Petcube Vs Nest Cam: Which Is The Best Choice 2022?

Petcube Vs Nest Cam: Which Is The Best Choice 2022?

When it comes to home security cameras, two leading brands stand out: Furbo and Nest Cam. Both offer top-of-the-line features and advanced technologies that make them ideal for keeping an eye on your home. But which one is the better choice for you? Let’s take a look at Petcube Vs Nest Cam to find out.

Petcube Vs Nest Cam Comparison

Petcube Vs Nest Cam Comparison


Petcube gift serves a dual purpose by allowing you to check on your pet regularly while also keeping a watch on it for an extended period. The device produces high-definition 720p video, which you can see using the device’s smartphone app. It also includes a speaker and microphone, allowing you to hear and speak to your pet if desired.


The Petcube is a cube-shaped device that measures four inches on each side, as its name suggests. The front and back panels are completely flat, and the side corners are rounded. They do, however, feature right angles that give them a more defined look.

The device’s front is covered in transparent black glass, while both sides are solid metal. The camera can be hidden and protected thanks to the glass. The micro USB port is located on the back of the device. This connection connects to the Petcube’s provided AC adaptor. You’ll also find the power button on the rear of the gadget.

A silicone square along the bottom of the Petcube also keeps the camera in place. A conventional tripod attachment is also included, allowing you to screw in the tripod if you wish to secure your Petcube further.


The Petcube may be set up using either the Android or iOS smartphone apps available in their respective app stores. Simply plug in your Petcube, turn it on, and follow the directions once the software has been installed. The onscreen tutorial will prompt you to enter your wifi network information.

The camera will automatically connect to your wifi network once you’ve finished configuring it. Then create a free Petcube account, and you’re ready to go. You may now view the camera from anywhere with an internet connection.

As you can see, setting up the Petcube is simple and doesn’t necessitate a great deal of technical knowledge or expertise. Petcube does not currently offer a web interface via which you can monitor your pet while you’re gone. You’ll need to use either your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet to access them.


Petcube security cam

If you choose Petcube, you’ll be receiving a device that can handle a lot of work. The microphone and speaker on the smartphone are excellent. Thanks to the speaker, you may use your smartphone to connect with your pet. You can also hear your pet through the microphone, so you’ll know if your dog starts barking unexpectedly.

When placed in a well-lit room, the 720p camera looks fantastic. If the place where you keep your pet isn’t as bright, Petcube’s night vision capabilities still provide a superb video experience. This is especially useful because some pets (such as cats) are more active after dark.

The camera has a 138-degree lens that shows a large portion of the space it’s housed in. However, keep in mind that the further you hold the device from your pet, the worse the picture and video stream will be. Of course, you’ll want a broad enough view to keep an eye on your pet wherever it goes, but it may not be easy to distinguish your pet from furniture or other background items at longer distances.

Another thing to consider is that your viewing experience on a tablet may not be as straightforward as it is on a smartphone. The feed is a little blurry and grainy because it has to stretch to fit on the tablet. On a smartphone, it’s a lot better experience.


The Petcube is a good alternative for watching your pets because of the functions provided in the smartphone app. For example, you can grab a still photo by double-tapping on the video feed. While you won’t be able to capture and save movies locally, you will be able to access Petcube’s video cloud service for a monthly cost.

Unfortunately, unlike some intelligent security systems, the mobile app does not allow you to establish a timed recording event. As a result, if your pet moves in front of the Petcube, the gadget won’t be able to capture the moment or notify you.

Don’t confuse the Petcube with a security camera; it’s not designed to be one. However, compared to several similarly priced smart security cameras, the speaker functionality does not compensate for the lack of extra functions.

You can share the video stream with your friends and family, but they must have the Petcube app loaded on their devices to see it. While this is a fantastic feature of the Petcube, it does have one drawback: it only allows one user at a time, so you must choose who you want to share it with.

It also implies that you won’t be able to have several fans of your pet watching through multiple cameras simultaneously. Again, this is an area where Petcube might improve, as many pet shelters would be unable to use the device if they wanted a continuous live broadcast.

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Nest Cam

While the Nest Cam can be used for purposes other than keeping an eye on your pets, you will not be disappointed if you do. Nest Cam is a high-definition (1080p) home camera that works with your Nest smart home system.

The Nest Cam is easy to set up and offers many handy features for keeping an eye on your pet while you’re gone. Some of the features you’ll get with a Nest Cam include the ability to zoom in and enhance the picture, to name a few.

Configuration, Features, and Design

Nest Cam Configuration, Features, and Design

Nest has a well-deserved reputation for producing high-quality, well-designed products. The Nest Cam is a good option if you want something that won’t look out of place in your living room or office. It’s an essential, beautiful device that’s straightforward to set up and install.

The first step in installing the Nest Cam on your device is downloading and installing the smartphone application. Both the iOS and Android apps are available in their respective app stores and google play. After you open the app and scan the QR code on the back of your Nest Cam, it will begin connecting to your wifi network.

It takes longer to unbox and attach the Nest Cam to the network than it does to connect to the network.

The camera can pop out of its metal cradle, allowing you to set it wherever you wish. The cradle tilts 180 degrees and is sturdy enough that you won’t injure it. You’ll notice that the device comes with a wall-mounting kit, allowing you to hang it somewhere.

Its 130-degree vision allows it to be higher because it can encompass most standard-sized rooms. Remember that you’re using an inside camera, which has its own set of constraints.

The Nest Cam includes the capacity to record video in 1080p, and you may choose it as your default recording setting if you want. To avoid overwhelming your network, the default resolution is 720p. You can record and stream at a low resolution of 360p, but it’s not recommended because it’s difficult to see your pet or anything else.

The Nest Cam can notify you when it detects sound or motion, which the Petcube does not. The Nest Cam, like the Petcube, includes a built-in speaker so that you can communicate with your pet.

A status light can also be programmed to act in a specific way. It can stay on while working, come on only when someone is watching, or be turned off completely. You can also arrange for the camera only to turn on when your status in the app is set to away, or you may set a precise schedule for it to turn on.

The Nest Cam has the advantage of simply integrating with other Nest products. For example, if you have a Nest Learning Thermostat, it can identify when you are at home and when you leave. As a result, the Nest Cam can use the thermostat’s home and away state to turn on or off the camera.

You’ll have made a schedule or remembered to change the status when you leave and return home if you don’t have a Nest Learning Thermostat. Although it isn’t a significant nuisance, there is something to say to have one less thing on your mind.


Nest Cam performance

A Nest Aware membership is required to access the video cloud storage. This monthly subscription includes 10-day video storage, far more than the Petcube provides. Enrolling in the program also unlocks a slew of extra benefits. For example, Nest Aware has Action Zones, which allow you to specify a specific region for which you wish to get alerts and enhanced motion detection and the ability to record and save video clips.

If you don’t have Nest Aware, your options are limited to watching live streams and receiving notifications. This is sufficient if all you need to know is what’s happening around the camera. However, the Nest Cam gadget lacks local network storage or internal storage capabilities if you wish to store videos locally.

Nest Aware, like other subscription programs, has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s comforting to know that the footage will be saved on the cloud for future viewing if your home is broken into. On the other hand, pricing with Nest Aware adds fees to your camera that customers may not have anticipated.

The cost might rapidly build up when you sign up for Nest Aware, but it’s terrific to have the extra features. You’ll also get access to an online console where you can make clips and set up action zones. It’s also convenient to check in on your pet from a web page rather than having to take out your phone every time.

Finally, you won’t get many false-positive notifications with the Nest Cam. If your pet is awake and moving around, it will identify and alert you, but otherwise, you will not be disturbed. In terms of performance, the Nest Cam is excellent. You will not be disappointed if you choose this intelligent camera to keep an eye on your pet.


The Petcube and the Nest Cam are high-quality, dependable devices for monitoring your pet while you’re gone. Each one provides basic functioning without a membership, and if you want more features and capabilities, you can always pay a monthly price.

The Nest Cam provides a better viewing experience and can be mounted on your wall for increased visibility, but the Petcube has many capabilities. Both provide night vision and the opportunity to communicate with your pet at any time. Whichever device you choose for you and your pet, you’ll be making a wise decision.

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