What Is Sam Bennett Studying Discover Sam Bennett's Educational Pursuits Here!

What Is Sam Bennett Studying? Discover Sam Bennett’s Educational Pursuits Here!

Sam Bennett is a name that has been making waves in the world of golf. As one of the top golfers competing at the 2023 Masters, Bennett is known for his impressive skills and record on the green. 

But besides his success on the course, Bennett is also dedicated to his education and personal growth. So, what is Sam Bennett studying

In this article, Lacoon will take a closer look at Bennett’s academic pursuits, exploring the subject matter that he is focused on and how it complements his passion for golf. Get ready to learn more about the well-rounded and driven individual that is Sam Bennett.

What Is Sam Bennett Studying? – A Journey of Growth and Exploration

A Journey of Growth and Exploration

Dr. Sam Bennett is a British Army Reserve Medical Officer, a doctor for the National Health Service in the U.K., a co-founder of Affinity Altitude, and a Thouron Scholar.

Bennett’s experiences in each of these jobs have made him a dedicated innovator who works hard to improve medical treatments for people all over the world.

Bennett will finish his Master of Business Administration (MBA) study at the highly regarded Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the spring of 2023.

In 2017, he started his journey at the University of Birmingham Medical School.

However, leaving the U.K. for the U.S., where he has taken on new challenges and found new possibilities, was his biggest race.

The Thouron Award: A Foundation for Success

The Thouron Award provides not only financial support but also a sense of community and camaraderie for its recipients.

Bennett credits the award and the connections he has made through it for his rich experiences in the U.S.

From his Healthcare Management and Life Sciences studies to his explorations of the U.S. landscape, Bennett’s time as a Thouron Scholar has been transformative.

Running: A Lifelong Passion and Source of Balance

Running A Lifelong Passion and Source of Balance

Bennett’s love for sports, particularly running, has been a constant presence in his life.

From his early days of training in the French Pyrenees and Kenya to his return to running while pursuing his MBA, he has used running as a way to explore and experience the world.

His impressive achievements include a 60-mile race in Mexico with a 12,000-foot elevation gain, which tested his endurance and resilience.

The Future: A Career Merging Medicine, Technology, and Business

The Future A Career Merging Medicine, Technology, and Business

Bennett is almost done with his MBA. He wants a job that uses his medical background and combines it with the new and exciting fields of machine learning, biotechnology, and healthcare around the world.

He thinks that medicine is changing and moving towards things like gene therapies, smart drug discovery, and personalized medicine, especially for sicknesses like cancer, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases, and diseases that affect the brain.

To get ready for this career, Bennett has worked with a company called New Rhein Healthcare Investors and was a summer intern for Eli Lilly and Company’s Accelerated R&D Leadership Program.

Even though he has a busy schedule, Bennett still makes time for fun and adventure.

He loves to run, has participated in the Philadelphia Love Run, and plans to run ultramarathons in the U.S. and the French Alps.


In conclusion, Dr. Sam Bennett’s journey as a Thouron Scholar has provided him with invaluable personal and professional experiences.

As he embarks on the next stage of his life and career, the lessons he has learned from his time in the U.S. and the marathons he has run will undoubtedly guide him toward success in his quest to revolutionize medicine and improve the lives of patients around the world.

With his unwavering determination and passion, there is no doubt that Bennett will continue to make a significant impact in the field of healthcare.

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