SimpliSafe Vs Ring: Which Is The Best Security System 2022?

SimpliSafe Vs Ring: Which Is The Best Security System 2022?

SimpliSafe and Ring are two home security companies that offer a variety of products to meet your needs. Both companies have a variety of products that include doorbells, cameras, and security systems. While both companies offer a variety of products, they each have their own unique features. SimpliSafe vs Ring, Which is the best one? Read our post for valuable information.

SimpliSafe vs Ring – Overview


SimpliSafe Home Security System


  • Multiple packaged and a la carte systems are available.
  • Month-to-month monitoring service plans at a low cost
  • It’s simple to use and doesn’t necessitate the usage of a smartphone app.
  • You have the option to pay for your bundle over time.


  • A monthly subscription is necessary for remote control and smart home integration while away from home.
  • There is no choice for an exterior camera.

SimpliSafe is a DIY home security system that comes in a variety of options to pick from. You can also design your own system or choose a package and add more components. SimpliSafe has a smaller number of cameras than Ring Alarm. The SimpliCam is the company’s primary home security camera, and it recently released a new wireless outdoor camera.

When it comes to paying for your package, Affirm allows you to pay in full or pay over time. One disadvantage is that if you want features like smart home integration and remote monitoring, you’ll have to pay extra for the 24/7 monitoring plan.


Ring Security System


  • Only the Pro package includes a cellular monitoring backup link.
  • You can get a 10% discount on additional Ring devices with a monitoring subscription.
  • Add-on equipment comes in a wide range of options.


  • Only the Plus package includes a cellular monitoring backup link.
  • Privacy concerns have been reported.

The primary focus of Ring‘s home security system is cameras. The Ring Spotlight Cam, Ring Floodlight Cam, and Ring Stickup Cam are just a few options available. There is also a lot of other equipment, and the company’s monitoring plans start at $3 per month, which is the cheapest in our evaluations.

Ring Alarm Pro costs $20 a month and comes with eero Secure, which helps protect your internet activity. Among other things, the monitoring package includes an extended warranty and alarm cellular backup. Only the Pro package, however, contains professional monitoring and cellular backup.

Furthermore, while Ring’s Neighbors program may provide security benefits, it has also generated worries about privacy.

Similarities: Ring vs SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe and Ring, as major players in the DIY home security industry, have a lot in common:

  • DIY Installation: DIY wireless systems are simple to set up and take down.
  • There are no contracts, and there is no requirement for a monitoring contract.
  • SimpliSafe and Ring are both less expensive than professionally installed companies like ADT.
  • Self-monitoring: Both include self-monitoring options, so you can use a mobile app to access your system, receive motion detection notifications, and view your cameras.
  • Low monthly monitoring fees: Ring’s monthly monitoring charge is $20, while SimpliSafe’s monitoring begins at $18.
  • Essential equipment is comparable (base station, keypad, one entry (or contact) sensor, and one motion sensor).
  • Indoor cameras also have equivalent features such as crash-and-smash protection and cellular backup.
  • SimpliSafe has its own video doorbell model, the SimpliSafe Video Doorbell Pro, even though Ring is well recognized for its series of Ring Video Doorbells.
  • Smart home integration: Both SimpliSafe and Ring provide intelligent home integration, but Ring delivers more.
  • Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa are compatible.
  • Both companies have smartphone applications. Some functionalities of the App may not be available in all plans.

However, you’ve come to locate a winner. We’ll then go over the key—and potentially deal-breaking—differences between the two brands.

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SimpliSafe vs Ring: What’s the Difference?

SimpliSafe vs. Ring: What's the Difference?

We completed the research to find out which brand wins in crucial categories so you can choose your deal-breakers and favorite:


SimpliSafe is the way to go if you’re only searching for a bargain. SimpliSafe’s $18 monthly monitoring is unrivaled in the security industry. Ring, on the other hand, has a more cheap beginner plan.

Best pricing: Tie


SimpliSafe’s equipment has a wide range of capabilities. Can you add sensors and devices to any package using

SimpliSafe and feel inventive? You may even forego the packages altogether and create your own SimpliSafe security system from the ground up.

Ring doesn’t provide the same à la carte selections as SimpliSafe, so you’ll have to pick from one of its pre-packaged alternatives.

SimpliSafe’s à la carte equipment

Smoke detectors, carbon monoxide sensors, motion sensors, key fobs, a panic button, freeze sensors, window and door sensors, and a water sensor are among SimpliSafe’s many devices. The portfolio has also added a smart lock and an outside camera.

With the exception of the cameras, most devices are battery-powered and interact over your home’s Wi-Fi network. Ring’s control panel/keypad is smaller and more streamlined.

Although Ring does not offer fully customizable systems, you can buy a Ring Alarm security kit and put it on additional individual devices.

With the addition of outside HD cameras and intelligent lighting, Ring’s devices are similar to SimpliSafe’s. We also discovered two advantages for Ring:

The ring Doorbell had marginally superior night vision than the SimpliSafe doorbell cam.

Because Ring devices, like its motion detector and door-and-window sensors, employ radio frequencies rather than your home’s Wi-Fi, their batteries last longer than SimpliSafe’s.

Best equipment: SimpliSafe


SimpliSafe’s equipment warranty is three years (or a lifetime if you upgrade to the Interactive Monitoring plan), whereas Ring’s is only one year. However, if you subscribe to Ring Protect Pro monitoring, Ring offers an extended warranty as long as you pay for the subscription.

SimpliSafe offers a 60-day refund policy, unlike Ring’s 30-day policy. Both companies provide complete reimbursements for returns, although Ring charges $5 for shipping while SimpliSafe pays it.

Best warranty: Tie


SimpliSafe’s professional monitoring services include video alarm confirmation. When your alarm goes off, monitoring professionals can access footage from your security camera or SimpliSafe video doorbell, lowering the chances of a false alert.

You also don’t have to pay up for a monthly monitoring plan with SimpliSafe. (You can self-monitor your cameras and arm/disarm the system for free using the SimpliSafe App.) However, your home security system will just serve as a loud siren to frighten attackers away without professional monitoring.

SimpliSafe’s monitoring is a touch less expensive than Ring’s monthly fee of $20. SimpliSafe offers standard professional monitoring for roughly $18 per month, allowing your security system to alert you in the event of an alarm.

Best monitoring: SimpliSafe

Customer service

SimpliSafe routinely receives better customer service ratings and reviews, despite not being able to match Ring’s 24/7 customer care (SimpliSafe’s hours are 8 a.m. to midnight EST).

SimpliSafe’s customer service alternatives include email support, online help forums, and a customer service phone line if you need assistance with your system. Long wait times are one of the most common customer service concerns. Customers often have good things to say about the company.

SimpliSafe’s customer service ratings:*

  • 4/5, Great: Trustpilot rating
  • 4.8/5: SimpliSafe Home Security app on Apple App Store
  • 4.4/5: SimpliSafe Home Security app on Google Play

Ring’s customer service line is available 24/7, and so are its live online customer support agents.

While Ring’s doorbells are popular and garner positive evaluations, its app reviews are slightly lower, and its Trustpilot rating is severely lacking.

Ring’s customer service ratings:*

  • 1.4 stars, Bad: Trustpilot rating
  • 4.5/5: Ring Always Home App on Apple App Store
  • 3.9/5: Ring Always Home App on Google Play

Best customer service: SimpliSafe

Smart Home Compatibility

Ring offers a variety of security cameras, including outdoor floodlight cameras, as well as home automation via Z-Wave and Zigbee.

Ring Alarm devices work with a wide range of third-party devices, including the following:

  • Amazon Alexa smart assistant
  • Schlage, Yale, and Kwikset door locks; GE and Leviton lights, sockets, and switches
  • First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide detectors

SimpliSafe is better suited to smaller settings without the requirement for home automation. SimpliSafe’s innovative home options are now limited, but they are expanding. SimpliSafe works with August Smart Locks, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa there at the moment.

Best smart home compatibility: Ring

Mobile App

Ring vs Simplisafe mobile app

Ring’s App is more feature-rich, despite SimpliSafe’s higher app ratings on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Ring mobile app

Ring’s mobile App is helpful because of its high smart home connectivity and Neighbors-app consolidation. You may pair your Ring with Alexa devices to control the system and get notifications using your voice.

To assist you in self-monitoring your system, the Ring app will send you to push alerts. Without paying a monthly fee, you can view the live feed of your cameras, use the two-way speak feature on the cameras and smart doorbell, and receive motion alerts.

You can also use the same Ring smartphone app to access the Neighbors network as your home security system.

You can see what your neighbors have spotted or captured on video in the Neighbor’s community, as well as hear from authorities about what’s going on.

While anyone (including SimpliSafe users) can use the Neighbors App, putting it in the same place as your security system reduces app clutter.

SimpliSafe mobile App

The mobile App can activate and disable the system regardless of the SimpliSafe plan. You’ll also be notified if any of your security system’s sensors are triggered.

While the basic app functionalities are accessible, you can upgrade your SimpliSafe monitoring package to gain access to features like “hidden alerts,” which notify you via the App when particular sensors are triggered without actually triggering an alarm at your house.

Best Mobile App: Ring

Winner: SimpliSafe

It’s a close call between SimpliSafe and Ring, but SimpliSafe comes out on top. It’s inexpensive, simple to set up and use, and its home automation capabilities grow. It also has several à la carte alternatives and customer-friendly rules.

SimpliSafe is an excellent choice for a home security system if you want flexible packages and some high-quality device options. You may also add expert monitoring and control with remote access via the mobile App to improve your security.

The Ring is the way to go if you’re looking for a low-cost option with indoor/outdoor coverage and advanced smart home integration (such as smart locks and lights). It also assists you in avoiding monitoring expenses by allowing you to self-monitor your property.


We’ve tested Ring and SimpliSafe cameras and doorbells, but we had to dive deeper to learn more about each company’s security solutions.

We were able to get our hands on both systems and put them through their paces. We spent over five hours browsing through each company’s website, reading over 100 customer reviews, and watching around a dozen hands-on video reviews of each system to understand its benefits and drawbacks better.

We’ve also had several meetings with SimpliSafe representatives to understand their technology, monitoring, and wireless security.

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