Petcube Review 2022: Best Choice To Take Care Your Pet

Petcube Review 2022: Best Choice To Take Care Your Pet

If you’re looking for a way to stay connected to your furry friend while you’re away from home, the Petcube is a great option. This device lets you check in on your pet via your smartphone, and even dispense treats. Here’s our Petcube Review.

Petcube Camera Overview

Petcube bite Review


  • Small, unobtrusive design
  • Clear audio
  • Simple setup
  • Share with family and friends easily
  • Affordable


  • Mains powered
  • Disappointing and unreliable app
  • Certain features may require extra cost
  • The picture could be sharper

We had to quickly adapt to a new working style at the beginning of lockdown 2020. Many of us were able to fulfill our childhood dreams of owning pets, as we all felt more at home. We no longer had long commutes or tedious workdays; we could instead spend our evenings with Fido and Kitty, and then take time from our busy schedules to give strokes to them.

Many of us now return to work, so there are many options for us to go out for a couple of hours. How can we make sure our pets are happy while we’re away from home?

Petcube Cam promises to provide an affordable way for you to keep an eye on your furry friends while you’re away. My office is upstairs, and even though I am still working remotely from home, I recently adopted two Jack Russell pups. Is the Petcube able to ease my mind about being away from my boys and make them feel happier?

Petcube Review

Design: Minimalist Design For Low-key Pet Lovers

Design: Minimalist Design For Low-key Pet Lovers

The Petcube Cam measures 2.4×2.1×3.2 inches. This is about the same size as an apple. Although it can be placed on a flat surface with minimal effort, the Petcube Cam’s lightweight makes it dangerous for dogs to pull their tails. Another option is to mount it using a small metal plate. You can mount the camera in any orientation you like, including upside down, because it flips within its plastic housing.

The USB cable measures 2 meters in length, so it is somewhat limited in how the Cam can be placed. Mounting the Cam is the best choice if you need to have access to pet sitters. However, I decided to test it on a table to get close-ups of the noses of my pets.

Features – Some Expensive Subscriptions Offer Some Basic Features.

The Petcube Cam allows you to join the video feed and view what’s happening in your home. The camera sounds an alert to notify pets and people that someone has connected.

You can now use the two-way conversation to have a conversation between your pet and you, but the basic speaker must be loud enough to understand you. You have the option to take a picture or record video on your smartphone.

You must upgrade to one of the subscription plans to capture and save the video to the cloud automatically. The Optimal subscription costs $5.99 per month or $47.88 per year and gives you a 3-days video history and 10 monthly video downloads. Upgrade to Premium ($14.99 per month or $99 annually) and get 90 days’ worth of video history, unlimited downloads, and coverage for all your cameras.

Both net your smart alerts, which allows the camera to tell the difference between humans and animals in video and detect if there is a dark barking or cat meowing. Some petcare extras are also included, but these are only for the US.

These subscriptions for cloud video are extremely expensive. This is especially true when you consider that you don’t get traditional security features like activity zones, which allow you to pick the location you want to monitor. The Petcube Cam is not able to compete with traditional security cameras.

The built-in vet chat allows you to ask for advice from a veterinarian. After the first chat, there is a fee. However, vets are not available until the afternoon in the UK so this limits the usefulness of the service.

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Setup Process: Ready To Go In Under a Minute

First, I needed to download the Petcube App in order to use the Cam. The setup of previous Petcube products was quick and easy. However, the Petcube Cam took even less time. My phone recognized the Cam instantly, and pairing them was as easy as showing the Cam the QR code generated from the app.

After I entered my Wi-Fi password the setup was complete. It took less than a minute. Although the firmware update took only a few minutes it was not long enough for me to be sad about my pets.


Petcube bite performance

The Petcube Cam records at 1080p resolution and covers a room in 110 degrees of vision. An infrared sensor can activate the night vision mode automatically when there is low light. The Cam only supports 2.4GHz WiFi so there was some buffering and choppiness.

Even though my pets were not actively using the camera, the picture quality was clear and crisp. The Cam lacks interactive features that other Pet cameras offer, so my pets weren’t doing much in front of it that I wouldn’t mind sharing anyway.

Two-way audio is available on the Cam. This can be set up to push-to-talk within the app. My voice was thin and lacked depth because the speaker is not powerful enough. The volume is sufficient to cover the entire house.

No matter what room my dog was in at the time, he ran to me every time I called him. Being a pet sitter occasionally, I have some peace of mind that my pet parents are able to check in on their pets regularly and that I am available to answer any questions that don’t merit a call.

Image Quality

Inside is a 1080p sensor with a 120-degree lens, which can cover almost the entire room if placed carefully. However, despite a fast network and internet connection, my camera kept defaulting to 720p, and there’s no way to force a higher resolution.

Video quality is distinctly average, with daylight footage that is properly exposed but a little soft around the edges. You can see what’s going on, but not in the same level of detail as other security cameras.

The camera’s IR LED goes on at night, transforming to black and white night vision. This softens the image even more, and I had to gaze at the screen for a long time to locate one of my cats napping on the sofa. Again, a standard security camera will suffice.

Software and Support: You Can Continue Your Subscriptions

Fuzzy Pet Health and Petcube have partnered to offer live chat via the Petcube App. Fuzzy Pet Health is $5 per month. Fuzzy Pet Health might be of some benefit to people with pets that have chronic health issues and require regular monitoring. However, this is not something I recommend for pets who are relatively healthy and young. I think $60 per year is too much for the opportunity to chat with a veterinarian every time my cat eats anything on the ground.

Talking to a vet can be helpful for checking symptoms, diagnosing an emergency or providing first aid guidance. All of these things can be done by my vet, and they are available to answer the phone at no cost.

Petcube Care memberships are a completely different matter. This subscription costs $4 per month and allows you to save your video history in Petcube’s cloud storage. Subscribers will be notified when the Cam detects pets instead of people.

The Cam does not fling treats at pets or use a laser to tease them, so it is unlikely that the Cam will capture any video of my pets doing something funny or cute enough to share. If the Cam were the only Petcube product, I would cancel the subscription. The video and clip’s history would still be useful.

Price: Petcube’s Most Affordable Pet Camera

Petcube’s Cam is a simplified version of its other products. These are typically at the top end of the market. The Cam is $40 more expensive than similar pet cams. The home security camera is a great addition to any home that has other Petcube products. Cheaper options are better for those who want to be able to see their pets and have the security that comes with knowing they are there.

PetCube Play 2 Review

PetCube Play 2 Review

Treat Dispenser

Petcube Play 2 does not come with a treat dispenser. As a reward tool for pets who behave well, we value the option to give treats to dogs. It also allows you to offer your pet snacks if your journey home is slow.

Petcube’s pet cam has a laser game that can keep your dog active and entertained. You’ll never be bored with the fun tools you have at your disposal.

HD Camera and Two-way Speaker

Petcube Play 2 features a wide-angle view, HD video and a high-definition camera for maximum monitoring. With their digital zoom and 1080p video, you can watch your pet in real-time. You can get full room coverage with the 180-degree lens.

According to their website, pet owners can enjoy duplex sound using a 4-microphone array and speaker bars. Petcube describes it as being on the phone with your pet dog.

Audio and Movement Detection

Because it is impossible to monitor your pet’s movements and audio throughout the day, we value the ability for you to receive audio and movement alerts.

Petcube explains online that their audio and motion sensors will instantly notify owners of “potentially hazardous events”. The device can distinguish between people and pets, in addition to this.

You won’t miss a beat thanks to sound and motion detection.

Night Vision

If you are late at night or stuck in traffic, your pet will not be left in the dark. Petcube Play 2 features night vision, so your pet can see you no matter what time it is.

Easy To Use

Petcube Play 2 is very proud of Alexa built into the product. It will make pet parents’ lives easier.

Petcube Care is an optional membership that pet parents can choose to join. You can subscribe to the plan to get cloud video history for multi-day, pet and human detection, meow/bark alerts, easy-to-download video clips, and member-only pet savings.

It is easy to set up. Download the app, create an account, or log in with your Facebook account. After opening the app, tap “Connect Petcube Device” and choose Petcube Play.

The USB cable must be plugged into the device at one end. Then, connect the USB cable to an adaptor and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Software and App

First, download the free app from the app store to set up your device. This app is compatible with devices running Apple iOS 11.1 or higher, as well as Android 7.1.2. I would assume that most modern machines have these versions.

Setting up your account is quick, and only a few steps are required. To create a profile for your pet, they will need to ask you for information (more later).

It is easy to use and free for everyone who has the app downloaded and has a camera.

Although it may seem obvious, you will need to have internet access on your Petcube and your device in order to access the Petcube.

It’s a simple interface that can be used in live view mode. The tools are easy to find on the screen. The laser can be controlled by simply tapping and sliding your fingers along the screen.

  • Speaker Button: This activates the Petcube’s microphone, allowing you to listen to your pets’ chatter about hygiene.
  • Microphone Button: This will activate the Petcube’s speaker, allowing you and your pet to command their dog or teenager to get off the couch.
  • Laser Button: This is why you choose the Play 2 camera over the regular one!
  • Snapshot: Instant Manual Snapshot of Your Screen
  • Video: You can manually record evidence so that you don’t feel guilty later.

Design and Size

Petcube claims the Petcube Play 2 has an “unparalleled beauty”, both inside and outside. The product is made from high-quality aluminum alloy and hard plastic.

Petcube states that the pet camera can be used to protect pets.

Petcube says the cube’s sleek design will seamlessly fit into any interior.

Subscription Features

Petcube has a premium subscription that provides additional features and benefits on top of what is already included.

This is a great device that you can use with the basic features. But if you want more, you can read below to find out what you can do with an additional monthly or annual fee (the list is directly taken from their website).

Smart Alerts: Only receive important alerts. You should know when your pet barks, meows or is near a human.

Smart Video Filters: The most critical clips should be seen first. Choose the videos you want to display in the timeline, and then hide the rest.

Automated Video Recording: Action is triggered by sound and motion. These clips are added to the interactive timeline in 30-second segments.

Video History: With 24/7 video history, you can always see what happened. You can replay up to 90 days of activity securely stored in the cloud.

Interface via the Internet: You can view your video history and set smart filters to download clips from your browser on a laptop or desktop.

Video Downloads: To share the HD videos with your family and friends, save them to your smartphone.

Discounts: Receive discounts from other providers and companies of pet-related products.

Petcube Bites 2 vs. Petcube Cam

Petcube Bites 2 vs. Petcube Cam

The Petcube Cam is small and magnetically mountable so it can be placed almost anywhere. It draws less attention than home security pet cameras and fits in any space. It performs as well as other budget security cameras. The Cam is a great addition to existing Petcube products. However, it does not scream “pet cam”. It was clearly created to bridge the gap between pet-focused security devices and affordable security.

The Petcube Bites 2 is an excellent pet cam. The Bites 2 is a great choice for pet owners, unlike the Play 2, which features a laser to lure cats to play. The Bites 2 is able to fling treats around the room with great results. Once pets have learned that the chime indicates they are likely to get a snack they won’t need to be summoned to the camera. The Bites 2 was created with pets in mind.


If you are looking for a pet cam, here are some options:

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Nanny can also provide video and two-way voice. You can send 100 treats to your furbaby to reward good behavior. Furbo Dog Nannies subscribers can get notifications about dog activity and people in the house. They can also receive alerts when there are smoke alarms or fire alarms going off.

Check out our comparison – Furbo vs Petcube – to decide which is better for you.

Ring Indoor Cam

Although it is not strictly a pet camera, this Alexa-enabled Ring Indoor Cam can be used by people who already have a Ring Video Doorbell. This tiny security camera can easily be added to your Ring system and provides all the features that you would expect such as motion notifications and two-way audio. You can talk to any person (including pets) within your home using the app.

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