What Is Pretty Hard Cases On A Guide to the Refreshing New Buddy-Cop Dramedy

What Is Pretty Hard Cases On: A Guide to the Refreshing New Buddy-Cop Dramedy

Are you in search of a refreshing new take on the beloved buddy-cop genre? Look no further than Pretty Hard Cases, a captivating dramedy series that explores the unlikely partnership between two female detectives with contrasting personalities and working styles. 

In a genre that has been historically dominated by male-centric narratives, Pretty Hard Cases stands out with its focus on strong, well-developed female characters and engaging storytelling. 

Lacoon will guide you through what is Pretty Hard Cases on and provide an overview of the show’s premise in the article below.

What Is Pretty Hard Cases On?

What Is Pretty Hard Cases On

Pretty Hard Cases is a Canadian television dramedy series created by Tassie Cameron and Sherry White. The show first aired on CBC on February 3, 2021, and it was renewed for a second season, scheduled to premiere on May 3, 2023.

If you’re not in Canada, you can still watch the show on streaming platforms. In the US, you can watch it on IMDb TV, which is a free streaming service owned by Amazon that displays ads.

However, the series’ availability in other countries may differ, so it’s advisable to check local streaming services or television networks for ways to view Pretty Hard Cases.

The Premise: A New Take on an Old Classic

The Premise A New Take on an Old Classic

Pretty Hard Cases centers on the lives and careers of two detectives: Samantha Wazowski (played by Meredith MacNeill) and Kelly Duff (played by Adrienne C. Moore).

Both women are skilled and dedicated to their work, but their working styles and philosophies about policing could not be more different.

Samantha is a by-the-book detective who thrives on following procedure and protocol, while Kelly is more of a maverick, unafraid to bend the rules in the pursuit of justice.

The two women are initially at odds with each other, struggling to find common ground. However, they are soon forced to work together as partners to solve cases and keep their community safe.

The Dynamic Duo: Exploring the Characters of Samantha and Kelly

The Dynamic Duo Exploring the Characters of Samantha and Kelly

Samantha Wazowski is an experienced detective who has established a reputation for following the rules at all times.

Although this can create conflicts with her colleagues, they admire her persistence and strong work ethic.

In contrast, Kelly Duff is a more spontaneous detective who isn’t afraid to disregard or even violate regulations if she thinks it’s essential.

As partners, Samantha and Kelly initially struggle to find common ground, with their clashing personalities and working styles creating friction and tension.

However, as they begin to understand and learn to work together as a cohesive unit. This journey of personal growth and mutual understanding is one of the key factors that sets Pretty Hard Cases apart from other buddy-cop dramas.

Challenging Stereotypes and Offering Fresh Perspectives

Challenging Stereotypes and Offering Fresh Perspectives

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Pretty Hard Cases is its commitment to challenging traditional gender stereotypes and offering a fresh perspective on the buddy-cop genre.

By focusing on two female detectives, the show provides a refreshing change of pace from the predominantly male-driven narratives that have historically dominated the genre.

Samantha and Kelly are not simply female versions of the classic “good cop, bad cop” dynamic.

As the series progresses, the audience gets to witness the personal and professional growth of both women, who learn from each other and develop a strong friendship that transcends their professional partnership.

In addition, Pretty Hard Cases sheds light on the difficulties that women encounter in a field that is predominantly male. It provides a glimpse into the distinctive challenges that they need to overcome.

The series doesn’t avoid topics such as gender discrimination, prejudice, and the challenge of finding a balance between one’s professional and personal lives.

By directly confronting these issues, Pretty Hard Cases delivers a genuine and realistic depiction of women in law enforcement.

The Evolution of the Buddy-Cop Genre: A Driven Driven Approach

The Evolution of the Buddy-Cop Genre A Driven Driven Approach

While the buddy-cop genre has traditionally been fueled by action and thrills, Pretty Hard Cases sets itself apart by placing a greater emphasis on character development and interpersonal relationships.

The series is a dramedy, which means it combines elements of both drama and comedy to produce an unusual viewing experience.

The show features genuine moments of humor and lightness, which counterbalance the more serious and somber aspects of the plot.

This technique maintains the series’ appeal and approachability while also permitting a more profound examination of the characters’ sentiments and reasoning.

What makes Pretty Hard Cases different is that it presents a new approach to the crime-solving aspect of the buddy-cop genre.

The show doesn’t solely rely on action-packed scenes and high-pressure scenarios. Instead, it emphasizes the detectives’ teamwork, intelligence, and determination to solve cases.

This change in focus provides a more detailed portrayal of police work, underscoring the value of working together and communicating effectively in solving crimes.

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In Conclusion: A Fresh Spin on a Timeless Genre

Pretty Hard Cases proves that it is possible to breathe new life into a well-worn genre. By focusing on the unique dynamic between its two female leads, exploring their personal growth, and challenging traditional stereotypes, the show offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the buddy-cop dramedy.

The series’ character-focused approach, combined with its dedication to addressing pertinent social concerns, has helped to establish a program that is both engaging and thought-provoking.

As Samantha and Kelly work through the intricacies of their partnership and personal lives, the audience is given a diverse, multi-dimensional examination of friendship, trust, and the quest for justice.

In a world where the buddy-cop genre has often been plagued by formulaic storytelling and one-dimensional characters, Pretty Hard Cases stands out as a shining example of innovation and creativity.

With its unique blend of drama, humor, and compelling character development, the show has carved out a distinct niche for itself and is sure to resonate with audiences for years to come.

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