Who Is Bishop Briggs - Bishop Briggs Info, Age, Career And More Newest Info 2023

Who Is Bishop Briggs – Bishop Briggs Info, Age, Career And More: Newest Info 2023

Are you curious about the rising star known as Bishop Briggs? If you haven’t heard of her yet, don’t worry – you’re not alone. But trust us, you’ll want to add her to your music playlist ASAP.

So who is Bishop Briggs, exactly? Let’s dive in and get to know the talented singer-songwriter who has taken the music world by storm.

Who Is Bishop Briggs

Who Is Bishop Briggs

Born Sarah Grace McLaughlin in London, England, on July 18, 1992, Bishop Briggs has become a household name in the music industry in recent years. She spent her childhood in Tokyo and Hong Kong before eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue her music career.

But it wasn’t until 2016 that Briggs exploded onto the scene with her hit single River. The song reached the top of the Spotify Viral 50 chart and even earned Briggs a spot on the Billboard Alternative chart.

Since then, Briggs has released two studio albums, Church of Scars and Champion, both of which have been praised by critics and fans alike. Her unique blend of rock, pop, and soul has won over audiences around the world and earned her collaborations with artists such as Coldplay, Tom Morello, and Illenium.

But it’s not just Briggs’ music that has people talking. Her dynamic and powerful live performances have become a trademark of her career, and she has played at major music festivals such as Coachella and Lollapalooza.

Briggs’ fans have praised her for her energy and stage presence, and she has been known to bring down the house with her soulful vocals and high-energy performances.

But what makes Briggs stand out from other artists in the industry? For one, her lyrics often touch on themes of self-discovery, empowerment, and mental health. Briggs has been open about her own struggles with anxiety, and her music often reflects her journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.

Another factor that sets Briggs apart is her willingness to experiment with different genres and sounds. She’s not afraid to mix things up and push boundaries, which has earned her a reputation as a fearless and versatile artist.

But perhaps what makes Briggs so special is her authenticity. Despite her rising fame and success, she has remained down-to-earth and humble, and she is known for her genuine and heartfelt interactions with fans.

Who Is Bishop Briggs Parents

Who Is Bishop Briggs Parents

Bishop Briggs, born Sarah Grace McLaughlin, was born into an English family with Scottish roots, but details about her parents’ names and professions are not widely known. What is known is that they moved to Tokyo when she was very young, and later relocated to the United States, where Briggs pursued her music career.

Tragically, Briggs had a sister named Kate who passed away from ovarian cancer at the age of 30. While further details about Bishop Briggs’ family background are currently not available, her personal experiences and struggles have undoubtedly influenced her music and artistic expression.


In short, Bishop Briggs is a rising star to watch in the music industry. With her powerful vocals, dynamic live performances, and heartfelt lyrics, she is a force to be reckoned with. So if you haven’t already, add her to your playlist and get ready to be blown away.

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