Tooge Pet Camera Review 2022: Is It A Right Choice?

Tooge Pet Camera Review 2022: Is It A Right Choice?

If you’re looking for a way to keep an eye on your pet while you’re away from home, the Tooge Pet Camera is a great option. This camera allows you to see and hear your pet, as well as talk to them through the built-in speaker. You can also use the camera to snap pictures or record videos of your pet, which you can then share with your friends or family. Keep reading our Tooge pet camera review for more details.

Tooge Pet Camera Overview

Tooge Overview


  • Swivel camera that rotates at 80 degrees vertically and 350 degrees horizontally
  • FHD WiFi Indoor Camera.
  • Night vision with infrared
  • Multiple configuration options
  • Budget-friendly
  • Mobile notifications based on motion


  • Video feeds of low quality
  • HapSee app doesn’t work with Mac devices

The TOOGE Wireless Security Camera lets you keep an eye on your house and protect your pet. You can control your home security camera remotely from anywhere, whether at work or away. This pet care gadget is the best on the market.

Tooge Pet Camera Review

Tooge pet camera review

Design: Functional But With A Few Bells & Whistles

Tooge pet camera was designed with functionality in mind. This smart pet camera does not have lasers to play games or give treats like other competitors’ models, such as the Furbo Dog Camera and the Petcube Play. This pet camera’s main feature is its swivel head. It tilts 80 degrees vertically and can tilt horizontally at 350 degrees.

Although it can’t spin completely around, it does get close. The lens is 112 degrees wide, smaller than competitors’ models that offer up to 160 degrees and more fisheye views. However, the TOOGE can turn and capture moments that other pet cams might miss if they are fixed on their angle.

The wall mount simply screws into the base of the TOOGE. This mount allows the pet owner to choose the best place in their home for setting up the pet camera. Placement is crucial because the camera lens can’t be fixed and won’t turn.

For maximum coverage, pet parents need to consider where they would like the image to be centered in their home. Renters who are less inclined to install permanent fixtures may find the TOOGE pet camera an excellent option.

Treat Dispenser

The TOOGE Pet Camera cannot provide rewards to well-behaved pets.

We enjoy dog cameras with this feature because it gives dog owners more options for controlling and entertaining their pets.

It also allows you to amaze coworkers and friends with your dog’s obedience skills in front of the camera.

Setup Process

Tooge Setup Process

You will find many extras inside the TOOGE’s box. The TOOGE pet camera comes with a Smart HD WiFi camera user guide, a quick-start instructions pamphlet to help new owners through the various setup options, a wall mounting kit with screws to secure it, a manual reset tool, and the TOOGE itself. There is also an Ethernet cable.

There are many ways to set up TOOGE. The first step was to install the HapSee app from the google play store on our Samsung Galaxy S8. Next, plug in the TOOGE using the provided power cord. Apple iOS devices are supported, but Mac devices are not.

Users can then choose the best setup option for them. It’s easy to use the sound-pairing option. Users select their WiFi network from HapSee. The app then emits a sound wave with which the TOOGE searches and connects.

Although it’s an unusual way to connect, it was very shrill and rough on our ears. The connection doesn’t last very long. It takes only a few minutes before the TOOGE pet camera becomes active and is ready to use.

You can pair the TOOGE pet camera with a QR code scanner. This setup feature is available by scanning the QR code at the bottom of your TOOGE and entering it into the Hapsee. It will then do the rest.

The provided Ethernet cord is an excellent option for pet owners who have difficulties with previous setup options. An Ethernet cord can be attached to both a router and the TOOGE to allow the pet to connect to the network. Mobile devices can locate the pet camera by searching the network and selecting it when it is visible.

Day/Night Video Feed

This camera can be connected to WiFi for a high-quality live video feed. Two led lights can provide the light you need to see and talk with your beloved pets at night and day. With the night-time features of this camera, you can see up 16 feet even in dark environments.

If your pet is awake at night and you cannot reach them during the day, they will still be able to see you and let you know you’re fine. Pet owners have 24/7 access to their pets with the Tooge pet camera.

Motion Detection

The Tooge app, which comes with the pet camera, will let you know when your furry friends are in the camera range and alert you if they are active. You won’t be calling your pet constantly and hoping they aren’t, as the notification feature will tell you when it is best to call. Your pet could pick this up as a way to let you know that they are calling.

You’ll be able to plan your calls based on how your pet interacts with the camera each time they enter the area. This is where the problem lies. Your pet camera may be located in high-traffic pet zones, and you will be bombarded with notifications as your pet moves back and forth.

App Support

The HapSee app is fine. It doesn’t feel particularly well translated into English. The app seems to have trouble connecting unless you close it and reopen it. Although it has many built-in functions for alarms, notifications, and recording options, the device’s main feature is the live stream video feed that includes a two-way sound system and a swivel camera.

The only problem with the app and the swivel cam is that it can be challenging to move. Users need to keep swiping across their device multiple times to change the TOOGE’s view.

Pet owners can communicate with their pets via two-way talk, an essential feature of many pet cameras. Two-way talk audio quality is good for the TOOGE pet camera. Although the sound coming from the pet’s mouth can sometimes be a bit soft, the camera’s built-in speaker projects human voices quite clearly and loudly. The HapSee app periodically emits motor sounds when the camera is turning. This is a problem.

The app’s highlight is its motion-based notifications. It can store pictures and videos in cloud storage. Plans start at $1.80 per month, including photos of the event that triggered the alarm and up to $60 for one year of cloud video recordings. Cloud records can be saved for up to 30 days. If your pet moves, this helps you and your pet lover stay in touch.

The only problem with the notifications was their sensitivity. To prevent spamming, reducing the sensitivity setting from its default is necessary. The MicroSD slot is only available for certain recording types (e.g., scheduled recordings and alarms) but not for motion-based notifications. This seems like a limitation.

You can also set alarms in the HapSee app. These sirens will sound when motion activity is detected. Pet owners can simply activate the motion alarms within the app and tap the lock symbol to turn it on.

These alarms can also trigger a notification to your mobile device. Depending on the user’s microSD setup or subscription, this notification can capture video clips of the offense. We tested this feature, and we found it loud and jarring. It could be set up to discourage bad behavior, such as digging in the trash, but we don’t think it would be traumatizing. This camera is excellent for general security purposes.

Video Quality: Unbeatable for the Price

It can stream in HD video at 720p, but the video quality is not great. The image quality is sometimes noisy and blurry when pets move. This is particularly true in low light conditions before the infrared night vision feature of the camera kicks online.

Night vision is excellent and can clearly show pets after the sunsets. This feature is not available on all pet cameras, even more, expensive models. It is a great quality for the money and can support up to five users in the HapSee App at once.

Price: Very Affordable For the Features and Budget-friendly

Prices for pet cameras range between $100 and $400. The TOOGE pet camera features such as motion-based notifications and two-way chat make it a very affordable pet camera. It is the most budget-friendly pet camera we have ever seen. It’s also only $39.99 (on Amazon). However, the device’s features are not as targeted or developed as competitors’. The elements it does have are sufficient for pet owners who just want to keep an eye on their cat or dog during the day.

Are There Other Things You Should Consider?

To record videos of your dogs, you will need a memory stick. The TOOGE Pet Camera packaging does not include a memory card.

Multiple cameras can be installed simultaneously using the same app.

Tooge Pet Camera Alternatives

Tooge Pet Camera Alternatives

There are many great options for pet cameras, each with different features to suit every pet owner. TOOGE’s main competitors are but are not limited to the Petcube Play (MSRP $199) and the Furbo Pet Camera (MSRP $249).

Petcube Play

Contrary to the TOOGE and Petcube Plays, the Petcube Play was designed with play in mind. The device is so focused on the play that the device’s name includes the word “play”. It also features the ability to interact with pets through its handy laser games. These games can be configured to work with both manual and automatic controls.

Petcube Play’s camera quality is also significantly improved. It can stream and record 1080p video. It also comes with a subscription model. However, it offers free functionality that the TOOGE pet camera does not.

For example, you can capture 10-second videos for a 4-hour window in the app. You can also send mobile notifications that are based on sound or motion. The Petcube Play is the best choice if you want to play games with your pets.

Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo Dog Camera, a premium pet camera that can physically throw treats at hungry dogs, is the best. The camera was designed with dogs in mind. It has a blue light that lights up when used (blue is one of few colors dogs can see) and a spill-resistant bamboo cover to prevent excited dogs from knocking it over or emptying its treat stash.

The camera’s quality is excellent, and it can stream from 360p to 1080p. Pet owners can enjoy a quick, clear view of their pets and the surrounding area, whether in low-light or highlighted. Although it is subscription-based, free users can still use it to view live streams, throw treats and receive mobile alerts when dogs bark. Furbo is an option for pet owners who want to reward their pets with treats.

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