What Is Share Focus Status iOS 15 Everything You Need To Know 2022

What Is Share Focus Status iOS 15? Everything You Need To Know 2022

If you’re wondering what is Share Focus Status iOS 15, then this article is for you. We‘ll explain what it is and how to use it. Share Focus Status is a new iOS 15 that allows you to share your current status with friends and family. This can be useful if you want to let people know what you’re up to or looking for a way to stay connected with loved ones. Read on for more information!

What Is Share Focus Status On iOS 15?

When you use one of the Focus modes in iOS 15, those who contact you will see that your notifications have been quiet. Because of this mode which enables applications like Messages to tell others when you’re on DND, this occurs.

This is how it works: When someone attempts to send you a message, they will receive a notice at the bottom of the app that says, “XYZ has notifications silenced.” The individual may continue to deliver the message regardless of your Focus state by choosing the “Notify Anyway” option.

It’s worth noting that if you’ve enabled ‘Share Focus Status’, the sender will be able to see your DND status.

The “Share Focus Status” option seems to be activated by default for any of the current Focus modes and any new ones you create. Perhaps a large number of people are bothered by this feature or modification.

Thankfully, you don’t have to turn off Do Not Disturb to prevent iOS 15 from informing others when your iPhone is on DND. Let’s look at how to disable your Focus status on iOS 15.

What Is Share Focus Status On iOS 15

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Which Applications Are Compatible With Share Focus Status?

Because this mode was just introduced in iOS 15, developers did not have enough time to bake in the ability to read this mode. As a result, you’re unlikely to discover any third-party applications that support Focus mode at this time.

This mode s is supported by Apple’s own Messages app, which means that everyone on your contact list which uses the Messages app to contact you will be aware when you quiet your alerts.

What Types Of Focus Modes Can iPhone And iPad Users Create?

In Focus mode, Apple has integrated both sleep monitoring and Do Not Disturb for more control. You may fine-tune DND and sleep monitoring directly from inside the Focus mode and select a focus for your professional or personal pursuits.

What kind of focus modes you may build on your iOS 15 smartphone relies entirely on your demands and the tasks you want to do with the necessary level of concentration. In iOS 15, you may build the following focus modes:

  • Personal
  • Work
  • Do Not Disturb
  • Gaming
  • Reading
  • Driving
  • Fitness
  • Sleep
  • Custom

Thanks to seamless synchronization, your customized focus mode is shared across all of your Apple devices connected to the same iCloud account. If you activate Focus Mode on your iPhone, it will also be enabled on your iPad, Mac, and even your Apple Watch.

What Types Of Focus Modes Can iPhone And iPad Users Create

What Customization Options Does Focus Mode in iOS 15 Provide?

The most appealing aspect about Focus mode is that it is completely customisable. You may opt to enable or ban any applications from delivering alerts if you ever need to adjust your attention.

When Focus mode is on, you may also alter the home screen pages, darken the lock screen, and hide notification badges.

Focus mode gives you more control over applications that have asked to share your mode. It allows you to prevent apps from viewing your Focus Status.

So, if you ever decide that privacy is more important than anything else, you may use this useful function to conceal your status. You’ll be able to eliminate a focus when it’s no longer needed.

How to Make a New Custom Focus Mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15

Let’s learn how to build a new focus mode in iOS 15 now that you know you can construct a focus mode for any reason.

  • Choose Focus in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Now, in the upper right corner of the screen, hit the “+” button.

How to Make a New Custom Focus Mode on iPhone and iPad in iOS 15

Note: Focus modes may also be accessed through the Control Center. Find the “Focus” tile by swiping down from the top right corner. To enlarge the Focus tile, long-press and hold it, then touch the New Focus (+) button.

  • To begin, choose a focus on the following screen. You may select from various alternatives, including driving, fitness, gaming, and bespoke.
  • Tap “Custom” and then “Name Your Concentrate” if you wish to focus on anything different. I’m going to go with the Custom option for the sake of this tutorial. Because the stages are similar, you may choose any solution that best suits your requirements.
  • Then, when the Focus mode is on, choose the individuals you wish to get alerts from. Choose your desired contacts from your address book by tapping the “+” contact icon.
  • Tap Allow after that. Choose “Allow None” if you don’t want anybody to send you alerts. You also can allow just favorites or no one to call you. You may choose Calls From and then tailor the incoming calls to your preferences.
  • Next, choose which applications you’d want to get alerts from when the Focus mode is activated. Select your chosen applications from the list by tapping the “+” button. Then, at the bottom, hit the Allow option.
  • Choose the “Allow None” option if you don’t want to get notifications from any app. Turn on the Time-Sensitive setting if you want to get time-sensitive notifications from applications that aren’t on your approved list.
  • Finally, a confirmation box should appear, indicating that your focus is ready. To complete, tap Done.

Note: By default, iOS syncs your focus profiles across all of your iOS devices, including the Apple Watch, Mac, and iPad, to manage them all in one place. If you no longer wish to share your focus profiles across your Apple devices, you may deactivate this feature.

How Can I Disable The Focus Status On  iOS 15?

In iOS 15, you may disable the sharing of your Do Not Disturb or Focus status with your contacts.

  • Go to Focus > Settings.
  • Open the Focus mode whose status you’d want to disable. You may choose from one of the pre-installed Focuses, such as Do Not Disturb, Driving, Sleep, or Work, or create your own.
  • Tap “Focus Status” on the Focus screen.
  • Toggle off the “Share Focus Status” toggle.

That is all there is to it. Your iPhone will no longer inform others when you have DND turned on.

If you don’t want to share your Do Not Disturb (DND) status with others, you may also deactivate Focus mode for the remainder.


FAQs About What Is Share Focus Mode In iOS 15

Does Whatsapp Support Focus Status?

No, this  feature in iOS 15 does not function in WhatsApp right now. Many developers are still getting used to the new restrictions since Focus and Focus Status are still in their early stages. Over the following several months, we might see the functionality arrive on WhatsApp.

Is It Necessary To Disable Share Focus Status When Working?

When you need to concentrate on your job or a project, it’s ideal for keeping distractions to a minimum. While Focus Mode on iOS 15 might assist your situation, it’s not a surefire strategy as long as this feature is enabled.

If you don’t have a very reasonable contact list, you should disable this feature. Contacts on your list will be able to change their casual communications into Time-Sensitive alerts if you don’t want them to. Even in Focus Mode, your phone will ding or beep when they do this.

When Does Your Contact Get A Notification About Your Focus Status?

Only when your contact chooses to communicate with you through a compatible program, such as iMessage, does Focus Status show. Furthermore, this feature is only shared when you turn off alerts in the Messages app on your iPhone. If that app’s alerts are already enabled, your contacts will not be able to view your mode.

How To Disable The Focus Mode In The Messages App?

Go to Settings > Messages to deactivate this mode for a specific app, such as Messages. Then deactivate the toggle next to “Focus.” Your iPhone’s Messages app will no longer be able to read and display your mode.


That’s all about what is Share Focus Status in iOS 15. If you have any other questions about this topic, please let us know in the comment section below.

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