Simplisafe Vs Cove 2022: Which One Is Best For Home Safe?

Simplisafe Vs Cove 2022: Which One Is Best For Home Safe?

Simplisafe and Cove are two popular home security companies that offer a variety of security products and services. Both companies have a wide range of products and services to choose from, so it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you. In this SimpliSafe vs Cove, Lacoon will compare and contrast the two companies, so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for your home security needs.

SimpliSafe Security System Pros & Cons


  • Doorbell camera option
  • Smart door lock model
  • August smart lock integration


  • Pricier monitoring prices
  • More basic keypad than Cove

Cove Security System Pros & Cons


  • Excellent customer service scores
  • Outdoor camera
  • Touchscreen control panel


  • There are no smart locks
  • No self-monitoring option

SimpliSafe vs Cove

Simplisafe Vs Cove security system

Cove was founded in 2018 and has only been around for a few years. This home security company has been around for a short time, starting in 2018. It provides innovative, high-quality products, great smart home integration features, and affordable security system pricing.

SimpliSafe, founded in 2006, is an older company than Cove. SimpliSafe is a more expensive DIY security system product than Cove. However, it offers impressive integration and home security products. SimpliSafe is still a great value, even though it may not be as popular as a few years back.

Price and Value

There is no significant price difference between SimpliSafe and Cove home security systems.

It is also difficult to compare prices between the two systems since they have different pricing models. SimpliSafe offers pre-set options that include:

  • The Haven – $379
  • The Knox – $349
  • The Hearth – $293
  • The Essentials – $27
  • The Foundation – $183
  • Start at $139 for custom-made products

Cove, however, offers a limited number of fixed options. There are four options for pre-set security systems. These include The Cottage, The Sanctuary and The Stronghold, and the Cove’s signature Smart Home Security System. They don’t offer many choices, since they are very similar in terms of features and prices, especially the two most expensive.

There is another huge advantage to SimpliSafe security systems compared to Cove. If you choose Cove, starting a home security system from scratch is better. You will spend $50 more to create a comparable Cove home security system from scratch than SimpliSafe systems that have the same properties.


Cove lets you design and builds your security system to your specifications.

You will be asked several questions to help you choose the right Cove security system. The questions you will answer include what type of property you are looking to secure, how many doors you have, and if you have pets.

In just a matter of seconds, you can get your own personal security system recommendation. You can then choose which type and how many sensors you would like.

Different motion sensors, smoke and heat detectors, freeze and freeze detectors and glass break sensors can be installed. You also have indoor cameras, carbon monoxide detectors and panic buttons.

Simplisafe, on the other hand, offers the ability to create your own security system and provides pre-built security system packages.

Equipment Quality

Both companies sell equipment of very similar quality. Both Cove and SimpliSafe make high-quality home security products. While some devices may look different, both security systems have the same build quality.


Both security systems can be installed by DIY. Even if you have no technical knowledge, they are easy to install. We think the Cove system is easier to set up, so it’s a good choice for those looking for a simple home security system. Both companies offer extensive assistance in installing their devices. You can find detailed instructions on their websites.

Professional Monitoring/Subscription Plans

There is an additional monthly fee for professional monitoring. This adds to the price of home security products. Simplisafe and Cove offer professional monitoring services, both primary and premium. SimpliSafe plans are slightly more expensive, but the price difference is negligible. You can also get the home security system you want without signing a contract.

The Cove Basic Monitoring service plan is $14.99 per month. The Cove Plus Monitoring plan is $24.99. The Plus plan offers additional benefits like a lifetime equipment warranty, lifetime monitoring rates-lock guarantee, and Alexa/Google Assistant integrations.

SimpliSafe, by comparison, offers a Standard Monitoring Plan starting at $17.99 per month and an Interactive Monitoring Plan starting at $27.99 per month. A Self Monitoring plan with camera recording costs $9.99 per month. SimpliSafe is a better option than the two lower plans. SimpliSafe offers integration support, verification and notification. You can also choose not to purchase any monitoring plans.

Home Automation

cove security system

SimpliSafe and Cove offer very high levels of home automation. They can be paired with a few smart assistants or voice control apps to create a secure and well-connected smart home.

Both home security systems allow easy additions of new devices or elements to your system. You can also expand your home security system to enhance further or customize your home’s capabilities.


Cove allows you to save camera footage on a memory stick or in the Cloud. SimpliSafe home security systems, on the other hand, use Cloud storage. This is the crucial difference to determine if you prefer local storage that you can access via an SD card and then move to your computer.

Monthly Cost

Cove currently offers limited free cloud storage for cameras in the Cloud. Cove announced that it would add Cove Cloud+ at $2.99 per month per camera to provide additional storage retention time.

SimpliSafe offers premium subscription plans for camera recording automatically included in its Interactive Monitoring plan. You can also purchase storage separately for $4.99 per camera or $9.99 per month for ten cameras.

Storage retention time

Cove currently allows you to save unlimited recordings to the Cloud for seven days. SimpliSafe, which offers 30-day access to all subscribers’ cameras, is considerably less than its current competitor.

Camera Options

The camera options offered by both companies are very similar. There is not much differentiation. SimpliSafe and Cove offer HD outdoor and indoor cameras. SimpliSafe only provides one type of doorbell camera, while Cove offers two: a more affordable and a premium option.

Continuous Recording

Continuous recording is a feature that Cove has over SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe only uses Cloud storage, so continuous recording would consume a lot of data and take up lots of space.

Features of Power / Batteries

Different SimpliSafe and Cove cameras use various power sources. The Cove indoor camera has a power cord, while the outdoor camera runs on batteries. You have two options for the Cove doorbell cameras: wired or battery-powered. SimpliSafe cameras function in the same manner.

Cove security systems include a backup battery that can last up to 24 hours in the event of power outages. If the power outage continues for more than 24 hours, you can manually take out the backup battery and install a new one.

SimpliSafe Base station comes with a backup battery. This will keep your home security station running for up to 24 hours in the event of power outages. If the power outage lasts longer than 24 hours, replacing the station’s rechargeable battery with new rechargeable ones is necessary.

Trial Period

SimpliSafe and Cove offer a 60-day trial period to help you decide which home security system is best for you. You can get a full refund within 60 days of purchasing both types of security systems. You don’t have to worry about losing money if the home systems fail to meet your expectations.


SimpliSafe and Cove offer the same warranties for their home security products as many other aspects of their offering. You can get a Cove Basic monitoring service plan that includes a 1-year warranty on all company products. You can also get a lifetime warranty if you sign-up for the Cove Plus monitoring service plan.

SimpliSafe products have a 1-year warranty. SimpliSafe also offers a limited lifetime warranty for customers who sign up for the Interactive Monitoring service plan.

Customer Service / Company Reliability

Both companies are regarded as the best in the home security market. Cove offers better customer service hours, as they offer live chat and telephone support 24 hours a day.

SimpliSafe security system does not offer live chat support. Their phone support is not available between 8 AM and midnight ET. SimpliSafe’s email support responds in three to five business days, while Cove’s support staff responds within 24 hours.

Technology Features

simplisafe security system

Remote Control via App

SimpliSafe and Cove allow you to remotely control your home security system using the native Android or iOS apps. This feature is available regardless of which system you choose. However, you must subscribe to the higher-priced plans to use it.

Cellular Backup

Cove home security systems come with pre-installed cell connections so that you don’t need to worry about connection drops if you lose your Internet or experience a power outage. SimpliSafe systems, on the other hand, work on Wi-Fi and have a cellular module that operates on a cell network in case your Wi-Fi connection drops.

Image/Streaming Quality

SimpliSafe and Cove offer the same image streaming properties. We’ve already mentioned that they offer HD quality image quality across all devices. Image quality doesn’t matter as long as there is stable, fast Wi-Fi or cell coverage in your area. Arlo and Nest security cameras offer better streaming quality.

Night Vision

Night vision is available on all SimpliSafe cameras mentioned or discussed in this Cove Vs. Simplisafe article. This allows you to see everything in full color indoors and outdoors.

Video Display: Fields of View

SimpliSafe and Cove outdoor cameras have identical fields of vision, with ultra-wide FOVs measuring 140 degrees. SimpliSafe’s indoor camera has a broader field of view than the Cove indoor camera, which supports 120 degrees.

The SimpliSafe camera has a 162-degree wide-angle field of view. It is slightly smaller than the Cove camera. The Cove Kami camera has a 170-degree horizontal field and a 90-degree vertical view, while Skybell’s doorbell camera has a 180-degree horizontal and 120-degree verticle field.

SimpliSafe cameras have slightly better zoom capabilities. SimpliSafe’s outdoor camera offers 8x digital zoom.

Real-time Notifications

SimpliSafe and Cove apps offer real-time push notifications to notify you about any security issues or motions in your home. You will need to enable this feature in your app. Both have it disabled by default.

Two-way audio

Both indoor and outdoor cameras can be used for two-way audio in two systems. This feature can be accessed via the SimpliSafe Android and iOS apps.

Person Detection

SimpliSafe and Cove cameras offer a valuable person/motion detection function. These cameras can detect any motion, so it is important to calibrate them correctly to avoid false alarms. It is essential to establish activity zones and motion sensitivities. We now move on to the next section.

Activity Zones

This is another helpful feature that you will find in security cameras. It’s no surprise that it is available in both security systems. It is easy to customize and pinpoint the activity zones.

You can also use SimpliSafe or Cove to block certain areas from being alerted. This can be especially useful when the camera captures busy areas such as roads and sidewalks.

Safety Button

Both security systems have safety buttons that you can use in an emergency. This is the Cove Medical Button, used primarily to communicate with medical services. You can also program the Cove Medical Button to be an SOS button that you can use for police contact.

SimpliSafe’s Panic Button works in the same manner. Pressing the button immediately contacts emergency services. SimpliSafe’s Panic Button can be used to contact the police. However, you can also set up medical alerts.

Emergency Connections and Response Times

RapidSOS is a partner of Cove and SimpliSafe. RapidSOS is used by more than 4,700 911 centers across the United States and covers over 90% of the population.

Both security companies offer fast response times and drastically reduce the standard communication processes. Cove and SimpliSafe use RapidSos to transmit critical information directly to 911 centers. The average response time is between 30 and 45 minutes.

Types of Products

cove vs simplisafe home security

Flood Sensors

Flood damage is one of the most common claims for homeowners in the United States. It’s also the most costly. Cove and SimpliSafe security systems make flood sensors that you can put near your major plumbing systems to detect leaks early enough to prevent significant damage. SimpliSafe’s water sensors can be purchased for $19.99, while flood sensors from Cove cost $10 each.

Doorbell Camera

Cove offers a few doorbell camera options. The Kami doorbell camera costs $99. This is a more fundamental and affordable option. Skybell doorbell cameras are $189 more expensive and offer some additional features. These include a wider viewing angle and a stronger weatherproof rating.

SimpliSafe offers only one camera option. The Video Doorbell Pro is priced at $169. This doorbell camera has the most advanced features, including HDR imaging, HD video quality at 1080p, motion alerts and infrared night vision.

Fire and carbon monoxide detectors

Both home security companies offer the option to add fire/CO detectors. The products of Cove and SimpliSafe differ in this respect. SimpliSafe has two devices, while Cove makes a smoke/CO detector that works both ways.

SimpliSafe is more costly because you are purchasing two products. The smoke detector costs $29.99, and the Carbon Monoxide detector $49.99. The Cove CO/CO detector is only $27.50 each.

Temperature Sensor

Cove’s CO/Fire devices include a heat detector. However, the company does not offer any temperature sensing devices that you can add to your system. SimpliSafe sells a temperature sensor for $29.99.

Sensors for Entry

Cove provides separate window and door entry sensors that can be used to protect these common entry points from burglary. The Cove window and door sensors are $7.50 each. SimpliSafe offers universal entry sensors for all doors and windows. These sensors are also more expensive than Cove ones, at $14.99 per piece.

Security Camera

The indoor camera from Cove is priced at $49.50, a reasonable price for the quality. Cove also sells an outdoor camera for $99.50. SimpliSafe, priced at $99.9, offers an indoor camera with many of the same features as Cove’s indoor camera. SimpliSafe also provides an outdoor camera for $169.99

Security Tablet

Cove and SimpliSafe use two different but equally simple-to-use control tablets. The Cove touch panel has a minimalistic, streamlined design with only two control buttons and an intuitive touchscreen.

SimpliSafe uses the same basic touchpad as other home security systems. Although the SimpliSafe keypad has a large and bright display, it is not as impressive as Cove.

Smart Device Integrations

SimpliSafe or Cove are the best options if you need a security system that works with all of your smart home devices. These security systems share similar smart home integrations, and both are… meh.


Amazon Alexa compatibility is available for SimpliSafe and Cove smart home security systems. Amazon Alexa can be used to arm or disarm your security system, or this voice assistant can check if it is secure. Although Cove and SimpliSafe aren’t very robust in this respect, they offer easy integration with Amazon Alexa.

Google Assistant

Both systems can be used with Google Assistant to provide the same control options. SimpliSafe systems do not have a disarm function, while SimpliSafe systems allow you to arm and disarm your home via voice control. SimpliSafe says that the voice control function is unavailable because it wants to protect the home.

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is not compatible with either intelligent home security system. You can still find online instructions on integrating these systems with Apple HomeKit via Homebridge. We recommend Abode as a home security system with native Apple HomeKit integration.


SimpliSafe and Cove don’t support IFTTT/Stringify. The Cove app has a Routines feature that acts as an IFTTT variant. You can set up routines to automate your home’s security system. We should also mention that the Routines option is only available to Cove Plus subscribers.

August Smart Locks

Both cameras also work with August Smart Locks. August Smart Locks are great smart locks that can be integrated into your smart home security system. This adds more protection to the already secure Cove and SimpliSafe security systems.

SimpliSafe vs Cove, Which One is Better?

Simplisafe and Cove are two home security systems that offer a variety of features to keep your home safe. Both systems have their pros and cons, so it’s important to compare them before making a decision. We hope that you find it helpful in this comparison.

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