Discover The Benefits What Is A UPS Access Point And How It Enhances Your Shipping Experience

Discover The Benefits: What Is A UPS Access Point And How It Enhances Your Shipping Experience

With the rise of online shopping, it has become a normal part of modern life to have packages brought right to our door. 

But the truth is that not everyone is always home to get their packages, and missed deliveries can be a pain for both the person who ordered the package and the delivery business.

To combat this issue, UPS has introduced a new solution: UPS Access Point. But what is a UPS Access Point, and how can it benefit you? 

In this article, Lacoon will explore the ins and outs of UPS Access Points and help you decide if it’s the right option for your package delivery needs.

What Is UPS Access Point?

What Is UPS Access Point

A UPS Access Point is a designated location, such as a local retail store or UPS Store, where customers can pick up or drop off their packages.

UPS teams up with nearby businesses to create Access Points, which are a handy solution for customers who can’t receive packages at home or work. Access Points make the pickup and delivery of packages easier and safer for everyone involved, including customers and UPS.

Who Can Use An Access Point?

Anyone expecting a delivery through UPS can use an Access Point. Access Points help people who aren’t home when packages are delivered or live in apartments without a safe place for packages.

They also help small businesses get their packages more easily and keep them safe.

Why Are Access Points Useful?

Why Are Access Points Useful

Access Points offer several advantages for both customers and UPS, including:

  1. Convenience: Customers can pick up or drop off packages at their convenience without worrying about being home during specific delivery hours.
  2. Security: Packages are held in a secure location, reducing the risk of theft or damage.
  3. Flexibility: Access Points allow customers to choose the pickup location that works best for them, providing multiple options for delivery.
  4. Efficiency: By consolidating package deliveries and pickups, UPS can save time and reduce their carbon footprint.

How Does UPS Access Point Work?

When a package is shipped to a UPS Access Point, the process is as follows:

  • The sender chooses a designated Access Point as the delivery location when creating the shipment.
  • UPS delivers the package to the chosen Access Point.
  • The recipient receives an email or text message notification that the package is available for pickup, including the address and operating hours of the Access Point.
  • The recipient visits the Access Point with a valid government-issued photo ID and the tracking number to pick up the package.

UPS Access Point Hours And Locations

Most UPS Access Point locations are open longer hours, so customers can easily pick up their goods before or after work or on the weekend.

The hours and locations depend on the business in the area that is holding the Access Point.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, and convenience stores are popular places like grocery stores and pharmacies that work with UPS as Access Points.

How to Ship to UPS Access Point Lockers

How to Ship to UPS Access Point Lockers

Shipping to a UPS Access Point Locker is a straightforward process. When creating a shipment online or at a UPS shipping location, select the “Ship to a UPS Access Point Locker” option and choose the most convenient location for pickup.

Be sure to inform the recipient of the chosen Access Point Locker location and provide them with the tracking number so they can pick up the package with ease.

Easyship Saves Up To 76% Off All UPS Shipments

Using a shipping platform like Easyship can help you save up to 76% on UPS shipments, including those sent to Access Points.

Easyship provides reduced prices on shipping services from different carriers. This helps you to select the most budget-friendly and convenient shipping option that suits your needs.

How Do I Find One Near Me?

How Do I Find One Near Me

Finding a UPS Access Point near you is simple. Visit the UPS website and use their Access Point locator tool. To find the nearest Access Point, just type in your address, zip code, or city and state.

The locator will give you a list of nearby Access Points, their addresses, phone numbers, and when they’re open.

You can also use filters to find the most convenient Access Point based on distance or type of location.

How Long Will Packages Be Held At An Access Point?

Packages are generally held at UPS Access Points for seven calendar days, giving recipients ample time to pick up their items.

If a package is not picked up within this time frame, it will be returned to the sender.

In some cases, the sender may request an extended hold period, but this is not guaranteed and depends on the specific Access Point’s storage capacity and policies.

It is essential to monitor the status of your package using the UPS tracking system and make arrangements to pick it up as soon as possible to avoid any issues with uncollected parcels.

Are Access Points Secure?

Are Access Points Secure

UPS takes the security of packages seriously, and Access Points are designed with this in mind.

Access Points are usually found in safe places, like stores with security measures such as cameras and staff.

Packages are kept in secure areas or lockers, and only people with the right identification and tracking information can get to them.

When picking up a package, customers must present a government-issued photo ID that matches the name on the package and provide the tracking number.

This ensures that only the intended recipient can collect the parcel, adding an extra layer of security.


FAQs about what is a ups access point

What are the differences between UPS and UPS Access Point?

UPS Store provides a variety of services, while UPS Access Point allows for drop-off or pick-up at local businesses. UPS Drop Boxes are available for 24/7 drop-off, and UPS Customer Centers function as on-site UPS operating facilities.

What are the size restrictions for a UPS Access Point?

The UPS Access Point must weigh less than 44 lbs/20 kg and its longest side must not exceed 38 in/97 cm in length.

How can I ship directly to a UPS Access Point?

When creating your shipping label, enter the address of a UPS Access Point as your delivery address.

Which shipping service is cheaper, FedEx or UPS?

The package shipping costs for UPS and FedEx are similar, but UPS flat rate pricing is slightly less expensive than FedEx.


UPS Access Points provide a convenient and secure solution for customers who may not be able to receive packages at their homes or offices. Access Points make it easy to pick up and drop off packages because they’re open for longer and located in different businesses. If you know how to use them, you can have a smoother shipping experience with UPS.

As online shopping continues to grow, the need for secure and convenient delivery options becomes more crucial. UPS Access Points address this need by providing a network of locations where customers can pick up or drop off packages with ease. By partnering with local businesses, UPS not only improves the customer experience but also helps support the local economy. The next time you have a package to send or receive, consider using a UPS Access Point and experience the benefits firsthand.

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