what did LeBron say to Dillon Brooks

What Did LeBron Say To Dillon Brooks? Unraveling The Mystery of their Pregame Exchange

In sports, there are often battles on the court, and the NBA playoffs are often where they get the most heated.

This year, one of these rivalries is between LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers and Dillon Brooks of the Memphis Grizzlies.

While LeBron has chosen to keep their rivalry out of the public eye, a curious pregame exchange between the two players before Saturday’s Game 3 has left fans and analysts alike wondering what was said. 

In this article, Lacoon will delve into what did LeBron say to Dillon Brooks and its potential implications for the series.

The Pregame Exchange

Prior to the start of Game 3, LeBron James and Dillon Brooks were seen engaging in a brief conversation. When asked about the content of their exchange, Brooks humorously replied, “He told me his birthday.”

The Pregame Exchange

While it’s highly unlikely that LeBron would choose to share something so trivial before a crucial game, Brooks’ response indicates that he would prefer to keep the details of their conversation private.

Game 3 Overview

  • The Lakers then won Game 3, 111-101, against the Grizzlies, giving them a 2-1 lead in the series.
  • Anthony Davis had 31 points and 17 boards to lead the Lakers.
  • His team won because LeBron James got 25 points.
  • On the other side, Memphis’ star player, Ja Morant, put up an impressive 45 points, showcasing his immense talent.

Dillon Brooks’ Ejection

Dillon Brooks' Ejection

Unfortunately, Game 3 was far from Dillon Brooks’ best performance. Before being kicked out of the game, he only got seven points on three of thirteen shots.

The ejection resulted from a flagrant-2 foul when Brooks made contact with LeBron’s groin area. People are thinking if their conversation before the match influenced what happened during the game.

Speculation and Impact

Speculation and Impact

Even though we may not find out what LeBron and Brooks talked about, it’s evident that their competition is getting stronger. Some may argue that their exchange may have fired up LeBron, leading to his 25-point performance in Game 3.

Others believe that the conversation may have rattled Brooks, contributing to his lackluster performance and eventual ejection.

Regardless of the exact words exchanged, the impact of their rivalry on the series is undeniable. With Game 4 approaching, the Grizzlies will need to regroup and focus on the evening of the series.

For Dillon Brooks, this means putting the ejection and any lingering animosity behind him and returning to the court with renewed determination.


Every second counts in the high-pressure environment of the NBA playoffs, and the animosity between LeBron James and Dillon Brooks has upped the ante in an already riveting series.

As the Lakers and Grizzlies prepare for Game 4, fans can only speculate about the true nature of LeBron and Brooks’ pre-game exchange, and how it might continue to shape the series moving forward.

However, one thing is certain: both teams are hungry for victory, and the intensity of this rivalry will only serve to elevate the level of play.

As we eagerly anticipate Game 4, all eyes will be on LeBron James and Dillon Brooks to see how their budding rivalry continues to unfold on the court.

With more at stake than ever, the question is whether the feud between LeBron and Brooks will be the deciding factor in this close game. Just wait and see.

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