What Is Live Listen iOS 15 How To Use It By The Easiest Way 2022

What Is Live Listen iOS 15? How To Use It By The Easiest Way 2022

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Need to know What is Live Listen iOS 15? It is a new feature on iOS 15 that allows you to use your iPhone as a listening device. This can be useful in several situations, such as if you’re trying to listen to a lecture in a noisy room or trying to hear someone far away. Here’s what you need to know about this feature and how to use it.

What Is Live Listen On iOS 15?

Live Listen, as mentioned above, aims to transform the way you listen to music. You can hear your music through your headphones and any background noises.

It’s purpose is to allow you to hear the background noise of others around you. However, many users suggest that it can make your favorite tracks sound live. Although this is not an intention feature, it’s a welcome one.

What Is Live Listen On iOS 15

What Headphones Work With Live Listen?

Apple has not specified which earphones it supports. However, it seems that standard Bluetooth earphones don’t work as reported. However, all Apple AirPods models seem to work perfectly.

If you have AirPods, AirPods Pro (2nd generation), AirPods Max (3rd gen), or AirPods Max (or both), Live Listen should be available on your iOS 15 device. Powerbeats Pro users may also be able to use it.

How Do I Enable Live Listen iOS 15?

If you wish to use your Airpods, first make sure you have iOS 15 installed.

This feature can only be used if you add it to Control Center.

  • Go to Settings > Control Center.
  • Click Customize Controls.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Add icon next to Hearing. It looks like a + within a green circle.
  • Tap Back to save your settings.

How Do I Enable Live Listen iOS 15

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How To Use Live Listen On iPhone?

You can now activate the service whenever you like.

Swipe up from any screen’s bottom edge to open the Control Centre.

To open the control center, swipe down from the upper-right corner of the screen if you have an iPhone X or older or an iPad running iOS 15 or later.

Tap on the Hearing icon and select Live Listen. Audio should begin streaming to your AirPods hearing aids or Made For iPhone.

How To Use Live Listen On iPhone

Does Live Listen Have The Same Effect As Transparency Mode?

No, Transparency Mode and Live Listen are completely different features that target different userbases. This new feature allows people with mild hearing impairment to listen to the audio around them using their phone’s microphone.

This feature does not require you to turn on any music. You don’t have to adjust the music controls for it to work.

Transparency Mode is when you want to keep an eye on people around you, even while listening to music. If you’re out and about listening to music, your AirPods might not pick up on who is calling you or honking at your car.

Transparency Mode will give you audible feedback from the people around you. Transparency mode does not use your phone’s microphone. Instead, it uses the mics on your AirPod to listen to what’s going on around you and relay that information back to your phone.

How Can You Create A Concert-Like Atmosphere?

For people with hearing impairments, Live Listen provides accessibility features. You can use this feature to create an experience similar to a concert, even if you listen to traditional songs.

Once you’ve set up this feature and activated it, play any song through your headphones. Your headphones will combine both audio sources to give you a concert-like experience if everything goes as planned.

What Should You Do If Live Listen Doesn’t Work?

What Should You Do If Live Listen Doesn't Work

iOS 15 should have Live Listen available from the beginning. It will work exactly as promised. If you still have problems with it, you can try these things.

#1 Verify that your headphone is compatible

Apple can be very finicky about hardware and software support. Live Listen won’t work if there isn’t a pair that works together. You should be able to use it if you own any pair of AirPods, first, second, or pro, models.

PowerBeats Pro users can also use this character on their iPhones. Other headphones have not been able to get the feature working. If you’re desperate to get the feature working on your iPhone, consider buying an AirPods Pro or PowerBeats Pro.

#2 Connect your Bluetooth headphones

If your Bluetooth headphone is not working, try to unpair them, restart the device, and pair it again. The system should now recognize your PowerBeats Pro or compatible AirPods and allow it to work.


FAQs About What's Live Listen iOS 15

Can I Listen To Live Audio Without Airpods?

This component is only compatible with Apple’s AirPods, which is not surprising. Made for iPhone, hearing aids or headphones can still be used if you have them set up via Accessibility, Settings. AirPods are required to have one-tap access to Control Center.

How Can You Tell If Live Listening Is On?

Locate the control center from either the home screen or the lock screen by scrolling down from the bottom. Tap the EAR icon. You can enable this feature by using AirPods connected via Bluetooth to the user’s ears. To toggle ON, tap OFF.

How Far Is Live Listen From?

This is an iOS 12 feature that allows users to hear sounds being picked up by their microphones. It can be controlled remotely from your phone and works up to 50 feet (15 m) away from walls.


This article was about the highly-discussed feature, “Live Listen On iOS 15”. Lacoon hope you now have all the information you need about this feature. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to help.

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