Unraveling The Latest Twists What Happened In Succession Season 4 Revealed

Unraveling The Latest Twists: What Happened In Succession Season 4 Revealed

Succession” has never shied away from shocking its viewers, and Season 4 is no exception. With an unexpected twist leaving fans reeling, the landscape of the series has been altered dramatically. 

The death of family patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the third episode of the season has sent shockwaves throughout the Roy family and Waystar Royco, setting the stage for a new chapter in the show’s intricate power struggles. 

In this article, Lacoon will discover what happened in Succession season 4 and discuss the implications of Logan Roy’s untimely demise.

What Happened in Succession Season 4? How Logan Roy Died In Succession Season 4, Episode 3

How Logan Roy Died In Succession Season 4, Episode 3

The shocking demise of Logan Roy (Brian Cox) in the third episode of Season 4, titled “Connor’s Wedding,” has left fans of the popular TV series “Succession” reeling.

As the ruthless, cunning patriarch of the Roy family, Logan Roy is the driving force behind the show, which focuses on the power struggles and relationships within the wealthy, dysfunctional family as they grapple for control of their media empire, Waystar Royco.

Logan’s sudden death mid-flight to Stockholm has set the stage for a new, intense chapter in the series, with his children now forced to reckon with his loss and determine the future of the family business.

The episode begins with the Roy siblings, Greg, Gerri, and Hugo, boarding a boat to Liberty Island to attend the wedding of Willa and Connor.

While Logan travels with his trusted associates to a meeting with Lukas Mattson concerning the uncertain GoJo acquisition.

Before boarding his jet, Logan instructs Roman (Kieran Culkin) to fire Gerri (J. Smith-Cameron), causing Roman to simmer with anxiety and setting a series of emotional confrontations and decisions in motion.

As the news of Logan’s grave condition spreads among the siblings, they each react in their own ways, revealing the complexities of their relationships with their father.

Roman is in denial, tearfully pleading with his unresponsive father that he’s a good man and a good dad.

While Kendall (Jeremy Strong) acknowledges the pain Logan caused him, saying he can’t forgive his father but still loves him. Shiv (Sarah Snook), in a state of panic, begs her father not to leave them.

The siblings then face the challenge of breaking the news to Connor (Alan Ruck), who laments that he never had the chance to make his father proud.

As the realization of Logan’s death sinks in, the family must quickly pivot to address the inevitable press inquiries, insisting on crafting the statement themselves.

In a moment of vulnerability, Shiv tells the press that she and her siblings intend to be involved with Waystar Royco after their father’s passing.

As the episode concludes with a nearly-empty wedding venue and an emotional Kendall watching his father’s body being loaded into an ambulance, it’s clear that “Succession” is entering a new phase.

Logan’s death has left a power vacuum, and his children are now tasked with dealing with their grief and determining the future of their family’s legacy.

Brian Cox’s portrayal of Logan Roy has earned him critical acclaim, including two Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win. The loss of his character will undoubtedly shift the show’s dynamics, bringing it back to its core theme: the battle for control over Waystar Royco.

With the patriarch gone, the stage is set for an intense and unpredictable struggle among the Roy siblings and their associates as they grapple with the consequences of Logan’s death and the future of their family empire.

Why Succession Season 4 Killed Off Logan So Early

Why Succession Season 4 Killed Off Logan So Early

Logan Roy’s death in the third episode of “Succession” Season 4 comes as a surprise, given that the season still has seven episodes remaining.

The storyline seemed to be heading toward a battle between Logan and his children, filled with twists and betrayals. However, his early departure destroys the board and paves the way for a new game.

The decision to kill off Logan early likely stems from the desire to break away from the expected narrative presented in the first two episodes. By doing so, the status quo is disrupted, granting the remaining episodes the freedom to explore new directions.

If Logan’s death was inevitable, and the core of “Succession” revolves around the siblings’ struggle for power, then pivoting to that central conflict makes sense.

In Season 4, Logan appears as a character desperately clinging to power and relevance as the world around him evolves. His unusual speech at the ATN offices and his shocking apology to his children highlight a man who feels he is running out of time. His death in the first half of the season adds depth to his portrayal as a man grappling with the loss of time and power.

Another reason for Logan’s early death is the opportunity it provides to explore the aftermath.

Observing how the remaining Roy family members and others within their world react to the news and the decisions they make in its wake is an intriguing aspect of the show.

The siblings’ fragile alliance will be tested, creating drama and twists leading up to the finale.

What Logan’s Death Means For Succession Season 4 & The Show’s Ending

What Logan's Death Means For Succession Season 4 & The Show's Ending

Logan’s death raises immediate questions about the control of Waystar Royco and the GoJo deal. While the emotional impact of losing their father will be addressed, the Roys are likely to engage in power grabs and jostling for position quickly.

With control issues and the GoJo deal hanging in the balance, the stage is set for high-stakes maneuvering and betrayals.

The GoJo deal was already at risk, and Logan’s death casts further uncertainty on its future. As the driving force behind the deal, Logan’s passing may empower those who wish to push back against it. Lukas Matsson might follow through on his threat to walk away if that occurs.

This would further intensify the power vacuum, raising questions about who within the family will step up to succeed Logan. Focusing on the family dynamics and power struggles in the business seems fitting for “Succession’s” ending.

Although Logan has died, his legacy—his children and their treatment of one another—will continue to shape the series’ direction.


In conclusion, the decision to kill off Logan Roy early in Season 4 of “Succession” can be seen as a strategic move to heighten emotional stakes, accelerate the power struggle within the Roy family, explore new character dynamics, and maintain the show’s reputation for unpredictability.

The death of Logan Roy is a game-changer that sets the stage for a riveting and dramatic season as the remaining characters grapple with the aftermath of his passing and the future of Waystar Royco.

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