter the activation code, which will be emailed to your email.

All features are instantly available once activated. You will need to activate some features, such as real-time monitoring and protection. This can be done on the appropriate screens.

The interface of MacKeeper is very intuitive and well-designed. The security and performance optimization features are all clearly displayed on the left-hand side. The feature you are using will fill the rest. You can minimize the integrated live chat when it is not required.

Each feature and its function are extremely easy to use. Most features require only a few clicks to access and take action.

The interface lacks explanation on some features is my only complaint. We think a few question mark symbols linking to more information about different functions and actions would make the interface more useful, especially in the case where actions are potentially dangerous or irreversible.

Intego provides description overlays for each app that explain the function of each function. This is a great feature for new Mac user.

MacKeeper’s overall design is intuitive and user-friendly. This makes it easy to keep your Mac safe and optimized.

MacKeeper Mobile App

MacKeeper can only be used on macOS. Norton, Bitdefender or TotalAV are the best anti-virus programs that support all devices.

MacKeeper Support

MacKeeper Support

MacKeeper offers a variety of customer support options including:

  • Live chat available 24/7
  • Email support.
  • FAQs.
  • Blog.

MacKeeper used to offer phone support. However, an agent on live chat informed me that they had closed all incoming calls due to the effects of the pandemic. Although it is unclear if this is temporary, they assured me that their online customer service was unaffected.

Chat live

The dashboard has a live chat that is located to the right of the interface. You can also chat live on the main website. The live chat service offered by MacKeeper is exceptional, We must say.

We tried the live chat several times from both the app and the website and received responses within a matter of minutes every time. They were friendly and helpful and were able to answer most of my questions.

They were sometimes unable to answer all my questions in the way We requested, so they suggested that We email them instead.

There were times when pre-written messages were sent to my chat conversations. These were either to convince me to upgrade to Premium Service or to extend my subscription when We wanted to cancel. However, they were not pushy and always took my reply when We declined their offers.

MacKeeper’s software is available in over 20 languages. However, the current chat support is only in English. This is a major problem for those who are not English-speaking. This was something. We asked on chat.

However, We were told that email support would also be available in other languages. This was something We did not test, but We do not know how fast or quality their responses were.

Email Support

Unfortunately, my experience with Mackeeper’s email service was not as positive as that with live chat. We never received a response to my first email. After four days, We sent another email and received a reply 5 hours later. However, there was no explanation for the delay in replying.

Although the response was friendly and helpful, We weren’t able to get a satisfactory answer to my question about their data use or no-logs policy.


We first requested a refund using the “Refund Request Formula” on MacKeeper’s website. After We submitted the form, the message sent simply read “Message Sent”. We did not receive an email confirmation.

This meant that there was no way to prove, if necessary, that We had submitted my request within the given 14-day period. To query this, We used the chat function.

Chat support responded immediately and stated that an agent would email me confirmation of my request. It sounds great in theory, but it would be useless if the response never came.

Chat support instead offered to process my request immediately. They tried briefly to convince me to cancel and offered to extend my license for three months free of charge. They accepted my refusal and processed the refund.

Within a matter of hours, We received an email confirmation that the cancellation had been made. The money was credited to my account in just two days. This is similar to top brands such as Norton and Avira.

Overall, it was a very simple and quick process. However, it is a shame that the website request does not send you an email to confirm your request. This would have saved me from having to use live chat.


Get a 1-Time Free Version

You can perform scans and fix on the free trial, but only one time. You’ll then be prompted for a paid subscription upgrade.

While trying out the free version, we created an email account and were immediately able to access the full suite. I ran a system scan that found and blocked all of my malware samples. we were able to run all of the performance optimization features, clean-up and privacy features once.

The free trial gave me a good understanding of MacKeeper’s workings, but it may not be enough for you to make a decision before signing up for a subscription. MacKeeper offers a 14-day money-back guarantee. This is even if your free trial has ended.

14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Although it is shorter than the industry average antivirus software of 30 days for testing, I found MacKeeper’s 14-day money-back guarantee to be sufficient time to fully test its features.

After testing the antivirus protection for 10 consecutive days, we used the online Refund Request Form to request my money back.

It was frustrating to find that the refund request form required both a summary as well as a detailed explanation of the reasons we requested the refund. We had to also provide my contact information and the reference number, which we found on my invoice PDF.

Within a matter of hours, We received an email from MacKeeper billing support. MacKeeper offered to help with technical issues via live chat, and also offered a 3-month extension.

We were impressed by the offer, but I insisted on getting my money back. I received a confirmation email the day after We sent an email. We received my money back within three days.

Although We received my money quickly, the process was difficult. Intego handled my refund request over live chat in less than 10 minutes without asking me for my cancellation reason.

How to Delete MacKeeper

Numerous Mac users have expressed frustration with the software’s uninstallation, leading to many negative customer reviews. It seems that the company has learned from its past mistakes.

MacKeeper has made many changes in order to please customers. The latest version is easier to uninstall. MacKeepers has now posted a step-by guide on their website to help you delete the app.

It is important to remember that any files or folders you had encrypted with this program will not be open when you uninstall it.

You will need to uninstall MacKeeper and reinstall it again to gain access to the files and folders.

Before you begin following these steps, ensure that you have decrypted all files and folders.

Removing the MacKeeper Icon From The Menu Bar

When you click on the MacKeeper menu, the quit command will not appear in the menu bar. This could lead you to believe that you cannot quit. It won’t go away, no matter how hard you try. These steps will remove the icon from your menu bar.

  • Start MacKeeper by opening the application folder.
  • Select preferences from the menu bar.
  • Select the General tab.
  • Find the “show MacKeeper” icon in the menu bar, and uncheck it.

Uninstalling MacKeeper

These are the steps to get MacKeeper removed from your Mac.

  • Stop using MacKeeper.
  • Open the application folder.
  • Click on MacKeeper, and drag it into the trash can.
  • You might be asked to enter the administrator password. Enter it and click OK.
  • The MacKeeper software is going to the trashcan.
  • Another pop-up will appear on the screen, similar to the administrator password one. The screen will prompt you to confirm that you wish to uninstall or remove this app.
  • Enter the password again, and then click OK.


1. MacKeeper is it free to use?

Yes. You may use MacKeeper for free by signing up for a free trial or using the 14-day money-back guarantee. Each feature may only be used once during the free trial. The money-back-guarantee, on the other hand, allows you 14 days of unrestricted access to all features.

If you cancel before the conclusion of the 14-day period, you will get a full refund. When I attempted this technique, it just took three days for me to get my money back.

2. Does MacKeeper protect against malware?

MacKeeper successfully secured my Mac from viruses, trojans, ransomware and other malware samples in tests. Rootkits are a type of malware that allows third parties to take control of your Mac without you being aware.

Intego is a leading Mac antivirus protection that fights against every strain of malware and provides total peace of mind against all malware varieties (including rootkits). With the money-back guarantee, you may even test Intego risk-free app for 30 days.

3. Is the MacKeeper virus?

Malwarebytes and ESET Antivirus MacKeeper say that MacKeeper is not a virus but a Potentially Unwanted program. It is unclear if MacKeeper was rated PUP by both AVs before it was sold or if they have retained the rating.

However, it is not a good idea to install a legitimate antimalware program that has been classified as PUP.

4. Is there a MacKeeper free trial?

MacKeeper does not offer a free trial at the moment. You can try the software for 14 days before you commit. You can also download the free software and test it, but it only has a limited number of features.


Mackeeper is a great choice for Mac users who want an all-in-one solution for optimizing and maintaining their Macs. It offers a wide range of features for keeping your Mac running smoothly, including disk clean-up, duplicate file finder, malware removal, and more. It’s easy to use and has a well-designed interface.

Lacoon hope this Mackeeper reviews will be helpful for you. Thank you for reading!

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