Neos Smartcam Review 2022: Is It A Right Choice?

Neos Smartcam Review 2022: Is It A Right Choice?

In this Neos Smartcam review, Lacoon will look at one of the latest home security cameras on the market. This camera promises to be easy to install and use, including night vision, two-way audio, and motion detection. We’ll see if it lives up to the hype and if it’s worth your money.

Neos Smartcam Overview

Neos Smartcam Overview

While security cameras are getting smarter, they also get more expensive. Neso SmartCam is a Full HD camera for under £ 20. This is not cheap, but I’m sure it sounds good. You also get unlimited cloud storage.

However, the cloud storage is limited, and the stand is not very secure. The Neos SmartCam is an affordable option for monitoring your home.


  • Amazing price
  • Cloud storage for free
  • Recording SD cards


  • Cloud storage is minimal
  • Weak stand
  • App can’t view SD Card footage

Neos Smartcam Review

Neos Smartcam Indoor Review

Neos SmartCam: Design and features

This tiny camera is very affordable and packs more features than expected.

  • Recording at 1080p
  • Audio in two-way
  • Night vision
  • Motion & noise detection
  • Cloud storage for free
  • MicroSD recording

The camera is made to the budget, and the matte plastic finish on the camera is excellent. However, the stand is a little fragile. However, it is sturdy with two hinges that allow it to tilt up and down and rotate so you can find the right angle.

Although the magnet in the base may not be strong enough to hold the SmartCam upright on a fridge side, it was sufficient. However, it wouldn’t stick to curving radiator-like other cameras.

The rear of the micro USB port is a recessed one. We found it would only accept the supplied cable and not any other cables we had. You will find a mains adapter inside the box, but you can also use any standard USB extension cables if the 1.8m is insufficient. Or you can buy the Neos mounting kit.

Although the manual doesn’t explain why there is a full-size USB port, we were told that this is used for daisy-chaining another SmartCam to have different angles in the same space. This is a better option than running two SmartCams independently. They only use one main socket.

The main body has a speaker grill, setup button, and microSD slot.

It is effortless to set up your camera. Turn on the camera and wait for it to turn on. Then, press the button for three seconds. The camera will then be able to start up. Install the Neos app and tap the + button to choose your WiFi network. Hold the QR code in front of the lens.

This code gives the camera the WiFi network name and password. You don’t need to connect to the camera’s WiFi first, as with some other cameras.

If the code is correctly read, the camera’s feed will be displayed in the app.

The interface was intuitive and easy to use. The interface is similar to the Nest app. You can view a list and see whether clips were triggered by noise or motion.

You can adjust the sensitivity sliders to both. You can’t select an area to be monitored for motion and exclude others unless Neos Boost is purchased as described above.

No matter if you subscribe, the detection is not intelligent. Any motion, whether a person, pet, or tree moving in the wind, will trigger an alert.

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Cloud and App storage

Neos Smartcam Cloud and App storage

Neos provides unlimited cloud storage for 14 days free of charge. This is the most striking feature. This is not the reason to buy a SmartCam. We have seen security cameras replace their free cloud storage with paid subscriptions in recent years.

It is unlimited, but there are some restrictions. Each clip can only be 12 seconds long, and there is a five-minute remarkable down period before any recording can be triggered again. Subscribe to Neos Boost to reduce this cooldown.

If this sounds too compromised, you can also record the live feed via the app for as long as your wish. However, you will need to be watching the feed. You can insert a MicroSD Card.

It beeped twice when we placed a card into our sample camera. It had recorded clips and hadn’t formatted it. We later discovered this. It just left the files and used the space available to store new clips. They are stored in a similar way to a dashcam’s footage. Each file is one minute long.

It can only record continuous motion, but it will stop recording if it detects it. To save space, it will stop recording if there is no motion.

The app shows clips that are stored in the cloud. These can be downloaded to save and/or share.

You have the option to embed the date and time into the recorded video. The status light on your camera can be turned on or off. The motion detection box can also be included in the recorded video. Additionally, you can rotate the video 180 degrees.

You can also toggle between noise and motion detection, but you cannot schedule when alerts are sent.

Auto-arming is another feature. Auto-arming uses the location of one to three phones to determine whether someone is at home. You will need your home address for this feature to work. This feature is not mandatory, but it is helpful because the camera records only when someone is present.

The app also has a chat function that offers tech support. However, the average response time is 24 hours. This is not what you would expect if your goal was live chat.


Neos Smartcam performance

Do not get excited about the HD resolution. The video quality can best be described as acceptable. The video quality is adequate to allow you to identify people in the daytime and to see if they are looking at the camera at night.

It’s not up to the same standard as the best cameras due to its low bitrate and 15 frames per second recording rate. If you just need to check if your pets are okay.

Two-way communication is possible by pressing the microphone button. This works well so long as you don’t speak too loudly to your phone.

It can sometimes be challenging to hear what people say because the camera’s microphone isn’t excellent. We also discovered that Windows’ default video player would not play audio from shared or downloaded clips. So we had to use VLC to hear the audio. However, sound works well if you view clips within the app.

Should You Buy It?

The Neos Smartcam is a budget-friendly option for those looking for a reliable home security camera. It offers features such as two-way audio, night vision, and motion detection. While it lacks some of the more advanced features of more expensive cameras, it is a good choice for those on a budget.

Watch this video to learn more details about the product:

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