Research Team

Ohad Bobrov, CTO

Ohad Bobrov is CTO and co-founder of Lacoon Mobile Security. With more than 15 years of experience in the mobile and networking industries, Ohad passionately leads the research, engineering, technology and product development of the company. Prior to Lacoon, Ohad founded and led the mobile mass networking solution department at NICE Systems, receiving multiple Excellence awards for his work. Prior to NICE, he spent seven years in the Israeli Defense Force. Ohad holds a BSc, magna cum laude, from the Open University of Israel in Computer Sciences and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University.

Pavel Berengoltz, Director of Research

Pavel Berengoltz leads Lacoon’s research team of mobile researchers, malware analysts and security specialists. He brings extensive research and development experience and a deep understanding of the mobile threat-scape to the role. Pavel was the CTO of Safend Ltd., where he drove the research and infrastructure development of their flagship products; when Safend was acquired by Wave Systems, he took on the role of Safend VP of research and development (R&D), continuing to drive the QA, R&D and product management of the Safend solutions. Prior to Safend, Pavel worked in an elite IDF intelligence unit, where he managed a group of developers working on state of the art software infrastructure, cutting edge communication protocols and protocol security. He started his career as a software engineer at Intel, where he was responsible for an award-winning development project. Pavel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.

Shai Yanovski, Head of SoC

Shai is Lacoon’s big data miner. Leading the SoC’s initiatives, Shai applies machine learning algorithms to find malicious patterns and behaviors on mobile devices. Prior to Lacoon, Shai collaborated with a range of private sector companies on projects related to nano-particles toxicology, military helicopter fault prediction, and terrorist activity detection in communications networks, as a member of the Tel Aviv University’s Applied Machine Learning Group. He received his BSc in industrial engineering from Tel Aviv University.

Daniel Brodie, Sr. Security Researcher

Daniel is Lacoon’s black-belt security researcher, currently leading the research and dynamic analysis efforts of mobile malware. Before joining Lacoon, Daniel provided vulnerability research and exploitation for low level vulnerabilities, in both PC and Mobile environments, as a contractor to various companies and start-ups. Prior to that, Daniel served in the IDF where he managed a project involving next-generation OS research. When not at the offices, you can still find him reverse engineering and tinkering with operating systems or presenting his research at BlackHat.

Roman Blachman, Sr. Security Researcher

Roman is Lacoon’s go-to-person for mobile platforms and device security. He brings ten years of R&D experience, in low- and high-level mobile components, GSM/UMTS core networks and WiFi technologies, for the Israel Intelligence Corps’ elite technological unit. Roman leads the research on Lacoon’s mobility and VPN services. He analyzes mobile apps, network traffic, and device internals. Always up to a research challenge, you’ll find him problem-solving, even while jogging.

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