Public Outrage Who Killed Jordan Neely - Subway Rider Who Killed Jordan Not Arrested

Public Outrage: Who Killed Jordan Neely – Subway Rider Who Killed Jordan Not Arrested

The subway symbolizes New York City’s bustle, grind, and rush. Unfortunately, it can also be the site of tragedy, as evidenced by the death of Jordan Neely.

The medical examiner has classified Neely’s death as a homicide, leaving the public searching for answers and demanding accountability ever since. So who killed Jordan Neely, and why? We dug deep to find out.

Who Killed Jordan Neely

Who Killed Jordan Neely

Jordan Neely’s death was ruled a homicide by the New York City medical examiner. The incident occurred after Neely allegedly spat at and harassed a group of subway passengers before an altercation led to his death.

The person responsible for Neely’s death has been identified as a 24-year-old Marine veteran who held Neely in a chokehold for nearly three minutes while two other passengers restrained his arms.

The Marine veteran was questioned by police and released the same day, and an investigation is ongoing. The suspect’s identity and arrest have not been revealed.

What happened to Jordan Neely

According to reports, Neely allegedly spat at and harassed a group of subway passengers before the altercation that led to his death. However, this does not excuse the use of excessive force by the person or persons responsible for his death.

The medical examiner’s ruling suggests that a chokehold was involved, a dangerous and potentially lethal technique that has been banned by the NYPD since 1993.

The statement below was released by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office:

“This is a solemn and serious matter that ended in the tragic loss of Jordan Neely’s life. As part of our rigorous ongoing investigation, we will review the Medical Examiner’s report, assess all available video and photo footage, identify and interview as many witnesses as possible, and obtain additional medical records. This investigation is being handled by senior, experienced prosecutors and we will provide an update when there is additional public information to share. The Manhattan D.A.’s Office encourages anyone who witnessed or has information about this incident to call 212-335-9040.”

The statement below was released by the mayor’s office:

“Any loss of life is tragic. There’s a lot we don’t know about what happened here, so I’m going to refrain from commenting further. However, we do know that there are serious mental health issues in play here, which is why our administration has made record investments in providing care to those who need it and getting people off the streets and the subways, and out of dangerous situations. And I need all elected officials and advocacy groups to join us in prioritizing getting people the care they need and not just allowing them to languish.”

People Outrage After The Killing Of Jordan Neely

People Outrage After The Killing Of Jordan Neely

The tragic death of Jordan Neely has sparked outrage and grief among many people, particularly in New York City where the incident took place. The fact that Neely’s death was ruled a homicide has only intensified the sense of outrage and demand for justice.

Many people have taken to social media to express their condolences to Neely’s family and to voice their frustration with the justice system. There have been calls from some for the apprehension and legal prosecution of the individual responsible for Neely’s passing, while others have demanded more comprehensive reforms to prevent comparable incidents from happening in the future.

The outrage and demand for justice is understandable given the circumstances of Neely’s death. The use of excessive force, particularly the use of a chokehold, is a serious issue that has been the subject of public debate and scrutiny for many years.

The fact that Neely was allegedly spitting and harassing other passengers on the subway does not excuse the use of such a dangerous and potentially deadly technique.

Moreover, the fact that the person responsible for Neely’s death was released the same day they were questioned by police has only added to the sense of injustice and frustration.

Many people feel that the justice system is not serving the needs of the public, and that those responsible for excessive use of force and police brutality are not being held accountable for their actions.


In conclusion, the death of Jordan Neely was a tragedy that has shaken the city to its core. While we don’t have all the answers yet, we do know that excessive force and police brutality are serious issues that need to be addressed.

Let’s come together to honor Jordan Neely’s memory and demand justice for his untimely death.

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