Wopet Vs Furbo: Which One Is The Best Pet Camera 2022?

WOpet Vs Furbo: Which One Is The Best Pet Camera 2022?

If you’re looking for a top-of-the-line pet camera, you may be wondering whether to choose the Wopet or the Furbo. Both cameras have their pros and cons, so it’s important to compare them side-by-side to decide which is right for you and your pet. The Wopet has some great features, like two-way audio and treat dispensing, while the Furbo has a more user-friendly interface.

So Wopet vs Furbo, Which one is better?

About WOpet Smart Pet Camera & Furbo – Two best pet cameras

Furbo dog camera vs wopet smart camera

Most people are staying home more due to the pandemic. This can be a great help for pets suffering from loneliness. However, pet owners will return to work sooner or later. It is a good idea to have something to communicate with your furry friends if they are alone or are prone to these symptoms. As long as communication is possible, a camera or monitoring device can be helpful.

A security camera that is installed indoors usually includes a speaker and microphone. This device can pick up noises from the dog or cat and relay our voice to them. The pet camera can be used to give treats or food to your pet. This method is popular among owners as it can be used to relieve loneliness or entertain pets while they are away. Pets love snacks so it is likely to work.

WOpet Smart Pet Camera and Furbo dog camera are two of the most sought-after options for pet cameras. These cameras can be used for entertainment as well as monitoring. These cameras can be connected to your smartphone through Wi-Fi. They work in the same way as traditional security cameras. We can access their respective apps from the phone.

The WOpet best Pet Camera is very similar to Furbo in terms of main functions, but they are different. Furbo has better camera quality than the WOpet Smart Pet Camera, so you might be able to get more detail from your footage. Furbo does not have internal storage so you will need to subscribe. WOpet does not have local storage, but users can save footage to the app.

Pros of WOpet smart pet camera:

  • High quality (Streams in HD).
  • Communicate remotely (Two-way communication)
  • Remote treats (Send 3 pieces of candy with the click of a button)
  • Can it work with the Alexa unit?
  • Social sharing (take a picture and share it on social media, e.g. Facebook)
  • Night vision: See your pet in low light

Cons of WOpet:

  • Night vision could be improved. Can’t see well without normal light.
  • Limit one pet profile
  • Volume is very limited. Units should be within your pet’s reach.

Pros of Furbo dog camera:

  • Alerts to be sent if your cat jumps on your furniture or if you suspect that she may have been intruded upon.
  • If it detects an alarm, records
  • Enjoy cute highlights from her day (60-second clip)
  • Send her hands-free treats
  • Easy setup (3-steps)
  • You can talk to her via two-way audio.

Cons of Furbo:

  • The picture quality isn’t great
  • It could have been better.
  • The camera is fixed (doesn’t rotate).

WOpet vs Furbo – Comparison

wopet smart pet vs Furbo

Audio and Video Quality

The Furbo pet camera is better at video and image quality than the Wopet. Both are equipped with HD cameras. However, the Furbo’s resolution is 1080p and the Wopet’s is only 720p.

The Furbo has a wider field of view, measuring 160 degrees and the Wopet at 120 degrees. The Wopet can zoom in at 4x digital zoom, while the Furbo is limited to 3x. They do share one thing in common, however: they both have night vision. This is useful for dates nights and when you need to work the night shift.

The Furbo dog camera is the winner in terms of audio quality and sound alerts. Both have two-way audio, so you can talk to your pet if they are missing. Furbo’s bark detection feature takes things to the next level. Furbo’s free plan will send sound alerts to your phone every time your dog barks.

The best part is that Furbo can distinguish between human and dog sounds. Furbo’s Smart Dog Alerts feature can be accessed by paying a subscription. AI allows it to learn more about your dog and send you more precise alerts.

WOpet Smart Pet Cam and Furbo Design

While many pet cameras have similar plastic housings, Furbo’s is unique in its design. The dispenser and camera device are made in a vase-like shape with a bamboo lid. This is both visually appealing and practical.

The WOpet is tubular and slightly larger than the previous model. This means that it will be able to hold more treats inside. Because of their shape, they should be placed on top of a flat surface such as a table or cabinet.

The camera is located in the upper portion of these devices. Depending on the treats you use, we might have to think about where the camera and treat can best capture your pet. They are built well and should not be knocked over by your pets or cats. Furbo pet camera is a favorite of ours, but it is more difficult to tilt because it is heavier. Both devices are Wi-Fi enabled and powered by a regular USB cable.

Treat dispenser

The Wopet and Furbo have to treat tossing features so your pet can feel your love no matter where you are. The Wopet has a few advantages in this area. Both models can toss multiple treats at once, but the Wopet is able to throw more.

The Furbo can throw about one foot, while the Wopet can toss around six feet. For active dogs, this distance could count as playtime. The Wopet also has a manual mode which is a feature not available on the Furbo. You can give treats anytime you like, even when you aren’t home.

It’s best to use the same size treats for the Furbo as the Wopet when it comes to compatibility. To prevent any jamming or other problems, make sure your treats are approximately 1cm in diameter. The Furbo can hold 0.5 lbs, while the Wopet can hold 2 cups. The only problem with both models is the lack of a removable treat container. It is difficult to clean these models.

Subscriptions & Free Trials

Furbo offers one subscription option at $6.99 per month. This would be about $69 per annum and includes a free 90-day trial. Furbo’s subscription includes video history, dog selfie alerts, and dog diaries.

WOpet doesn’t require a subscription fee to access its features, but it does not offer a nanny camera, doggy diary, or emergency alerts.

Key Differences

While Furbo fires out numerous goodies at once, you may manually click the button to shoot large and little sweets in song WOpet.

Furbo can only hold one-size treats, whereas WOpet can disseminate small and large treats, although only treats with a diameter of 1 cm are recommended to avoid the food dispenser jamming.

WOpet does not offer a bark alert, while Furbo has sound alert notifications and an automated dog barking alarms.

WOpet has a 720P HD camera, while Furbo sports a brilliant 160-degree wide-angle lens.

Furbo has four sticky paddings underneath him, while WOpet has a suction cup-like bottom.

Furbo is constructed of white plastic with a bamboo top, whereas WOpet’s body and lid are made of plastic.

Furbo’s membership including your pup’s diaries, selfie notifications, and video histories is $6.99 per month or $69 per year, with a 90-day free trial, whereas WOpet has no monthly price but lacks the premium services Furbo does.

Key Similarities

  • Ability to toss treats
  • Night vision
  • Audio in both directions
  • The warranty period of one year

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Symptoms of Pet Loneliness

Symptoms of Pet Loneliness

Animals, as odd as it may seem, can sense their human companion’s absence, especially if they aren’t used to being left alone or if you just have one pet at home. The symptoms can be more obvious at times, but they can also be difficult to detect. If your pets are exhibiting any of these symptoms, seek treatment from a veterinarian.

When you’re at home, you’ll notice that they’re usually following you about. Both dogs and cats enjoy following their humans around, and we expect them to do so on a daily basis. However, if they become more clinging than usual, it could be a sign of loneliness or separation anxiety. We can provide comfort by paying more attention to them at home or by spending time playing with them and distracting them with attractive toys.

Animals, like humans, have many personalities; some are quiet and composed, while others are energetic and active. When pets who were previously lively and exuberant abruptly change their behavior, it can be an indication of loneliness. To improve their social abilities, we can spend more time playing with them or bringing them to socialize with other animals.

A sign where a dog licks or bites his or her own fur can be interpreted as a loneliness symptom for those with dogs. This is known as lick granulomas, and it is an indication of nervousness in dogs. Dogs do it to relieve boredom. The carpus or wrist is usually where they bite or lick, and if not treated quickly, this can lead to serious skin sores.

If you have a feline buddy at home, you should know that cats lose their fur when they feel lonely. We all know cats love to be clean, but when they are left alone and anxious, their over-grooming behavior can be harmful. Excessive hair loss is the outcome, so if your cat is suddenly losing a lot of furs, you should take him to the doctor right once.

Both dogs and cats enjoy napping and appear to be able to sleep at any time of day. However, if your pet begins to sleep a lot during the day and is awake at night, it is most likely a symptom of loneliness as they are attempting to avoid boredom by resting. It may not appear to be hazardous, but it could impair their nighttime sleep.


Both cameras offer similar features, but there are some key differences that may make one a better choice for your needs. Hope that this article can help you easily make your own decision.

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