Parrot Black Friday Deals 2022 Anafi, Bebop 2, Parrot Disco FPV & More

Parrot Black Friday Deals 2022: Anafi, Bebop 2, Parrot Disco FPV & More

Are you looking for some good Parrot Black Friday deals? Look no further than the Parrot Drone deals! This equipment is perfect for those who want to get the most out of their Black Friday shopping opportunities. With features such as live streaming and monitoring capability, this equipment is perfect for those who want to ensure they get the best deals possible.

When Will the Parrot Drone Black Friday Sale 2022 Start?

When Will the Parrot Drone Black Friday Sale 2022 Start

There is no set date for Black Friday. Black Friday is observed every year on the final Friday of November. Discounted sale offers are occasionally released as early as a week before Black Friday. As a result, the Parrot Drone Black Friday Sale will likely begin at least 2-3 days before November 25, 2022. We recommend returning to this page periodically to acquire the most recent information.

Why Buy Parrot Drone During the Black Friday Sale?

Why Buy Parrot Drone During the Black Friday Sale

Purchasing items on Black Friday is similar to purchasing a product at a bargain. And here’s where the trick comes in. During Black Friday, you may get your favorite Parrot Drone at a significantly lower price than the typical price. So, you will not only obtain the Parrot Drone but also save a lot of money on it.

Type of Parrot Drone Have Deals This Year

Type of Parrot Drone Have Deals This Year

Parrot Anafi with this Black Friday drone deal

Parrot PF728000 ANAFI Drone,...
1,710 Reviews

The superb Parrot Anafi, which has a 21MP camera, is just $449 in this Amazon Black Friday drone offer.

This is the lowest Amazon price for the Parrot Anafi – a lightweight, foldable drone with many functions. The $699.99 model has been dropped by $200 in this Black Friday drone sale and is now available for $449. (opens in a new tab). However, you’ll need to act soon if you want to take advantage of the discount since there’s no guarantee it’ll last long.

This is one of the best Black Friday drone deals(opens in a new tab) we’ve seen so far, with a sizable discount. We’re also big admirers of the Anafi Parrot in general. It’s tiny, light, and, most importantly, astonishingly simple. We also believe it is near-unbeatable in windy conditions, which is why we rank it as one of the finest drones(opens in new tab) presently available.

Like many high-quality drones, the Parrot Anafi comes with many pre-programmed flight routes, allowing you to create amazing movies without having to bother with the controls. Its folding construction allows it to compact to 244 x 67 x 65mm and weigh only 320g.

It does not have any collision avoidance capabilities, but it does include GPS location to keep the stable drone while in the air. It also boasts a 2.8x lossless digital zoom, so you can capture high-quality photographs without needing to hover your drone near your destination.

As with other fantastic Black Friday offers, this one might not last long – there’s no indication on Amazon’s page of when it could be removed. Given the recent volatility in the cost of many techs, it could be good to grab this sooner rather than later.

Parrot Bebop 2 Black Friday

Parrot Bebop 2 SkyController...
26 Reviews

It’s the first recreational drone weighing less than 500 g and has a battery life of 25 minutes—designed to fly indoors and outside. With the Skycontroller 2 and enhanced secure WiFi with video feedback, you can fly your drone up to 1.24 kilometers away. For more precise flight, use the two joysticks. The Power has a flying time of up to 60 minutes.


Mini quadcopter drone that is simple to fly and durable. FPV goggles provide an immersive flying experience. Because of its auto-pilot, it is regarded as one of the most stable mini drones on the market. Pictures may be taken with the integrated vertical camera. Connect it to extras like the FPV camera, Cannon, or Grabber.

Parrot Disco FPV

Fixed-wing drone with FPV goggles that is simple to fly. It has a top speed of 50 miles per hour. Flight time of up to 45 minutes is possible. Skycontroller 2 increased flight range by up to 1.2 miles. Photographs at 14 MP and records video at full HD 1080p. Automatic takeoff, landing, assisted piloting, and a return home option is all available.

Last year’s Black Friday Parrot Drone Deals

Last year's Black Friday Parrot Drone Deals

Since DJI goods dominate our best drones list, the best Black Friday drone bargains will be on DJI items. Although the Chinese business is hosting its own Black Friday sales event, we’re currently seeing better deals on its drones at Best Buy, B&H Photo, and (of course) Amazon.

Older drones are usually a good bet when it comes to seeking models. In terms of features, these may fall short of newer versions, but everything is relative; the DJI Mini seen above, for example, can shoot 2.7K rather than 4K, as the new DJI Mini 2 does, but it may be a worthwhile sacrifice if the price is right.

Of course, the greatest Black Friday drone bargains also provide an excellent opportunity to stock up on supplies like batteries, gimbals, SD cards, and cases. We’ll keep this page updated with new offers as they come in, so keep checking back as the Black Friday season progresses.


Are Parrot drones better than DJI?

When we suggested Parrot Anafi is a real competitor to challenge DJI Mavic Air’s dominance, we weren’t exaggerating. Its superior camera and battery, comparable tight build, speed and pricing, and entertaining features make it a good first-time drone buyer’s pick.

Are Parrot drones any good?

The Anafi uses one hand to give and the other to accept. It can record 4K HDR video and take beautiful photographs, but it hides additional functions behind in-app charges. There’s also no obstacle avoidance, but if you’re a competent pilot, the Anafi will let you record some spectacular video.

Do drones go on sale?

The good news is that DJI drones are frequently on sale, with savings of up to 40% off or more if you wait long enough. Every month, merchants all over the internet discount these amazing drones, allowing you to save a lot of money on a cheap DJI drone for you and your family.

How high can a Parrot drone fly?

The Anafi has no no-fly zones. However, it can fly at a maximum height of 492 feet (150 meters). Parrot, on the other hand, arbitrarily limited the maximum flight altitude to 492 feet (150 meters), but DJI allows their drone to go up to 1,640 feet (500 meters).


Black Friday Parrot drone deals are now live and available to purchase online. This article has provided you with all the information you need to take advantage of these amazing discounts. Thanks for reading, and we hope you have found this article helpful.

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