Why Does My Wifi Say Weak Security 2022: Top Full Guide

Why Does My Wifi Say Weak Security 2022: Top Full Guide

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We all know the frustration of a weak wifi signal. The constant buffering and loading symbols can be enough to make anyone pull their hair out. But have you ever stopped to wonder why does my Wifi say weak security?

In this article, Lacoon will take a look at some of the possible reasons why your Wi-Fi might be giving you grief.

What is WiFi Security?

What is WiFi Security


There are many security standards for Wi-Fi that have changed over time. These security standards are designed to protect computers connected to the network. Over the years, there have been many advancements in security standards.

These updates are made to correct the flaws in previous versions. WEP is the most secure and oldest of all the protocols. WPA is slightly better than WEP. WPA2 is next, followed by WPA3, which is the gold standard in Wi-Fi security standards.

Why Does My Wifi Say Weak Security

what does it mean when wifi says weak security


When the Wi-Fi network it is connected to has WPA2 or WPA2 (TKIP), an iPhone will display Weak Security. This configuration is outdated, but most people can quickly update it.

Apple started displaying the “Weak Security” message in iOS 14. This was just one of the many new features that Apple introduced to iOS 14.

Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi to check if your Wi-Fi network is secure. Below the Wi-Fi network’s name, look for “Weak Security”.

Should you be worried?

Not necessarily. This is because the weak Wi-Fi security message means that the network you are on does not use the most secure protocols and passwords.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the network has been compromised or hacked. You can still use weak security Wi-Fi (the internet works fine), but it is not recommended.

You won’t have issues using a weak security wifi system (i.e., You shouldn’t be afraid to use a weak security network (i.e., WEP or WPA).

How To Make Your Wi-Fi Network More Secure

How To Make Your Wi-Fi Network More Secure


Updating the security settings on your Router will usually make the Weak Security message on your iPhone go away. If you’re on a public Wi-Fi network, there’s not much you can do since you can’t control the Router’s settings.

However, if your home Wi-Fi network says Weak Security Wifi, you can change your Router’s settings. This may sound intimidating, but you don’t need any technical expertise to fix the problem on your iPhone.

First, access your Router’s settings by typing or into a web browser. Most routers use one of these two addresses.

If neither works, head to Settings -> WiFi and tap on the Information button next to your Wi-Fi network. Scroll down to Router and type the series of numbers into your web browser.

Once you’ve typed in the correct address for your wireless Router, type in the admin username and password. A lot of the time, the username is admin, and the password is password. If you need it, the login information is also listed on a sticker on your wireless Router.

Once you’ve logged in, find your Router’s security settings. This will look different depending on your Router, so click around and keep an eye out for the word Security or Encryption.

Once you’ve found the security settings, set your Wi-Fi network to WPA2 (AES) or WPA3 (AES), there should be a Save or Apply button that will confirm the changes.

It’s okay if you don’t see a WPA3 option, as most people don’t have a Wi-Fi router that supports it. Make sure to update the Security settings for your 2.4 GHz and 5GHz network if you have both.

Now I Can’t Connect To My Wi-Fi Network!

When you connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network for the first time, it saves information about how to connect to that network. If something about that process changes, like the security settings of your Wi-Fi network, your iPhone might not connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The way to fix this is to forget the network on your iPhone and set it up like new. Open Settings and tap Wi-Fi. Then, tap the information button (look for the blue i) next to your Wi-Fi network. Finally, tap Forget This Network at the top of the screen.

How Do You Fix Weak Security Warning?

This warning can only be fixed by switching your router settings to the safer standard. You can’t fix the warning if you are using another network than your own.

To access router settings, you will need to have the router settings accessed. These steps will allow you to modify the network security settings for your Router.

You can access your router settings by going to the following IP addresses: , , , , , .

If none of the above works, you can go to network details from your iPhone settings to find the Wi-Fi address or connect to another network using the same computer.

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap the “Wi-Fi” option.

How Do You Fix Weak Security Warning


  • To view more information, tap on the ‘i (information)’ button located next to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Scroll down until the option for Router is found. Click the IP address to access router settings.

why does wifi say weak security


  • If your Windows system is connected to the same network as you, open Windows Settings and select ‘Network and Internet‘ from the navigation pane to the left.
  • Click the “i” button to open the properties of the network.

what does weak security mean on wifi


  • Look for the option for IPv4 DNS servers. It is the address that you will need to access router settings.
  • To log in, you will need to enter your username/password once you have reached the Router admin page. You can usually find the username and password in the manual or on the Router’s back.
  • The process for each user will differ depending on how they log in to their router settings. The basic idea is to navigate to Wireless security settings and find the Wireless settings.
  • Next, edit Security settings to change WPA/WPA2 encryption from TKIP encryption into WPA2 encryption or WPA3 if the Router supports it.

what does it mean when my wifi says weak security


  • If your Router supports dual-band operation, which is most routers this day, that is, it broadcasts two Wi-Fi networks in the 2.4GHz and 5GHz ranges, then changes the security settings for each network.
  • The warning should disappear once you have saved the settings and connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Tap ‘Forget the Network‘ if it doesn’t. Next, connect to the network once again.

Note: Some Android phones will have a button that reads “Manage Router“, which will open a webpage with the Router’s IP address.

Reconnect to WiFi network

The wireless security settings have been changed, and the devices that were connected to the Router need to be reconnected.

Some phones will automatically reconnect to the network, while others will still say it is not secure. If that happens, you can manually “Forget Network” to reconnect.

Open the Wi-Fi menu on your phone. Select your Wi-Fi network and then enter your password. After your phone has connected to the network, it will no longer display weak security.

What Can I Do About This Weak WiFi Security Message

You can change your Wi-Fi settings to WPA2 or WPA3 to get the fastest and most straightforward solution.

These are more secure options, and Apple considers them the minimum standards for Wi-Fi security.

Before you attempt to fix your error message, you will need to make sure that your devices are up-to-date with the latest software updates. You can do this in your device settings.

Also, ensure your Router has the latest firmware update. You can check this by navigating to your router manufacturer’s website and searching for your model.


Why Does My Wifi Say Weak Security- FAQs

1. How can I improve my Wi-Fi security?

Change the Wi-Fi password to something unique and complex. Select 802.1x under the network and set it to required, not required, so that people cannot bypass it. If you don’t want other people in your area to have access to your Wi-Fi service, disable wireless broadcasting.

2. Why is WPA not secure?

WPA (a deprecated security protocols) is an outdated protocol that has become difficult to maintain. WPA2-PSK, WPA3 and WPA3 have varying degrees of improvement. However, it is best to use the latest version if you can.

3. How can I get rid of ineffective security?

It is advised that you modify your security settings to WPA2-PSK or WPA3.


In short, If your wireless networks are showing up as having weak security, it is likely because the network is using an older encryption method. Wi-Fi networks are typically encrypted using either the WEP or WPA2 standard.

WEP is an older standard that is not as secure as WPA2. If your network is using WEP, you should consider upgrading to WPA2 in order to improve the security of your network.

As time passes, weak security Wi-Fi connection will become more of a problem for Apple iOS users. You can resolve this issue by changing the settings on your Router.

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