Ring Floodlight Camera Review 2022: Is It A Right Choice?

Ring Floodlight Camera Review 2022: Is It A Right Choice?

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line security camera, the Ring Floodlight Camera is a great option. It’s packed with features, including two-way audio, motion-activated alerts, and live streaming. Plus, it’s easy to install and can be controlled via the Ring app. Keep reading for our full Ring Floodlight Camera review.

Ring Floodlight Camera Overview

ring floodlight security camera review

Ring’s Floodlight Cam Plus is an upgrade to the Ring Floodlight Cam. It features color night vision, bright floodlights and more activity zones. It is only available in a hardwired model, and the video quality is not very good. Ring’s new Floodlight Cam Pro connects to dual-band Wi-Fi and offers better sound quality but does not offer an upgraded video quality.


  • Two 1,500-lumen LED Floodlights
  • A suitable replacement for an old floodlight
  • Sharp 1080p HD Video
  • 110dB Security Siren
  • Custom Motion Zones
  • Wide Field of View, 140 Degrees
  • Livestreaming and Two Way Talk
  • Wired Installation; No Battery
  • Amazon Alexa Works Well
  • Ring Protect Cloud Options


  • Not All Needs to be Hardwired
  • Limited Night Vision
  • Limited Smart Home Integration
  • There are no advanced artificial intelligence features.

Ring Floodlight Camera Review

Unboxing Our Camera

Unboxing ring floodlight cam

This large, bulky camera is designed to make a statement. We knew this, so when we started our hardwired installation, it was a little intimidating. Although we have installed cameras before, this was the first time we had ever done so with such a large amount of wiring and bulk. We were concerned that we would find it too overwhelming and lose our minds, or worse, hurt ourselves without electrical knowledge.

We called an expert. Initially, we tried to hire a pro via Ring’s support page. This allows you to locate someone knowledgeable about Ring cameras in your local area. We thought this was the best option because of the partnership with OnTech4, a hub for intelligent home repairs services.

Other than a tiny problem.

They don’t have floodlights.

Yes, OnTech is an authorized service provider of Ring (they also install Google Nest Cams), but they cannot install floodlights because it crosses into electrical work.

OnTech can install nearly all Ring products, including the Stick Up Cam and Spotlight Cam.

We called our regular electrician, who was familiar with the job requirements. The pro job cost us just over $100. He was done in less than 30 minutes, and we were ready for our new floodlight camera.

We could have done this ourselves. Ring’s support site has helpful resources to help you install your Ring Floodlight Camera. We found setup guides and videos that explained each step of the installation, including mounting the bracket, wiring the device to exist lighting, and finally hanging the camera.

This page includes information on how to mount the camera and control the light settings. It also explains how to set the Ring app up to use the camera. This page is beneficial.

Customizable Motion Zones

Each Ring Floodlight Cam features two motion sensors, one for the floodlights and one for the camera. This makes Floodlight Cam extremely customizable.

You can use the Ring app to create motion activity zones for your camera. This will ensure that you only get notifications when the motion counts. You can also make sure that movement is ignored in an area where your neighbor’s yard happens to be.

The motion sensor of the floodlight is already divided into three 90deg zones. The lights can be adjusted in sensitivity or turned off completely, but there is no way to create a separate activity zone.

Two-Way Communication

Next, we decided to test the Two-Way Talk feature on the camera. This is another standard for cameras in this class. The Floodlight Cam’s audio works well, with one exception. We noticed a lot of interference from background noise on either side.

Ambient noise can be a problem for outdoor cameras because it is unpredictable and difficult to control (we can’t tell the garbage truck how to stop!). Even brands promising Cadillac-level features still pick up wind gusts and branches. We consider this minor.

It was retested later on at a more quiet time of day, and the problem disappeared. The sound quality was excellent, but we noticed a slight hiccup in the audio for about two seconds. It is also a common problem with other cameras we have tested, but it is worth noting.

The Floodlight Sensor Has A Wider Field of View

Ring Floodlight Wider Field of View

Floodlight motion sensors also have a wider field-of-view (270deg) than the camera (140deg). The floodlights may turn on or off depending on your settings for the activity zones.

This is not necessarily a negative thing. It could be set up to light up an area in your backyard that is not accessible from your house. This would reduce notifications and increase lighting. It would not be delightful not to know what triggers the lights if they are always out of frame.

Floodlights With Bright, Automatic Lights

We love that the Ringcam’s floodlights are bright enough to wake a trespasser or illuminate the driveway late at night for trash runs.

They can shine up to 2,000 lumens. The light output of the Ring Spotlight Cam is only 300-375 lumens. Our favorite motion detector light shines at 1,800 lumens.

Floodlights are automatically turned on by motion detection, but they only work at night. You can also adjust the timer in the Ring app to turn them off after 30 seconds.

You can also set up light schedules to keep the floodlights lit throughout the night.

Floodlights are not subject to in-app geofencing automation.

The latest Ring app supports geofencing, but it does not support floodlight automation. You can’t program the lights to turn on/off as you (and your smartphone) enter or leave the geofence perimeter. The Ring is compatible with IFTTT, so you can create an applet that performs this function.

Manual Siren

Ring Floodlight Manual Siren

Ring missed a huge customization opportunity with the Floodlight Cam siren. We are glad that the Floodlight Cam siren is available at 105 dB. It’s an excellent way for trespassers to be skedaddling. We like that the siren can be turned on after you have viewed the live feed.

What about the times you are unable to check the live feed? The Ring should have included an “arm/disarm” function to the siren to make this a better outdoor security camera.

Ring may want you to buy the Ring alarm system to provide that level of protection.

Average Video Quality

The Ring Floodlight Cam Plus records at 1080p and 15 fps. This is enough for most people but nothing to be proud of.

It is also impossible to change the resolution, frame rate or bit rate of streaming to increase speed over slow internet connections.

Ring’s outdoor cameras may disappoint you if you look for crystal-clear video quality. Instead, we recommend the Arlo 4 Spotlight Camera.

Motion Detection

The Ring has a reputation for giving users complete control over how their cameras detect movement, what alerts they get, and how much data they receive. We watched the Ring Floodlight closely as it responded to various situations on our property. The camera sent us an activity alert when it detected motion. It worked like clockwork. We were able to view our backyard’s Livestream in the Ring app.

We learned more about Floodlight Cam’s tech and features and realized that cats could be burglars. They didn’t have a chance. The cat in the photo is mostly black. We were able to see her from about 20-30 feet away. It’s not bad at all.

We tested a few more cats and were stunned at how well she could be seen from any angle.

We settled in with our floodlight camera to make more assessments one night when something started bothering us.

We began receiving motion alerts about every 10 seconds. However, nothing was there when we checked the camera view in Ring’s app. There was not a single creature moving.

The process continued for about 20 more minutes until someone finally gave up and went outside to investigate.

There was nothing. We wondered what was triggering this motion. We could turn off the alerts through the app to stop the annoying behavior. We wanted to find the root cause of this.

At last! It was a giant, sprawling spiderweb that moved in the night breeze.

We took out the “threat,” and soon stopped receiving alerts. They’ll see you.

This sticky situation is a humorous example of how easy it can be to personalize these cameras. We are confident that our Ring Floodlight Camera will protect us from any threat, big or small, should we ever have to investigate something more severe than an eight-legged creepy crawly.

Installation by Hardwiring

Only the Ring Floodlight Cam can be purchased as a hardwired unit. You will need to cut into walls or ceilings to access the electrical wires and then splice them in.

Maybe it’s not too hard if you are a skilled DIYer. The Ring has the proper instructions to guide you. An electrician will be needed if you aren’t confident enough to tackle this task yourself. This is an additional expense.

The Ring is expected to release a Floodlight Cam powered by solar and battery power like their Spotlight Cam.

Extra Features in the New Ring Floodlight Wired Pro

Ring Floodlight Wired Pro

The new Ring Floodlight Wired Pro is available for $70 more and includes a few additional features.

  • Dual-band Wi-Fi
  • Motion tracking from a bird’s eye view
  • 3D motion detection
  • Advanced noise cancellation
  • The siren is slightly louder (110 dB).

The best feature of this upgraded version is the “bird’s-eye view”, which displays an aerial view of your house in the corner. Yellow dots are displayed wherever motion is detected. This allows you to see who entered the motion activity area and where.

You may spot potential security issues in your home by looking at how and where people go. The aerial images may not be of high quality. They are derived from third-party sources.

This radar technology can also pinpoint the distance someone is from your house, which allows you to adjust motion activity zones and decrease notifications.

Watch this video to deeply understand the product:

Should You Buy It?

The Ring Floodlight Camera is a great security camera that offers many features. It has excellent image quality, night vision, and two-way audio. It also comes with a siren and floodlights that can be activated remotely. The camera is very easy to install and use, and it offers great value for the price.

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