What Happened To Jamie Foxx Behind The Scenes Drama And Medical Complications

What Happened To Jamie Foxx? Behind The Scenes Drama And Medical Complications

Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx is recovering from a medical complication leading to his hospitalization in Atlanta. 

There have been reports and stories about Foxx’s health and the things that happened on the movie set. Foxx was filming a new comedy for Netflix alongside actress Cameron Diaz.

Jamie Foxx Hospitalized with 'Medical Complication

The incident that led to Foxx’s hospitalization occurred on April 10, when the actor experienced a medical emergency.

What Happened To Jamie Foxx?

Corinne Foxx, who is Jamie Foxx’s daughter, wrote a message on her Instagram on April 12th to say that her dad is feeling better now because he got help fast. The family is asking people to respect their privacy right now.

What Happened to Jamie Foxx Why Was He Hospitalized Medical Condition

Although no official statement has been made regarding the exact details of Foxx’s medical emergency, TMZ reported that the situation was severe enough for his family to be asked to come to his side immediately. 

After six days in medical care, it has been reported that Foxx is now communicating, which is considered good news.

Foxx has had a history of substance abuse, admitting in a 2018 interview with Hip Hop Hollywood that he had experienced episodes of mental health issues and had taken prescription medication. 

However, a source quoted by CNN confirmed that Foxx’s recent medical incident did not occur in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was filming the Netflix movie “Back in Action.”

The film set of “Back in Action” has been plagued with various issues, leading to Foxx allegedly having a breakdown on set weeks before his hospitalization. A source who spoke to The Sun said that Foxx wanted the problems fixed immediately, so four production staff members were fired.

The source added that some people working on the film are fed up with the situation, and Foxx’s popularity has suffered as a result.

The Daily Mail reported that a worker on the film tried to involve Foxx in a $40,000 scam. 

This employee may have been involved in past attempted scams targeting wealthy celebrities, and police were allegedly called to the set of “Back in Action” over the incident. 

A source told The Sun that there have been numerous delays in filming, primarily due to outdoor shooting in London during winter, but the recent issue involving Foxx is more sinister.

The source says someone tried stealing £33,000 from Jamie Foxx by giving him a Rolex watch. Right now, a study is going on.

Regarding the impact of these events on Foxx’s co-star Cameron Diaz, the source said that she dislikes drama and confrontation, which is one of the reasons she initially retired from acting.

Jamie Foxx Illness

Paparazzi photos obtained by the Daily Mail showed Diaz and Foxx returning to work on the film set. 

The tabloid reported that Diaz appeared to be frowning and looking concerned during some moments on set, before filming tense scenes with Foxx, where they both appeared shocked at something.

It’s not known for sure what’s happening with Jamie Foxx’s health, but it’s easy to see that he’s been having a tough time in his personal and work life.

As he recovers from his medical emergency, the film “Back in Action” continues to be mired in controversy and setbacks. 

People all over the world who care about and love Jamie Foxx want him to get better fast and for the problems with the movie he was making to be fixed.

In the meantime, Foxx’s family has asked for privacy as they navigate this difficult period.

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