How To Upgrade Existing Wired Home Security System?

How To Upgrade Existing Wired Home Security System?

Wired home security systems are a great way to deter burglars and keep your home safe. However, if you have an older system, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model. Newer models offer more features and better protection than older ones. Here are some things to consider on how to upgrade existing wired Home Security System.

4 Ways Upgrade Existing Wired Home Security System

Upgrade Existing Wired Home Security System

Your home security system might not be keeping up with modern technology, especially since new technologies are constantly emerging in the home security industry. It’s not difficult to justify replacing your existing home security system if it works well. Don’t replace it if it isn’t broken. We get it.

It’s possible to upgrade an existing home security system, which is good! These four upgrades could be the right solution for you.

Upgrade 1 – Update Old Pane Board

You can add security systems to your existing system without replacing all the bolts and nuts. If you simply replace the control panel board with a newer model, your system will have far more capabilities.

Some older systems, for example, cannot be controlled remotely via smartphone. You can upgrade the panel to manage your home remotely from anywhere, at any time.

The best thing about upgrading security control panels? Old devices can still be used with the new boards. You don’t have to worry about old machines made over 18 years ago not being compatible with the new system. They will likely work fine.

Upgrade 2 – Switch To Wireless Monitoring

A large number of people upgrade their older systems by upgrading to wireless monitoring.

Nearly all alarm systems can be monitored wirelessly, even those very old. Alarm systems were connected to telephone lines in the past. The signal was sent through the phone line when the alarm was activated.

Modern technological advances have made it possible for security systems, even old ones, to be monitored via cell towers rather than phone lines. This eliminates the risk of burglars cutting telephone lines and breaking into homes.

Wireless home monitoring is an upgrade that takes an older system and brings it to the 21st century. It improves the technology and makes the procedure safer.

Upgrade 3 – Install A New Keypad

Install A New Keypad

You may need a new keypad to update your home security system.

No longer are old, clunky keypads with just a few buttons the only choice. Modern touchscreen keypads are now available from security companies. They have additional display options such as weather forecasts, dates, times, etc.

Upgrade 4 – Add Smart Home Features

Your system will look brand new by swapping out the old panel and moving to wireless monitoring.

Combining these upgrades will make an old system smart home compatible. All that’s left is to add smart thermostats, door locks and other innovative home features to your new system.

Other Ways To Do With Existing Home Security

Other ways to do with existing home security

Option 1: Use An Existing Home Security/Alarm System or Unmonitored Home Security System

It doesn’t matter if the alarm security system you have is wireless or hardwired; it should be in good condition.

ADT security systems with cellular monitoring, landline monitoring, or Honeywell security systems are all good options to increase your home security.


If you don’t want to monitor your own equipment and prefer professional monitoring, it is worth using or customizing the existing infrastructure. This will reduce the cost of installation, equipment and maintenance.


However, you may be locked into a long-term contract with 2 or 3 years of monitoring and monthly monitoring fees. This varies from SimpliSafe, where the standard monthly tracking costs $14.99 per month.

However, before you go down this path, you should think about these questions: Does the company have a track record of providing satisfactory customer service? Are they able to provide the services you require?

The following checklist will help you avoid being stuck with an alarm company that offers unsatisfying service.

  • Talk to service providers to learn more about the features and services included in the contract.
  • Check out user and media reviews about the services and companies
  • Compare the prices of security monitoring services that you are interested in
  • Talk to monitoring companies about tailoring existing security systems services to your security needs

Option 2: Get Rid of The Existing Security System and Replace It With A Brand New One


Unfortunately, the security system in place is quite outdated.

You can’t reactivate it to monitor your entryways or use it as a home automation device. It also doesn’t have the potential for smartphone-based control and home automation.

Modern smart home security systems increase home security. This DIY solid 4-camera setup RLK8410B4 security system is for pre-wired homes.

These cameras are equipped with advanced mobile app controls, wireless sensors or high-resolution HD smart surveillance cameras that can motion detect like Reolink Argus 2 wire-free camera or face recognition. They also have smart home integration such as IFTTT, Alexa voice command or command.


This increases the cost of new monitoring equipment and raises prices.


Wired home security systems are an essential part of keeping your home safe. But as technology advances, your system may become outdated. Upgrading your wired home security system is a great way to keep your home safe and secure.

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